Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Patriotic Table for the 4th!

I decided to set a table for the fourth early so we could enjoy it for a few days. I don't decorate for the 4th but like setting a table. For me, the summer is going by too fast! I love the beautiful, warm days of summer. NOT the really hot ones, but I will not complain about them. It doesn't last long enough for me. So, on to the table: I started with a red, white and blue plaid tablecloth. I then added a blue placemat, white charger, red dinner, white embossed salad plate and the stars and stripes appy plate.
 The flag S and P were found years ago at, I think CTS.
 I had this patriotic bucket so placed a glass vase in it for the arrangement. I used to always have tons of blue hydrangeas to use but not this year:( So I am using the red monarda, , white astilbe, and blue bachelors buttons.
 A red bubble goblet is paired with a blue water glass holding a flag.
 I have a set of them plastic star martini glasses so decided they were the perfect candle holder if I turned them upside down! Necessity is the Mother of invention, right?
 I love these stars and stripes napkins that I found several years ago. Not sure where I got them. The red flatware does not just have to be for Christmas, right?

 My neighbor brought me some left over cupcakes so I added a flag pick. BTW, they were delicious!

I filled the gap between the vase and the bucket with some red fluff. I have a confession to make; The bachelors buttons are faux:)
 I love the red monarda for the 4th, it reminds me of fireworks!
 The fluffy, white astilbe is so pretty, but it fades fast. It turns kind of yellow.

 This morning I even had a patriotic breakfast:):)
Thanks for your visit. I have been summarizing the house with my LARGE collection of shells so will be sharing each room next week. Hope you will come back! I hope you all have a beautiful 4th, and take a moment to remember all the men and women who have fought for our freedom. I am so grateful to them all.
XO, Pinky
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

We're Back!

Good morning my friends!! I feel like I have been away from the land of blog forever even though it has only been 2 weeks! We took the family to OBX (which is the Outer Banks, NC) for those unfamiliar. We rented a house on the beach with a pool and little Colleen loved everything! The beach, the ocean, the pool and especially the hot tub!!! We kept it low at like 92 for her so it wouldn't be too w
arm for her. I am sharing some pictures with you today. Thanks for indulging me:):) The first group of pictures has a story. She kept singing the song, "Cake by the ocean" so Uncle Brian got a cake so she could have CAKE BY THE OCEAN!!!!!

 Yes she sure enjoyed it:)

 We ate lunch out on the deck almost every day.
 She found out that she liked cashews on this trip:)
 She is a happy girl and that makes this Gigi a very happy lady!!!
 One day, she and Tata were wearing hats. He had his on, and she had mine:)

 The last night she gave Tata his Father's day gift. I WISH I had gotten a picture when she came out of Mommy and Daddy's room with the bag, saying, "happy Father's day, Tata" with the biggest smile on her face!

 3 pictures of her and Tata!
 Thanks you, Colleen! Tata loves you!

 We did family pictures one night and we all wore black and white. Her outfit was so cute.
 Uncle Brian seeing if his phone tripod would work. I am sorry I don't have the picture on my camera but it is on Facebook for those of you who follow me there:)
 My sweet girl.
 Then she took pictures of us:):)

Thanks for letting me share our great vacation. We made WONDERFUL memories. I set a 4th of July table today so will share that Thurs. Have a beautiful week my friends!!1 I hope you are enjoying your summer!!!
XO, Pinky

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

For the Love of Flowers!

I love flowers. I worked as a floral designer for many years. I am going to share some flowers that we have planted outside and an arrangement I made from grocery store flowers! I am sorry this is such a long post but I wanted to show a lot of flowers! This is the back of our house. After the deck was built we could then make some beds and plant some flowers!!! We have perennials and then knockout roses along here.
 I forget the name of this bush but here it is in full bloom.
 This is along the west side of the house. Ever blooming azaleas are the white flowers you see.
 purple irises

 Out front we have this bed with some VERY large rocks. The tulips and hyacinths had already bloomed.
 The peonies have now bloomed and I have some in the house. I adore peonies. The purple flowers are purple salvia, perennial.

 The front of the house
 These are the very first poppies we have ever been able to have bloom.
 Can you see how many buds are on here. They all bloomed the other day and it was glorious!
 Perennials and annuals surround the pond.
 Yellow irises are blooming in the pond.

 Joe built the wall around the pond when it was done. This is the third summer and it is still standing:)

 The bunny planter is new this year.
 white azaleas
 red columbine, Joe's favorite color.

 Here is the arrangement I made from grocery store flowers.
 Roses, daisies, alstromeria and hydrangeas

Thanks for your visit!
XO, Pinky
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