Thursday, April 28, 2016

Birds at the Table!

I showed you this runner last year but pulled it back out to enjoy again. I love this runner; the burlap type fabric, the script and the beautiful birds depicted on it.
 I gathered together some of my black and cream dishes for this table setting. The dinner plate has the stems just on the edge, the salad plate has a scroll pattern and the appy plate has flowers, twigs and the bird as you can see.  I placed them on a burlap charger that is on a square woven charger with handles, for lots of texture.
 The burlap type napkin is gathered in a twiggy mini wreath, that I use as a napkin ring and other things too, then I added the silver bird ring!
 My centerpiece is in a basket that matches the chargers.
 The bird S and P are in a metal basket.
 Rattan covered glasses add even more texture to the table.
 I love these burlap chargers.
 These bird votive holders were purchased years ago.
 I kinda think it might have been Pier 1.

 My larger bird pedestals make another appearance, along with a wired nest tealight holder!

 I lit the candles for dinner the other night.

 I love the way the stems on the dinner plate resemble the twigs of the mini wreath!

 The next morning the sun was shining! So I got a couple of shots.

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XO, Pinky
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Monday, April 25, 2016

Adding Spring Decor to the Kitchen

I decided that this year I was going to add BLUES and some greens to the kitchen. It is a lighter and brighter look and I love it! I remembered that I had these beautiful blue and white canisters so I started with them! Since I look out to the living room from the sink, adding blues was the logical thing to do.
 I love these canisters, they are decorated so beautifully.

 I brought out the blue and white creamer and sugar next to the coffee maker and the S and P too.
 This blue and white piece is holding fruit right now.

 Here is the little stool at the end of the cabinets. Holding a white lantern and a birdhouse. Next to that is a larger blue bird on a pretty "nest", actually a larger candle ring.

 This is a wooden jar candle holder. I have had it forever.
 My spoon rest
 The utensil holder has a matching plate....

 This is the buffet area. I like to decorate this area pretty simply.
 This birdcage holds a stone like bird, a nest and a bird plate.

 I made/decorated this birdcage years ago.
 Can you see that I put lengths of bamboo as perches for the birds?

 In this cloche I placed a stone like bird and a found nest from the yard.

This is actually a candle holder. The nest part holds a candle but I embellished it with flowers instead:)
 And I found these towels at Joann Fabric last year. LOVE them! Aren't they perfect?
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XO, Pinky
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spring in the Breakfast Room, 2016

It was time to transition from Easter to Spring! We are finally having GORGEOUS Spring weather and I am loving every minute! We are getting the pond all set, edging beds and got all the mulching done. And by we I mean Joe:):) But, back to the house! I put away ALMOST all of the bunnies but I love them so left a few out:) I love using birds, nests, birdhouses etc. for Spring décor!!!
 I redid the décor on hutch that Joe made. The bicycle planter on the bottom shelf is a favorite piece of mine.
 This birdhouse holds a ceramic bird and a nest on a bed of fluff.
 On this side I have another birdhouse and an embellished nest. It reminds me of the nest that is outside in my wreath. It holds 5 new baby birds right now!!! The eggs looked just like these but there were 5 of them!
I love this little bottle vase. I fill it with different things for the seasons. Right now it holds some pretty pink flowers and a few daisies. I found this trowel last week.
 My wire cloche is a staple here on this hutch. Now it holds a ceramic bird on a ball and underneath is a found nest from the yard.
 This birdhouse was hand painted and decorated by my friend and I bought it from her at a garage sale MANY years ago:)
 This is one of my favorite lamps! I will never get rid of this one:)

 I love this little plant holder, it looks like a bird on a branch.

 So this will be my Spring décor for awhile. I hope the weather where you are has gotten nice too!!! The only thing I may change is I might do a flower arrangement in the demijohn on top.
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XO, Pinky
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