Thursday, December 20, 2018

My Hummel Nativity, the Reason for the Season.

Good morning my friends! I know everyone is super busy with last minute things so I appreciate you stopping by to see me. I have shown you my nativity before but maybe there are some new people who would enjoy seeing it. This picture is from Kirkland. I got it, several years ago, specifically to hang above the nativity.
 My very large mirror is usually in this spot.
 We started this nativity about 27 years ago. My in-laws started by giving us Mary and Joseph for our 25th anniversary. Our best friends gave us the creche, which I LOVE. Then Joe took the ball and ran with it. He wanted to complete the set so gave me a piece for every occasion he could thing of:)
 The figures are so pretty. Joe insists we not put the baby in til Christmas eve.
 I resisted him buying the camels at first as they were pricey. But he insisted and I am so glad. They are beautiful as well.

 The shepard with the hat in his hand is Joe's favorite piece. He just looks so humble.

 Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful , happy day!!!
                                              XO, Pinky

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Christmas in the Master

Good morning, I hope you have started your week off well. I know this last week before Christmas is crazy busy for a lot of us. I have been so busy I haven't gotten all the Christmas posts done that I had hoped. I may try to post every day this week to catch up:) So, here is the master, dressed up for Christmas. I wanted to feature deer this year in my decor and found this pillow and throw at TJMaxx. I will give the throw to Colleen at Christmas as she really likes it:)
 The deer on the table at the foot of the bed is one of a pair from Pier 1, 2 years ago. I added an antler to the vignette.

 The 2 fake fur pillows go so well with the pillow shams. I also love the fur trimmed red pillow. I am really liking a red and brown combo this year.
 Do you believe?? I do!!
 This little carved wooden deer, on Joe's night stand, is one of a set of 3 that I have had for years.
 One of the other ones is here on my night stand, next to one of my favorite Santas.

 On my dresser I always do a little tribute to my Mom.
 She made the little round ornament and the little shoes are from one of her dolls! I just realized I didn't include a close up of those items, I will try to add that.

 This little shoe planter was hers also, so I did a little arrangement in it with bits of things I had.
 The sitting room area of the master.Colleen loves to sit here and watch movies (and have pop corn:):)
 I bought 2 red pillows at Walmart and added these gold snowflake ornaments to them. I just pinned them on.

 This deer is a favorite, made of pinecone pieces.

 Thanks so very much for your visit. Have a beautiful week!
                                   XO, Pinky

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Sugared Fruit Highlights the Stairway Garland!

Good morning my friends! I am sure you are very busy right now so I appreciate your visit. I wanted to share the stairway garland with you! I am so glad I got these sugared fruits where I worked, as they only had them a few years and I never saw them again. They have held up well!
 I mixed a gold ribbon and a leopard ribbon for the bow.
 I also added a beaded garland to the green garland.

 Gold berry picks, gold deer also embellish the garland.

 I swag the garland now for safety. I also really like the look.

 Thanks so much for your visit.
                          XO, Pinky

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

It is all About "Frosty" in the Breakfast Room!

Good morning! I hope you are having a great week. I had intended to post this yesterday but my pictures disappeared? So, I am a day late but hope you enjoy. I have paired down my snowman collection and plan to purge more. I do love them but want to do something different next year. So, here is the breakfast room, all dressed up for Christmas. I placed a couple of my snowmen in some cloches. I like this wire one. I sat it on a cutting board.
 The hutch that Joe made for me....that you have seen a million times:)

 This little guy was a gift from my neighbor 2 years ago. Love him.

 A pottery snowman under another wire cloche. The other one came from a craft fair MANY years ago.
 My snowman lantern.
 I LOVE my snowman lamp.
 The reindeer came from a craft fair also.

 This guy was a gift from Yvonne at Stonegable, several years ago. Thanks, my friend!

 These shelf units are actually plant stands and are over 30 years old!

 I also change the artwork seasonally.

 Thanks so much for your visit at this busy time of year!!
                                      XO, Pinky

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