Friday, July 29, 2016

It Was There!!!

On Wed. I went up to Lancaster county to look around and do some shopping. I went to Intercourse to The Candle Barn, a store I LOVE, first. Then across the street to A Treasure Place, another great store, and found things in both stores. Then I went over to Rockvale where the outlets are but knew I wanted to go to Ross cause I had seen something about a month ago that I wanted but didn't want to spend the money:) Well, it was there and on CLEARANCE!!!! I got this beautiful, carved wooden stand for my new jar for $14.99!!!! I sure did the happy dance when I saw it!
 It had a couple of scratches on it but I brought it home and used Old English on it and it is good as new!
 I wanted something sturdy but pretty to set this jar on.
 I love it and am feeling lucky that it was still there!!!
 Thanks for your visit!!!
XO, Pinky

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Little Summer Tour, and some new finds!!!!

I thought I would bring you along on a little tour of my home all dressed for Summer. It sure IS summer with temps in the mid 90's and "feel like" temps of over 100. The older I get the worse it gets to me. I used to be able to bake out in the sun but NO MORE!!! So let's come inside where it is nice and cool and look around! I added some of my shell collection to the stairs.

 In the dining room I set a table featuring shells on the runner, on the dishes and on the placemats and garland!

 Keeping it simple on my tiny server.
 I hadn't shown you, but we placed this picture here in the dining room. It had been in the foyer when we moved in then was replaced by the large mirror. I missed this picture so here it is. I think it looks beautiful in here.

 When you come in the front door and look to the left, this is what you see.
 On the credenza I added some more shells.

 This large jar is a new purchase. Actually I should call it a steal as I got it at Home Goods for a STEAL!!!!
 I fell in love with it the minute I saw it.
 Over by the chair I have more of my blue and white jars.
 The mantle features more shells tucked in with the jar and lantern and garland.

 These 2 light blue embroidered pillows are another recent purchase. Another steal! They are very well made and came in a pair for.....are you ready....$6.99 for the pair!!!!! My koi pillow is a very favorite. All 3 of these pillows were purchased at Burlington Coat Factory! They have beautiful linens for fabulous prices!

 On the round table there is a large, knobby starfish, and some other shells.
 A shell candle holder with a LED candle sit on one of my elephants from Vietnam.
 I LOOOOVE these elephants! I inherited them from my in-laws.
 This is the summer vignette on the coffee table.
 The view from the living room into the kitchen.
 And I will wind up with a picture of the coral pillows on the master room bed. We have a project going on in here that I hope to be able to share with you soon!!!!
Thanks so much for your visit!
XO, Pinky
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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dining on the Deck!

We have had several real nice evenings that allow us to eat outside on the deck. I try to take advantage of any opportunity we get because as FAST as summer is going, I know we won't get these opportunities for too long. I LOVE eating outdoors. I found these dishes last year and dug them out to use. I have plants in blue pots out here on the deck so it all blends nicely.
 The turtles are so cute and since the deck overlooks the pond they are fitting.
 I have had these napkins for ages, found them at Goodwill years ago and can't believe how well they go with the dishes! I stacked 2 outdoor placemats that go so well with the dishes.
 I had gathered a plain blue napkin and the print one in a white ceramic ring.

 Green flatware is used again here. I am sorry for the glare on the dishes but I couldn't avoid it.
 The stems as well as the plates are all acrylic. Perfect for outdoors with no worry of breakage.
 After I set the table I remembered I had these fish napkin rings!  Perfect!!!
 We are enjoying many meals out here. That is one of the best things about summer for me, being able to eat outside. How about you, do you enjoy it too?
Thanks for your visit. Is summer flying by for you too? I always start wishing it lasted longer around this time each year.  Have a beautiful day, my friends.
XO, Pinky
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Monday, July 18, 2016

Some Summer Additions to the Master

I came across these beautiful, coral embroidered pillows in my stash.
I had forgotten I had them since I haven't used them in a while. So, I switched out the pillows on the bed in the master.
 I am loving them for summer. I got them from Kirklands a few years ago when they went on sale. I just LOVE pillows!

 They raised embroidery is so pretty and well done.
 At the foot of the bed, on the tray, I put this hydrangea arrangement I made many years ago and this light green candle lantern.

The arrangement is made in a TINY little urn on which is a round foam ball. I cut apart many hydrangeas and inserted them along with the pieces of berry and leaves.
 This lantern has traveled all over the house and is happy here right now:)

I have another addition to the master to share but Joe is working on a little project so will share as soon as I can:)
XO, Pinky
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Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Colorful, Summer Table

As do many of my tables, this one was inspired by the runner. I found it recently and loved the colors, the burlap edge and how bright and cheery it is. So, I decided to build a table around it.
 I started with a green and white placemat, my white charger, yellow dinner plate and pink flowered salad. I LOVE that they all have interesting edges; that really makes a setting so special to me.
 I had this plate that I am using as a centerpiece. It sits in my fork and spoon plate holder. It appears darker than it is in this pic, as you will see.
 I decided to mix the flatware; the bamboo mimics the color of the burlap edge on the runner and the green blends too.
 I gathered a pale yellow napkin and a flowered napkin in this beautiful peony napkin ring.

 The rattan S and P bring another little touch of texture to the table.
 These candle rings are the perfect colors for the runner.

 We have had some bright, sunny days and this happy table makes me smile when I see it. Green goblets and yellow mugs complete the setting.

 The flowers on the plate are so similar to the ones on the runner. Serendipity:)

 We are enjoying this table for breakfast and lunch but have been eating dinner out on the deck. We want to take advantage of every day that we can eat outside. I have an outside table to share with you soon:)
Thanks for your visit. Leave me a comment to let me know you were here!
XO, Pinky
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