Thursday, June 20, 2013

~~~I Forgot To Show You!!!~~~

I don't think we have stopped since we have moved in here. Right now we, and by that I mean Joe, are BUSY doing landscaping. We choose the bushes etc. together but HE does all the planting.He counted yesterday and so far he has planted 60 bushes and 3 trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He NEEDS a vacation and thank God we are leaving Sat But that is not what this post is about. I decorated the morning room for Spring when I did the kitchen but forgot to show you!!!. So here are some shots I took tonight. The theme is birds, birdcages and NATURE! This birdcage is new this year. I placed a large candle ring inside to look like a nest and a large, carved wooden bird sitting on it.
 There is a sweet bird on top. The whole top lifts off so it is easy to fill!
 This little garden cart is an old piece. I painted it green several years ago. It had been blue when I got it. I added the garden hat, and the little signs.
 I love this chippy bird house that reminds me of a church.
 I got 2 of these pots with nests several years ago at the place where I worked. And my Hummel lamp is a nice light in the evening. I LOVE being able to have alot of houseplants in this house with all the sun we get.
 This is a hawks feather that Joe found in the yard the other day. So pretty!
 I placed this birdhouse on a pedestal and put some faux grass around it and a twiggy ball in front.
 I made this napkin holder MANY years ago! Painted it, added the pots and flowers and birds. The candle holder, ring and candle were a housewarming gift from our dear Yvonne!

 and on the other side a mini basket.
 This cloche had a bunny in it at Easter, do you remember?

 This little vignette is behind the screen in the living room but visable from the morning room table. I stacked 2 plant stands and put a small plant on the top and a green sphere on the bottom.
Thanks so much for your visit. Have a GREAT weekend everyone. XO, pinky

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More Beautiful Flowers!!!!

Last Saturday we were invited to a 50th anniversary party for dear friends and forner neighbors. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful party. The centerpieces on the table were exquisite! They decided that a fair way to give them to people was to see who had been married the longest at each table! Well, we WON!!! I was thrilled, they are so beautiful and are happily on the dining room table right now. Hope you enjoy seeing them!
 A very pale astromeria, pink carnations, deep pink roses and purple filler. What a beautiful combination. I ADORE the square vase too!

 IF I can find time I will do a simple table. Hopefully. Thanks for your visit. XO, Pinky

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

~~~Hydrangeas in new vase!!!~~~

Good afternoo! We had a shwing at the old house today so had to go over, turn all the lights on, blow the driveway and decks etc. I brought some clippers over so I could cut some hydrangeas. There are 10 bushes so lts of flowers are JUST starting to bllom. I will be cutting them as they progress too. Hope you enjoy.
 I got this rattan wrapped vase last year but hadn't used it yet. I made a little vignette on the counter, but will probably move the flowers later. Things move around sometimes:) The little clay gardening girl has been around for MANY years. She makes me smile.
 I love the saying on this piece.
 And, I do believe in tomorrow.
 These flowers will be a beautiful blue soon.
 Joe cut a rose off of our Mr. Lincoln rose bush. The color is so pretty and it smells as good as it looks! Added bonus.
 It has POURED rain around here all day so you can see the rain drops on the rose.

Just a short little post to share some pretty with you:) XO, Pinky

Sunday, June 16, 2013

~~~A Beautiful Housewarming Gift!!!~~~~

Hi everyone! I know I have been MIA, but we had houseguests all last week and kept VERY busy. Joe's sister and BIL came up from Fl. to visit us and see the house and see some other relatives too. They brought us some wonderful housewarming gifts and this is what I got!!!!! I REALLY love it. It is actually a bird feeder but I decided that it is way too pretty to put outside and maybe get ruined.
 So, I thought it would be a beautiful WELCOME to anyone who comes here, used as a lantern! The little hole in the back is perfect to place a tea light inside and it is all cut out so the light shines through so beautifully! I thought I would look for some kind of stand with a hook on it to hang the lantern.
 While at Lowes today, I spied this!!!! I thought it would be PERFECT, and it is! It fits in this corner by the front door just right.
 There is a shelf below the hook for a plant too so I placed one of by blue and white pots there with some ivy.

 I just love this and want to say a big THANK YOU to Jane and Bud!!!
 Here it is lit up. I wish you could all come over and it could welcome YOU! Have a great week everyone. We will be busy getting ready for vacation! XO, Pinky
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

~~~Dinner with Family and Friends!!!~~~

Hi my friends! I know I have been MIA but we have house guests. Joe's sister and Bil are here from Fl. for the week and we are keeping BUSY! Last night our daughter and SIL came here from work and Joe's cousin, Bonnie came over and my best friend, Wenda. It was a full house. We had a very simple dinner: grilled chicken, potato salad, fruit salad, greek salad with greek dressing and deviled eggs and baked beans! It was all yummy but the best part is spending time with loved ones. I set a pretty simple table and thought I would share. I started with a plain white tablecloth and layered on my green and white placemats.
 My embossed white dinner plates then a black and white salad were layered on top. No big stack of dishes last night:) A black and white napkin was simply placed between the plates.
 I used my Napolean Bee flatware, I love it for summer dining.

 The centerpiece is a wicker rickshaw that I painted black and filled with greens. It usually sits on the server but I wanted a small centerpiece.

 I just love these creamy white candlesticks and they have a greens candle ring and a black and white pillar.

 Her's the food.....

 I am sorry I didn't get a picture of the chicken or beans. They came to the table last and we all sat and I forgot.
 We all sat and talked til 9PM and had a great time! Today we are having severe weather, it was like a hurricane this morning, but right now it is calm. It is supposed to get bad again tonight:(  Have a good day where you are. Thanks so much for your visit! I so appreciate your support!!!! XO, Pinky
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