Tuesday, April 24, 2012

~~~The Dismantling of the Train Room!!!~~~

HI everyone! I am sorry I haven't posted in awhile, we have been BUSY getting this house ready to SELL!!! I wanted to show you the TRAIN room, that is now dismantled. I will show you the process, but I forgot to take pictures before we started so I have to give you this link. Please go look at the pictures here then you can come back and see the dismantling. Hope that makes sense!!!! Here is the link:

Ok, looked pretty neat, huh? Joe created that room (I helped a little) many years ago. It was alot of fun to share it at our annual open house at Christmas and with friends grandchildren. The adults enjoyed it too!!!! So here we go with the dismantling.
 We had started taking some of the train cars off the board at this point. And all the Dept. 56 pieces are off and packed.
 All of the "snow" and cedars had to be vacummed up.

 Joe also had extra cars on these special shelves around the room.
 Joe's brother found this OLD train sign in Michigan. You can see that people had used it for target practice, notice the dents in it? The newer signs are an X rather than a cross like this.
 Some os the cars, packed in their boxes. All of the boxes then got packed in pplastic bins.....20 of them!

 Aren't the tunnels neat?

 Making big progress!
 Poor Joe had to remove hundreds of screws from the board.

 1/2 of the board is gone.

 The secong half is empty and being vacummed.
 IT'S DONE!!!!!! Now we have to paint the room and clean the carpet.
 It is so hard to believe this room is empty, it hasn't looked like this in many years......

 This is Joe's favorite picture that was in the room.
He will have a MUCH bigger space to put the trains up in the new house but we know it will be awhile, we will have other priorities first:) I know this is kinda a backwards "metamorphisis" but I will join some of these parties:
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I hope I didn't bore you to DEATH with this. I just wanted to take you along on this journey of moving. I promise to share some PRETTY pictures this week. I promise!!! Thanks so much for hanging in there with me. You are all the best!!!!!
XO, Pinky

Thursday, April 19, 2012

~~~The Dumpster Story!!!~~~

 HI friends, well you said you wanted to go on this journey with us so I have decided to share the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY with you all:):) One of the first things we knew we had to do to move was to get a DUMPSTER! In 28 years you can accumulate alot of crapola!!! My hubby used to be a body builder, so he built a gym in the basement!!! He MADE several of the machines with wood, pipes, steel etc. Sooooo, he had to dismantle it all and get it into the dumpster! It was a hard job, let me tell you. Then we tackled the garage, the attic and then we went through each room and decided if we wanted to trash anything in here. We CAREFULLY and methodically PACKED that dumpster, LOL Here it is empty. Lovely, huh???
 This was into the first day.... Some os the dismantled gym is in now.
 Now we have started the garage....Joe did take that stepper apart too. The dresser and nightstand (that are over 60 years old and have been passed all over the family), we packed the drawers too!

 OK, we are FULL!!!!! Let's get this thing OUTTA here!!!!

 Here comes the guy to pick it up...today!!! Joe was just bringing the tradh can in when the guy got here....

 Raising the bed to accompany the dumpster.

 Pulling it onto the truck

 Now the cover goes on

 TA DA!!!! It is GONE! And , I feel lighter:):) Now we will get a "POD" so I can start putting boxes in it. We got some BAD NEWS TODAY............ we have to get a whole new septic system:(:(, we're talking thousands of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ This is awful, it seems unfair since it has worked just fine for 28 years, never had a problem. Oh the delights of moving.  Tomorrow I will share some pRETTY pictures with you! The azaleas are all blooming beautifully. Have a beautiful evening and I'll see you tomorrow.
Thanks again for stopping by. I appreciate every single visit and comment. XO, Pinky

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!!!!!

 Good Thursday afternoon my friends! Spring has SPRUNG around here and I am so happy about that! I am also in a nostalgic mood as I keep thinking, " this is the last Spring we will be here", in this house. After 28 years it is a little bittersweet. BUT, I so look forward to our new home and the next chapter in our lives. Today I snapped some shots around the yard of some things that are blooming. The pink azaleas are bursting open. We have about 30 azalea bushes around the property and even more rhododendrons!!! Spring is very colorful here in this corner of Pa.!!!! This next shot is one of the 4 weeping Japanese Maples. They started out as tiny little trees and I wish I could take them with me.....

 This is a pink dogwood. It didn't bloom much at all last year so I am thrilled with all these blooms!
 The waterfall in the pond is going. I love the sound.
 Here are some pink and white bleeding hearts.
 Another shot of the pond. We haven't mulched yet, it will look so much better after that is done!

 The little blue flowers are ajuga: a ground cover! They are covering everything:):)
 My 2 tulips that miraculously have escaped the deer!!!
 A pink azalea and a pirus japonica bush.
 Now here is a weird occurance: these hostas have popped right up. They are on this side of the driveway......we have 2 "islands" on each side of the driveway....
 And here is the other side....not nearly as far up. Very strange in that they are 10 feet apart!!!
 A shot of the house for posterity....I will be taking alot in the next few months, I am sure. Please excuse the dumpster. Joe and I got ALOT of stuff in it today.
 One of the dogoods on one of the islands.
 A shot from up the street a bit: those huge, 50 foot cherry trees, we planted when they were about 8-10 feet tall:):)

 The grass on the one side that Joe planted AGAIN last year is doing really well!!! It has always been an issue. NATURALLY as soon as we are ready to leave it will look nice;):)
 Here was the dumpster this morning, empty.
 You should see it now. More pics to come..... Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy Spring everyone. This time of growth and new beginnings is my favorite time of the year. XO, Pinky
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