Thursday, April 28, 2011

~~~ A Pretty bouquet from Grocery store flowers~~~

My daughter and son-in-law brought me these pretty flowers on Easter. They were in cellophane wrap and had long stems. Just puttng them in a BEAUTIFUL vase and cutting them down and apart made a beautiful bouquet!!!! Thanks Tracy and Dave. Love you both!!!!!
 Such pretty colors. Just mums and carnations can be beautiful!
 I love this vase! They are still beautiful today!
Thanks again for stopping by! Love you all. XO, Pinky

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

~~~Some Spring Flowers are BLOOMING!!!~~~

HI everyone! I am so in love with Spring! Mother Nature reminds us every year of her beauty and splendor. The earth comes alive again, right on cue and I am so grateful to have sight to see all this beauty. And the best part is, it is going to keep getting better!!!!!! SOME of the azaleas at our house are blooming. This red one is a favorite. Then the next one is such a pretty pink!

 I planted begonias in the mailbox. Joe built this many years ago for us. Where the numbers are cut out there is a light so it is lit at night.
 This is looking down our street. Our cherry trees are on the right here. We bought them many years ago and they were tiny, maybe 10 feet tall!!!!!! Now they are huge! I had to hurry though, the blooms are blowing off already! The white dogwood you see, Joe dug out of the woods when we built the house.
 Close up of the dogwood blooms......gorgeous!!!!!!
 Close up of the cherry blossoms.

 A variegated hosta. We probably have over 100 hostas on our property, Joe keeps dividing them!
 Close up of one of the azaleas. This color is gorgeous to me!
 Cut leaf Japanese maple. We have 4 of these, 2 out front and 2 in the back.
 One of the ones in the front of the house.
 Some of the pansies. Love this variegated one.
 Pretty blue.

 Bleeding heart, SO pretty and evidently tastes good too:):)
 One of the bleeding hearts at the top of the pond. This came up from seed!
 ONE bud is blooming on this azalea, tomorrow many more will be blooming, I am sure.

White bleeding heart.
 These are candleabra primroses. I will show you how they come up in LAYERS....just like a candleabra! We have many around the pond but only this one is starting to bloom.
 The ferns, etc. are filling in around the pond.
 Joe built this swing many years ago. Last year we restained it and did it EBONY with the seat a warm brown that matches the deck. I love the black!
 This is a SWEET smelling viburnum. I have several blooms right here at my desk so I can enjoy the fragrance, it is heavenly!
 The viburnum taken from up on the deck.
 The hibiscus that we kept alive all winter (!!!) is blooming again!!!!!!!!! I love this!!!!!
Thanks so much for coming, I love to read ALL of your comments so be sure to let me know you were here!!!! XO, Pinky I am linking up with Kim at Savvy Sotern Style for Wow us Wed. at  Go on over to see some awe inspiring things!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

~~~ My Easter Table, 2011~~~

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and were able to celebrate with loved ones. Here is my table, I am sorry for so many pictures. I guess I got a little carried away!!!:)So here we go. This first picture is the bowl of treats everyone got; a chocolate bunny nestled in a bed of "grass" with malted milk beans scattered around.
This is the centerpiece that you have seen before.

 I used my good cut work tablecloth embroidered with bunnies, eggs, chicks etc. The place setting was a ratten chareger that reminds me of an Easter basket, a polka dot dinner plate, a bunny dessert plate and the goody bowl. The rims of the dessert plates are all different: pink, blue, yellow and green, so the flowers on the wine glasses I matched up too.
 I also used my embroidered egg napkins and an egg napkin ring.
 close up, the napkin rings are beaded.

 The bunny place card holders, and I found chick place cards. We also had the egg candles in colored votive holders. I couldn't find my chick votive holders, but found them AFTER DINNER when I was putting it all away:(:(
 Yellow rimmed plate, yellow bunny, yellow flowered glass, yellow votive holder.
 The cabbage plate will be used for asparagus.
 The bunny bowl for cole slaw. Actually it is LIKE cole slaw but it is called summer chopped slaw. YUM!!!!


 Detail of the tablecloth.

 Each corner has this pretty scene.
 Along the hem.

 The bunny plates: here is the pink one.
 the polka dot dinner plate..
 the chareger.
 Salt and pepper

 Time to light the candles!!!!

Dinner was delicious, if I do say so myself:):) I am joining Susan for tablescape Thursday at  Thanks so much for stopping by! XO, Pinky
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