Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fall Tour: the Dining Room

As you walk into the house the first room you see is the dining room on your right. I love to set a table for each season so that our guests feel welcomed. I set the table just for YOU, as you are our guests too! Come on in and have a seat!
 The colors for the table are dictated by the runner that I got last year. I love the sparkle and the black, gold, and silver colors! I found the pumpkin salad plates at Home Goods last year too. I LOVE them!!

 The beaded placemats are new this year. I found them at CTS!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that? I did a happy dance when I saw them:)
 I placed some of my favorite pumpkins on candle sticks to rise them for a beautiful centerpiece. They wander down the center of the table.
 This glittery, sequined pumpkin is so beautiful in person!
 2 more pretty pumpkins on candle sticks. Candle sticks are great things to use to rise things to a height to display them beautifully!

 The pumpkin and leaf pillows were found last year (after the season) at Bed Bath and Beyond. For the black pillow I just turned a printed one around!

 The dinner plate is my good china.
A glass pumpkin and
 and glass gourd.
 Now, let's light the candles!!!
 I had some tiny candles and then also put some votive candles in some mercury glass votive holders.
 The flatware is my good flatware that has a bamboo design.
 The napkins are hand embroidered. They were my MIL's and came from Italy.

 I would love to have a small, intimate dinner party at this table. Who wants to join us???:)
Thanks so much for your visit.
XO, Pinky
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  1. Oh wow so pretty. I love your glitzy tablescape.

  2. Oh my, so pretty ! I would love to be a guest at your table. Love it all, but especially the pumpkin plates.

  3. Beautiful! You have taken Fall tablescaping to a whole new glamorous level! Love it!

  4. Glamorous indeed... I love everything in this table and dining room dear friend. The Fall plates are adorable, as are all your other dishes; you did a great job.
    Happy Fall.

  5. Pretty, pretty, pretty! I love a the glitz!!!

  6. Very pretty, Pinky! I would love to join you dine there.... Christine

  7. Wow!! Glitz and glamour indeed!!! Love the rug too!! And where do I sit?

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  9. It is gorgeous, Pinky! What a beautiful Fall display!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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