Friday, December 14, 2018

Sugared Fruit Highlights the Stairway Garland!

Good morning my friends! I am sure you are very busy right now so I appreciate your visit. I wanted to share the stairway garland with you! I am so glad I got these sugared fruits where I worked, as they only had them a few years and I never saw them again. They have held up well!
 I mixed a gold ribbon and a leopard ribbon for the bow.
 I also added a beaded garland to the green garland.

 Gold berry picks, gold deer also embellish the garland.

 I swag the garland now for safety. I also really like the look.

 Thanks so much for your visit.
                          XO, Pinky

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

It is all About "Frosty" in the Breakfast Room!

Good morning! I hope you are having a great week. I had intended to post this yesterday but my pictures disappeared? So, I am a day late but hope you enjoy. I have paired down my snowman collection and plan to purge more. I do love them but want to do something different next year. So, here is the breakfast room, all dressed up for Christmas. I placed a couple of my snowmen in some cloches. I like this wire one. I sat it on a cutting board.
 The hutch that Joe made for me....that you have seen a million times:)

 This little guy was a gift from my neighbor 2 years ago. Love him.

 A pottery snowman under another wire cloche. The other one came from a craft fair MANY years ago.
 My snowman lantern.
 I LOVE my snowman lamp.
 The reindeer came from a craft fair also.

 This guy was a gift from Yvonne at Stonegable, several years ago. Thanks, my friend!

 These shelf units are actually plant stands and are over 30 years old!

 I also change the artwork seasonally.

 Thanks so much for your visit at this busy time of year!!
                                      XO, Pinky

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Christmas Tree!!!!

Good morning! Today I would like to share with you our Christmas tree. I love the glow of the lights on a Christmas tree. It makes me feel warm and happy. I bet a lot of you feel the same.
Several years ago I decided to add a touch of leopard to our tree. It has been red and gold for probably 8 or 9 years now and when we moved here I started to add leopard touches to several rooms and at Christmas decided to add it to the tree too!  There are several hundred ornaments on this tree, but it is a labor of love for me. As you approach the living room you can see the tree. Actually you can see it from the front door, which I love.

 I added leopard ribbon to the red ribbon for the bows on top.
 I will show you some of my favorite ornaments.

 This shot was to show you the large gold stems I use on the branches.
 These leopard ornaments were at Pier 1 for just one or 2 years so I got all I could.
 The year that Joe's Mom died, his sister got all of us this ornament for our trees.

 The "crystal" drops are actually plastic, but look great.

 These ornaments all get wrapped in tissue paper to keep them nicely when they get packed away.

 The red one is velvet with some beading.

 As you can see, I tuck some large ornaments deep into the branches to give the tree some depth.
 The view from the breakfast room.
 The view from the kitchen.
 I got this clay nativity many years ago. Joe made me the creche and modeled it from the one they had as children.

 Just a couple of daytime shots.

Every year since we got Colleen, Joe gives me an ornament to place a picture of her or her with us. This one was 2 years ago at breakfast with Santa:)

 Thanks so much for your visit. I will be posting several times a week now so that I can show you everything! I hope you are all wrapping up your decorating. I am so glad I got it done early!
                                                                   XO, Pinky

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