Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Transitioning from Easter to Spring, in the Morning Room

Good morning  my friends!!!! We had our (beautiful, sweet, generous, funny, loving) granddaughter all last week so I didn't get the Easter decor away til the weekend. It was a great week with lots of fun. We made lots of memories. It is fun to transition, for me. I pull out my things and find it fun to try to do something a little different every year. I also am paring down with some of my decor.  So here is what I came up with for the morning room. Spring always is like a new beginning and I love the bright spring colors and decor.
 Most of you know that Joe made this hutch for me. I still love it.
 For Spring I like to use birds, bird cages and gardening decor.

 I wound 2 garlands together for the top of the hutch. Switched my black lantern for the white one, then added some birds.
 2 matching bird houses are on the top shelf.
 Along with some pots and gardening people, and a small watering can.

 I found this set of 3 gardening people on clearance about 6 years ago and got all 3 for $5.00!!!!

 It is so wonderful to see the plants bursting through the soil, the trees starting to bloom, the sun shining and and the world coming back to life. It makes my heart happy.
                                        Thanks so much for your visit. I hope you are enjoying Spring, whereever you are.
                                                  XO, Pinky

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A New Spring Table, just for YOU!

Good morning! The other day I decided to set a new table for us and invite you to join us:) The carrot napkins started the theme here. I used a white table cloth as a base and the green runner under the centerpiece.
 The cute bunny plates are from Pier 1 last year. I love the flowered border.
 The centerpiece. I placed the bunny on a small wreath that reminds me of a nest.

 The carrot glasses are actually wine glasses but can be used for juice or any beverage.
 I put a bunch of tulips in one of my watering cans. Here is a little secret: before I added the tulips, I put a candle ring on the rim of the watering can and it holds the tulips upright.

 To add some more orange, I added these (faux) hibiscus flowers and they are in vases specifically made for them.

 A little treat for you!

 I couldn't resist adding these cute chick S and P. We always need a S and P at the table.

Thanks so much for your visit. I heard that some people are not able to leave a comment. I don't know if it is Blogger or what but hopefully it will be fixed soon!!!! If you are having that issue would you please email me at:szpinky@aol.com. Thanks!!! I wish every one of you a very Happy Easter!!!
I am praying for the people of France after yesterday's tragic fire. It was just heartbreaking for us to see it happening. 
XO, Pinky

Thursday, April 11, 2019

We Got Something New!!!

Good morning! Last week my Joe found this table online and fell in love with it. So we ordered it and it came the other day. It is truly like a work of art, it is carved from a tree trunk. Let me show you:
 I really like it here by my chair. The elephant on top is part of a set of elephants that we inherited from my in-laws. I remember seeing them always at their house and wishing I had them. I am thrilled to have them now. They, too, are carved from a single piece of wood.

 Pretty soon I will be changing out the mantle and hearth decor and putting away the bunnies.
 I am always happy in this room. I sit in here to read.

 I also got this new pillow, "welcome Spring", for $5.00 at Target!!! The other side is pretty too and I will share that soon.

 Thanks for your visit. I am SO antsy to get started planting flowers!!! I actually bought a pot of pansies and a pot of tulips and after they bloom I will plant them in the garden.

XO, Pinky

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Pretty in Pink at the Table

Good morning! I set another new table this week when I found these adorable checked chargers! I fell in love with the pink! As an aside, I stopped in there again today and got the same ones in green! They are perfect for Spring and Summer! I started with a green, Easter tablecloth, added the runner that I love, and went from there.
 Aren't they pretty!?

 I gathered a floral napkin and a yellow one, both colors on the runner. I added the bunny to a plain white ceramic ring, with museum putty. Love that stuff!

 Our bunny mugs are ready for coffee or tea.
 I couldn't resist this beautiful pink hyacinth at the grocery store. The peachy pink tulips are faux.
I just dropped it into this white pot, til I can plant it outside.

 The tablecloth features bunnies and chicks.
 Eggs and butterflies are featured on the runner.

 I found these egg candle rings several years ago at World Market in Fl. and wish SO much I had bought several more. I never saw them again.

 It is so nice that it is still light outside when we eat dinner now. I love DST!

I hope it is getting warmer where you are. I am LONGING to be outside and plant flowers etc!
Have a beautiful day!
XO, Pinky

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