Tuesday, November 30, 2010

~~~ Look at what my Girlfriend, Barbara, GAVE me today!!!!~~~~

 Isn't he CUTE!!! His pants are a gingerbread print! TOO cute!!!!
Their legs are bendable so I can sit him up on the gingerbread luminary!
I got the Santa last year at Kohl's. The luminary I got last year too.  See the little gingerbread house ornament too!

 Details of the Santa.
 His frosting bag.
 Gingerbread man in his pockets.
I am so excited to get this WONDERFUL gift from my friend!!! She collects the Byers Choice carolers and they also make little people called Kindles. I LOVE them and mentioned last year that I would like to have a couple to add to my Gingerbread luminary. Well, I got 2 today from her!!!!!!!!!! I just LOOOOVE them! She also gave me the little gingerbread ornament you will see in the pics.

Monday, November 29, 2010

A TINY peek at some Christmas decorations

 My tree is all red and gold, this is a favorite ornament!
 LOOOVE this one, it came from Steinmart a few years ago. See ther little "crystal" next to it......more about that:)
 The sun was shining in right onto the nativity under the tree. I will show you my Hummel nativity in another post.
Here I was just getting started. More tomorrow!!!!!!!!
Here are a FEW pictures that I took yesterday and today. I will post a good post soon, please come back!!!!:)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

~~~~Welcome to My Thanksgiving Table~~~~~

I wish I could invite you ALL for dinner! I wish you all a wonderful, safe, FUN, Thanksgiving! I love gathering around the table to enjoy everyone's company and having a great meal!
 The small bread plates are new this year. One says Share the Harvest and the other says, Harvest Blessings.
Everyone will know where to sit!!!!
 I love my leaf embossed wine glasses. The water goblets are new this year too.
Can you see the pumpkin gravy boat?
My cornucopia centerpiece. This is the season of abundance so the cornucopia is fitting!
 Flowers, leaves and gourds fill the corucopia.
I made the berry napkin rings from a garland.

Simple but pretty!
close up.

The place setting is a leaf charger, my rust colored dinner plates, the pumpkin dessert plate and the harvest bread plate.
A shot of the tablecloth but it came out really dark for some reason.... sorry!!!!
Wishing you all a WONDERFUL, blessed Thanksgiving!!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A few Fall vignettes around the house

I thought I would share some of my Fall decorations, since they will be coming down soon to be replaced by CHRISTMAS!!!!!! That is my favorite time to decorate, and decorate I DO!!!! But first we will have Thanksgiving and be reminded of ALL we have to be thankful for. We are very blessed!!!!!!
 This is on my server in my dining room. I saw something similiar on my friend, Yvonne's blog and was a big copy cat!!!:)
 This pretty pumpkin plate in my kitchen, yes, next to the microwave.
 I got 2 of these pottery pumpkins a few years ago at Tuesday Morning.
 I decorate the windowsill in the kitchen. Leaves, lights, and fun pieces.
 A little scarecrow sitter.
 A maple leaf trivet.
 Another pumpkin plate.
 My girlfriend made this many years ago. I changed the pot and the shade.
 A pretty plate from Kohl's. This is on my server in the breakfast room.
 More on the server.

 One of the pumpkins on the hutch in the breakfast room.
I love my pinecone lamp.
 A big ceramic gourd, on the hutch.
A bigger view of the hutch. My Hubby MADE me that hutch!!!!!!
On top of the fridge. My son gave me the copper pumpkin many years ago and I LOOOOOVE it!

Monday, November 22, 2010

There is a CRANE next door!!!!

 Here is the crane.

 This is just a "branch" from one of the trees coming down!!!!!!!!!!

 The crane goes WAAAAY up!!!

 Then they drag the limb out the driveway and load them on a flatbed truck.

Can you see the guy in the tree??? He gets hoisted up with his CHAIN SAW and cuts the limbs off!
They wrap this around the limb to olower it to the ground
 I don't want his job:):)

The people next door are putting an addition onto their house so they have to have some trees removed. Here are some pictures I thought I would share. These are BIG trees people, like 75 feet high!
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