Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Decorating With Blue and White!!!

I started collecting blue and white pieces over 30 years ago. Now it is all the rage! It is classic and will never go out of style! I kept seeing BEAUTIFUL homes featuring blue and white. It struck a chord with me. We were building a house, so I decided I wanted to collect these pieces for our new home.  Now we have another new home and this is how I have used my collection! When you walk in the front door, this is what you see. I love how the steps flair out and I can feature some of my jars on the stairs.
 By the front door, I have an arrangement in a blue and white vase and a blue and white bird house under the plant stand.
 Walking through the foyer we come to this credenza. I made another arrangement for this vase and have 2 more blue and white jars here.
 Next to the credenza is this vignette.
 The elephants came from Vietnam, MANY years ago when my FIL was a pilot. They are 2 of my VERY favorite pieces that I have.
 This very large jar was a gift from my son and is my FAVORITE piece that I have!
 My curio cabinet is filled with blue and white pieces and my Hummels too!

 The LARGE fishbowl acts as a vessel for the tree.
 The coffee table changes frequently, but right now it has a blue and white jar, some fresh flowers, a blue bird and a nest and a pineapple lantern.
 This is one of my favorite pillows. Since our pond is right outside this room, the koi pillow is perfect here in the summer!
 These pillows are farely new and perfect with my collection!
 A faux orchid in a blue and white pot.

 The summer mantle and hearth with lots of blue and white.

 The view from by the kitchen.
 This year I added blue and white to the kitchen

 Some close ups of the credenza in the foyer.

 And, finally, the barscape in blue and white!
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 XO Pinky
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lightening up the Table

Did you see my last table? You can see it here: http://designsbypinky.blogspot.com/2016/04/birds-at-table.html I loved that table but I wanted to lighten things up. Our RAIN has finally stopped and the 50's have turned into HIGH 80's!!! It was 86 yesterday! But I am NOT complaining:) So, I looked around to see what I could do simply. Here's what I came up with. Little birds are nesting on 2 candle rings, my twiggy ones used on the last table and these green ones.
 I kept the same rattan wrapped glasses and added the green goblets.
 The brown rattan chargers are from Walmart! They are very sturdy, I love them.
 I decided to mix up the flatware and mix my green and white sets. I think mixing things up keeps it interesting and fun!
 Everything is based on this pretty runner.

 I kept the same centerpiece cause it just works. I did add some clay pots beside the basket.

 The white ceramic birds and the bird tea light holders also stayed.

 It was a cloudy, rainy day when I took these pictures so I will add some sunny shots hopefully today.
 My stack is a green round placemat, the rattan charger, my FAVORITE embossed white dishes, a green patterned salad plate and the nest!
 The white birds in the metal holder work perfectly too.

 The wire nest tea light holders also remained.

Thanks for stopping by. As I said, we have gone from cool, rainy, Spring right into HOT summer weather around here. It is so nice to be able to go out on the deck with my breakfast and sit on the patio in the evening. I love it!
XO, Pinky
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Monday, May 23, 2016

A New Runner Means a New Barscape!

I decided that since I have added blues to the kitchen I wanted to change the bar scape to go with that. I sent for this new runner from an Etsy shop and love it!
 Of course I wanted to use my pedestal birds and placed them on wooden stands. They each sit on a candle ring.
 A pale blue bird sits in the cloche on a bed of fluff and another, larger candle ring.

I really like the pattern on this runner too.

 I placed my blue LED candles onto cut glass pillar holders and found these pretty candle rings at Joann Fabric!
 I like having something on the breakfast bar all the time. But I keep it simple so it doesn't block my view of the living room from the sink.
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XO, Pinky
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