Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A few Fall vignettes around the house

I thought I would share some of my Fall decorations, since they will be coming down soon to be replaced by CHRISTMAS!!!!!! That is my favorite time to decorate, and decorate I DO!!!! But first we will have Thanksgiving and be reminded of ALL we have to be thankful for. We are very blessed!!!!!!
 This is on my server in my dining room. I saw something similiar on my friend, Yvonne's blog and was a big copy cat!!!:)
 This pretty pumpkin plate in my kitchen, yes, next to the microwave.
 I got 2 of these pottery pumpkins a few years ago at Tuesday Morning.
 I decorate the windowsill in the kitchen. Leaves, lights, and fun pieces.
 A little scarecrow sitter.
 A maple leaf trivet.
 Another pumpkin plate.
 My girlfriend made this many years ago. I changed the pot and the shade.
 A pretty plate from Kohl's. This is on my server in the breakfast room.
 More on the server.

 One of the pumpkins on the hutch in the breakfast room.
I love my pinecone lamp.
 A big ceramic gourd, on the hutch.
A bigger view of the hutch. My Hubby MADE me that hutch!!!!!!
On top of the fridge. My son gave me the copper pumpkin many years ago and I LOOOOOVE it!


  1. Pinky,
    I am so happy you decided to begin this blog!!!!
    May you be blessed, my friend and have a happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Thanks so Much, Yvonne. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):) Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! I will post my table tomorrow and can't wait to see yours!!!!!

  3. Wow!! Pinky you have a lot of fall going on!! Your home looks so iviting and cozy. Now you have to take it all down and start for Christmas, bummer, it looks so pretty. I can only imagine how pretty your Christmas decor will be. So glad you joined blogland, Kathysue

  4. I covet the copper pumpkin :-)

    Love everything and I hope you have the most beautiful Thanksgiving ever.

    Can't wait to be inspired this Christmas.

  5. Dear Pinky,
    I am so happy you finally joined the rest of us here in the world of blogs. I love your fall items, but as you know I am up to my neck into Christmas decorating already and can't wait for you to share yours. Wishing you a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving and I am thankful to have made your friendship.

  6. Your Thanksgiving table setting is just beautiful. I love the goblets you have! I still can't believe you find room to store all you have for your various dish/table scapes! You will never be able to go smaller house wise..in fact...you may need to expand! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Joe!
    Linda and Dale


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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