Monday, August 31, 2015

Some Changes in the Guest Room

I have been wanting to put mirrors behind the nightstand lamps in the guest room. I have looked for quite awhile to find what I wanted. The other day I stopped at Kirklands just to browse their Fall décor and saw some mirrors on sale! I found the perfect ones for what I wanted to do!!! They were marked down but then when I got to the register they were discounted even further PLUS I had a 20% off coupon!!! Kismet!!! I got them for just under $8.00 each!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is how the guest room looked this Spring.
 So, I removed the wall pockets and added the mirrors. I was going to put the pockets above the mirrors but didn't like it at all.
 I like that it bounces the light around the room and kinda makes it look a little bigger too.
 I should have gotten a closer picture of the mirror frame; it is a very pale blue color and slightly distressed. EVERYTHING will look better when I get this room painted. This summer has been a bust with Joe's hip problems and then surgery. But now we are just about back to normal so projects are beginning again!
 SOON, I will have a Fall look up here. I am starting that Tues. I was going to do it tomorrow but my neighbor asked me to go to Lancaster with her and you know I can NOT pass up a good shopping opportunity!!!
 The wall pockets ended up on this wall. It needed something and I like them here.
 This room is VERY slowly evolving.

 The large, rattan discs that were behind the lamps are living here right now. When we get new bedroom furniture (hopefully before I die) our furniture will come up here. The dresser will go in this spot.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

It's my Birthday!!!

Well, it was actually Wed. I share my birthday with my best friend of 47 years and another friend too! So, my friend, Bunny had a wonderful luncheon at her home for the 3 of us. There were abiut 20 women there and it was fabulous! We talked and laughed and ATE and even danced!!! Fun times and great memories!!! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that but then that night, Joe took me to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. The waitress took a picture of us before dinner.
 We didn't realize she was going to take two:)
 I forget what they call this room at the restaurant but it is our favorite room and we were happy we could eat out there. Isn't this center thing amazing!?

 I took a few pictures when we first got there and now wish I had taken them all then cause the last few are very dark.
 This was our view of out to the golf course. That is a huge stone bench that goes all around that wall.
 I had a cosmo and Joe had a Manhattan.
 He started with French onion soup. I didn't have an appetizer so I could eat my dinner!!!
 We both had the surf and turf which was a filet and a crab cake served with mashed potatoes and fresh green beans. Their crab cake is one of the best around!!! Dinner was delicious!!!
 This is the main dining room called the great room. It is filled with SO many wonderful antiques!!! I wish I could buy some of these pieces:)
 Great red bench, copper planters, lanterns etc.
 The fireplace and mantle.
 This piece is extraordinary. Just beautiful, sorry it is so dark. I also love every thing that is in it too!!!!

We had a wonderful evening. The restaurant is The Farmhouse at Loch Nairn golf course. If you are ever in the area, try it out. SO good!!!
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Artichokes at the Table

Lately I have been doing tables. I am hanging onto the last bits of summer but have removed all the shell décor and packed it away for next year. So, I am in a kind of decorating limbo. SO, tables are  what I am doing!!! Here is the latest one! I found these artichoke salad plates at Home Goods and grabbed 2. LOVE them! I knew I had the other elements for a table setting so here it is! I first started with this green runner which is the other side of a bunny runner but hate how wrinkled it looks.
 So I switched to this bound burlap one and it looks so much better and really lightened up the whole table.
 I layered 2 napkins that mimic the shades of green in the plate and placemat.

 I have had these artichoke votive holders for years and they have gotten use on many tables! I love them!

 I placed them into this green leaf bowl that is almost the exact shape of the artichoke!
 The bowl is sitting on the base of a hurricane holder!!! It adds another bit of texture to the table. I am all about texture on a table!!!
 My clear bubble glasses came out again.

 I also have these faux spears of asparagus and just casually placed them on the plates.
 The dinner plate is a square shaped plate with a brown crackle edge.
 The green runner and...
 the burlap runner
 I made the centerpiece several years ago and it lands all over the house at different times.
 These candle holders are a favorite of mine. I stole them from Joe's man cave downstairs)
 My frog pitcher is being used for water. I have really upped my water consumption this summer!!!

 The centerpiece is 3 artichokes surrounded by some white filler flowers. 3 pieces of green bamboo are placed horizontally through the arrangement.

 I hope you liked my new table setting. It will serve us well for a couple of weeks.
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XO, Pinky

Monday, August 24, 2015

A Transitional Outdoor Table for 2

The first few signs of Fall are in the air. The mornings are cooler and the air is different somehow. I admit I LOVE Fall. Everything associated with Fall makes me happy: apples, cider, football, making the first batch of chili, fires out on the patio; it all is fabulous to me. Not to mention decorating for Fall! Pumpkins, mums, etc. Love it and am antsy to start but am enjoying the final dregs of summer. These evenings are beautiful and perfect for enjoying our dinner outside. So, I cut some flowers from the garden, placed them into a new pitcher and set a colorful table!!! It is not summery or Fallish  just "transitional", to me.
 I built the table around the colors of the salad plates. I chose the polka dotted pitcher and then realized there were dots all over!
 The edge of the dinner plate, the design on the salad plate.

 There are little dots on the edge of the green napkin too.
 I paired the green napkin with the patterned black and white to tie in with the pitcher and the iron base of the cement leaf.

 The green flatware compliments all the othere colors.

 I cut some limelight hydrangeas, zinnias, and purple stems of the butterfly bush.

 the hydrangeas are changing color now.
 The zinnias are so vibrant!

 I added the yellow bowls to bring out the yellow in the salad plate.
 We had a chopped Italian salad for dinner. I had mine with cranberry viniagrette and Joe had Italian dressing.

 Can you see the cranberries in the dressing? It was SO good!
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