Tuesday, May 28, 2013

~~~Mama, and Papa and BABY Bluebirds!!!~~~

Hi everyone, just a short post to share with you the new additions to our home:):) Joe built a bluebird box and within ONE HOUR we had bluebirds building a nest!!!! Then we saw (Joe opened the box) that there were 4 eggs in there!!!! We were so excited to have BABIES!!!! Today Mama and Papa were feeding the babies!!!. We have a bluebird feeder right outside of the dining room window so we can watch them feed. Today we got a BONUS and saw then feeding the babies. here you go:This first picture is one of the babies looking on the ground for some food.
 Checking under a bush...
Mama and one of the babies. The babies still have some dots on them:) See th food in her mouth? We have mealworms in the feeder.
 Feeding her little one!

 I am betting this is a male baby, because of the brighter coloring.
 SO cute!!!!
 Here is Papa feeding one of them. Now they need to learn to get in the feeder themselves:)
 3 of the babies, along with Papa, waiting on the porch roof for some goodies:)

 Male baby looking up at his siblings:)

 Papa and baby.

 So sweet. I know this is where we are supposed to be. This is a fun place to live:):)
Thanks so much for stopping by. If you missed my last post , "Lightening Up The Mantle" I hope you will go back and see it!!!! XO, Pinky
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Monday, May 27, 2013

~~~Lightening Up The Mantle!!!~~~

Happy Memorial day everyone and a HUGE thank you to all the veterans who have served and do serve to protect us all. Since we are officially now ushering in Summer (but I think Mother Nature didn't get the memo:):), I have been wanting to change up and lighten up the mantle. I used my new bottles with the white flowers for height. I love the 10 foot ceilings we have here! I may just be on the lookout for a new picture for here too, but for now this one blends in fine.
 The whte flowers really pop against the stone.
 I wanted to accent with some blue and white pieces from my collection. The 2 jars are favorite pieces and the center piece is a smaller planter filled with ivy.
 On each end I have a faux hydrangea. The pots are wrapped with leaves and tied with raffia.

 Here is the view as you walk into the great room.

 I haven't changed the hearth yet but plan to maybe do that too.
 We are going to a picnic this afternoon at our clubhouse and they will also be opening the pool. THIS GIRL will NOT be getting in, still WAY too cold for that:) But I hope to enjoy many days there this summer.  Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you are enjoying this holiday weekend and remembering the real reason for the holiday.
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

~~~DIY Summer Wreath....FREE!!!!~~~~

Good morning! LOTS of fluffing going on around here! Joe had been, LITERALLY, working his butt off doing our new landscaping. And I mean literally, his pants are about falling off. I guess I should be digging put there too!!!!!!!!!!! However, I have been busy doing other things and one of them was fixing and adding to my summer wreath. In the move it got kinda messed up so I pulled alot off it and then kinda redid it all.I only used what I had on hand so this was a FREE project!!!! Love that! I had some extra flowers in my stash so decided to make it LUSH and FULL!!!!!!!!!!! Full of color and life! As you may remember from last year, I wired 3 wreaths together for the base. Then startd adding some flowers and fun gardening items. This is how it looks as you come up the walk.

 Here you can see the 3 wreaths and that a nest pick was added to the center.

 This cute little mossy birdhouse was in the stash so on it went!!!
 Small clay pots were also added. I just pulled wire through the hole in the bottom and wired them to the grapevine. I tip I should pass on to you is buy BUSHES of flowers when you can and cut them apart. You get SO much more "bang for your buck" than single stems and they are usually perfect for wreaths. The impatiens were a bush as well as the geraniums and other flowers too.
 I wanted a real mix of colors so it would be vibrant enough to see easily from the street. Plus all the colors in the annuals and bushes out front are repeated here. I love this pink edged hydrangea, the salmon colored impatiens, creamy hydrangea and touches of PALE blues.

 I even added some bright reds since I have red begonias planted out front too. Long sprigs of flowering stems are added to the outside to make it larger too.

 I love the way it turned out. I always have a wreath on the door to say "WELCOME" to any guests who come. I think it is a friendly way to welcome friends and family. Joe's sister and her hubby are coming up from Fl. in 3 weeks to visit us and I am so anxious to see them and have them here!!!. Thanks for YOUR visit. XO, Pinky
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

~~~Landscaping the New House....starting over~~~

You all know that we moved here in Oct. The builder puts in the basic builder package of landscaping and maintains that. However if you want more, YOU maintain anything else. Oh, and AFTER you get your plans approved:):0 We got ours approved last week so Joe started right away. here is what is DONE so far. He dug out and planted on the left side of the walkway and made a little curve at the end by the driveway. We got some new bushes and moved some others.
 Joe LOVED red flowers and these azaleas are a pretty red shade. One of my pagodas fits nicely here at the end.

 At the corner of the walkway I now have 3 pots of flowers. When we get our deck built I will be able to move the pots back there.
 While I was snapping these pictures, I noticed 3 gold finches on the feeder.

 The peach geranium was a gift from my daughter on Mother's day. I love the color!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

~~~Look What I got!!!~~~

I have to give a BIG shout out to Shirley of Hospitality Designs. She did a post recently about her new potting bench that she made. First of all it is adorable. When I saw it, right away I noticed a pot on it that said "Rosebud". My heart skipped a beat cause that was my Mom's nickname, in the family and then it got shortened to Buddy as she got older.  I e-mailed Shirley and asked her that if she EVERwanted to get rid of that pot to please let me know and I would buy it from her and I told her why. Right away she wrote back and said she would send it to me, now!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it, but she said she was happy it would mean something to someone. So, it arrived in the mail and I finally went and got some flowers to plant in it. Shirley also told me that it was writ
ten around the pot, "Gather Ye Rosebuds".

 I put 3 little annuals in it today. 2 of them are called Torenia; one pink and one purple, and then I also added a varieated vinca, to trail. I just LOVE this pot. After summer is over I have plans to put succulents in it for the winter. NEXT summer (or maybe this summer, we will have a deck and I can have it on the table on the deck!

 It is sitting next to my Bunny. "Bunny" was my Aunt's name and she helped raise my sister and I. Our Dad died when I was 4 and my sister was 2.
 Every time I see this, I will think of them both and say a prayer for them.I can't thank you enough, Shirley!
Isn't the flower on the torenia pretty!?

Thanks so much for your visit. There is LOTS going on around here! We finally got our landscaping plans approved so we have begun to do our beds. I can't wait to share them with you all! This is very exciting to me, I love to garden and be surrounded by flowers and pretty shrubs. We have purchased alot and are also bringing some things from the old house! That makes me happy too. Now all we have to do is GET IT SOLD!!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky
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