Monday, November 22, 2010

There is a CRANE next door!!!!

 Here is the crane.

 This is just a "branch" from one of the trees coming down!!!!!!!!!!

 The crane goes WAAAAY up!!!

 Then they drag the limb out the driveway and load them on a flatbed truck.

Can you see the guy in the tree??? He gets hoisted up with his CHAIN SAW and cuts the limbs off!
They wrap this around the limb to olower it to the ground
 I don't want his job:):)

The people next door are putting an addition onto their house so they have to have some trees removed. Here are some pictures I thought I would share. These are BIG trees people, like 75 feet high!


  1. I love where you live...all those wonderful trees!!!

  2. They aren't so wonderful in the Fall when you have to deal with GAZILLIONS of leaves:):):)

  3. Pinky I thought you met the bird, living in Calif I have so much bird life in my backyard that one day a huge white egret flew over my head so I thought you met a bird. Our neighbors had a fiber glass bottom pool put in and a crane lifted it over their house, pretty scary to watch. Enjoy watching your crane/machine!!!

  4. Pinky your yard looks just like mine, and I have seen this job done before. Very very scary indeed, these guys really know what they are doing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! My Mom and sis are here now.

  5. Hi Pinky..
    well here I am and I've become your newest follower.. I sure wish I had some of the woods you do.. Mine is across the road so at least I can see it...
    Thanks so much for coming to visit me. I'm glad you liked my little ornament cozies... stop in anytime.

    Happy Thanksgiving


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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