Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I Changed the Bedding in the Master

This is not new bedding but I was craving some color. I also saw a picture on Pinterest of a British Colonial bedroom and the bedding was these same colors and similar design.
 I had a swag above the mirror at Christmas and liked the look so put this one here for now.
 I found these brass looking palm trees, on clearance at Joann Fabrics so grabbed them.

 I like the pattern on this set and love the colors!

 I have had this white orchid here but when I changed the bedding I changed it to....
This orange orchid.
 My dresser.
 Detail on the front.
 This is my jewelry armoire. Love having this too, and have had it for years!
 Thanks for your visit. Stay cool. WE are back into another heat wave and it is HOT. I had to wait til after 8PM to go on my walk last night. At 7:30 it was still 88 degrees.  I love summer but not this hot. But it sure beats the long cold months of winter.
                                                              XO, Pinky

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Shades of Blue at the Table

I set a new summer table for us. I love all the shades of blues and turquoise, especially for summer! I like to use as many textures as possible too, to add interest to the table.
 My stack includes a water hyacinth place mat, turquoise charger, turquoise embellished dinner plate and a bird designed salad/dessert plate. I love all the interesting edges on the plates. I always look for dishes with interesting edges.

 I gathered 2 complimentary napkins in a bird napkin ring.
 Turquoise bubble goblets that remind me of the sea!
 A watering can candle, that I have had for years.
 I also remembered that I have these bird mugs.

 I used this arrangement for a simple centerpiece. The bird S and P nest in a wire holder.
 I placed turquoise votives in these white lanterns.

Thanks for stopping by. I have been busy outside in the evenings after dinner weeding! The 10 days of high 90 degree weather had the weeds growing like, well, weeds, LOL!!!!  We had a glorious weekend with temps in the low 80's and LOW humidity. It was heavenly. I hope you are enjoying the summer as it is flying by!!!
XO, Pinky

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Friday, July 6, 2018

A Summer Vignette on the Coffee Table

When I got my shells out, I changed out the coffee table too. I usually use my LARGE clam shell on the dining room table as a centerpiece. But this year I wanted to use it here where I would see it more.

 I have an air plant in a shell and I placed that on my blue and white piece along with a few other shells.

 This candle holder reminds me of the bubbles the waves make when they break on the shore.
 This large shell is many years old too.
 The large shell is FILLED with shells and small coral pieces I have found through the years.

Thanks for your visit!
XO, Pinky

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

I Got My Shells Out!

Hi everyone!!! O have been MIA mainly because we were on family vacation to OBX (the Outer Banks of NC) for a week and then when we got home I had so much scheduled I didn't get to do anything with my blog. But this weekend I finally decided to get my shells out for summer! I have a large collection, I started collecting them at least 30 years ago! Today I will share the mantle.
 and the hearth.
 I really didn't have to do much to transition from Spring to Summer. I removed the birds and nests and replaced them with some of my shells.

 I found this beautiful piece of blue coral last year but forget where I got it. I do have a REAL piece of blue coral too that I will share in another post.
 I placed my sea fan behind the glass candle holder to which I added a large shell.

 Starfish also are a pretty addition.
 The blue coral piece is on a shell candle holder that I have had for years.

 On the hearth I just added 2 starfish votive holders and a grouping of shells in the center.

 Love this candle holder.

 Yes, that is a real sea horse. Have had that many years too and can't believe I haven't broken it in all this time!

Thanks so much for your visit. We are in a brutal heat wave, it hit 100 today and is just brutal outside. Stay cool and hydrated!!!! And I wish you all a very happy 4th of July. I will be back on Thursday to she some more.
XO, Pinky

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