Tuesday, June 4, 2013

~~~Beautiful Garden Shots!!!~~~

Helo my friends!! No, I didn't disappear, Joe and I have been SO busy doing alot of landscaping here at the new house. I will share that SOON but I realized that I didn't share some beautiful pictures of the yard at the old house, all in BLOOM! So, grab something good to drink and sit back. This will be picture heavy:):) I am starting at the front of the house. 2 gorgeous Cut leaf Japanese maples flank a LARGE rhodo. It is hard to believe that all the rhodos started out at about 18 inches tall:):)
 I love these trees so much, wish I could have brought them here. They are SO expensive now.

 This is the circle of the driveway. It has several rhodos too.
 The stone wall is the garage wall. The green bush to the left is a large white hydrangea.

 This is the side of the house that you can see from the kitchen. That is the kitchen window there.
 This red rhodo was in the TRASH at the florist where I used to work. I pulled it out, brought it home and we planted it. It is the PRETTIEST red ever. It wasn't fully in bloom yet.

 I miss all this beauty but we are working hard to make THIS house beautiful too!

 A beautiful PINK rhodo.
 The swing that Joe made for us. We would sit there at the end of a long day of working in the yard and admire our work:):):)
 The pond that Joe built.
 I  can't believe how tall this rhodo is. They all started out at about 18 inches tall!!!!

 The back deck is empty now but there are alot of fun memories from parties and meals out there.
 Yes, I did plant some begonias in the window boxes (that Joe made) for showing the house. They are doing great! The ferns hung there all winter and are coming back!

 The pale orange is a deciduous azalea. It was just about done blooming.

 Hope you enjoyed the little tour. Please cross your fingers that the house sells SOON!!!! XO, Pinky
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  1. Beautiful is right! What a lovely home. Whoever get it will own a gem!!! You have put so much love into your yard and it shows! xo

  2. Love all your Rhodo's. So pretty!! I have a large one on the side of my house.

  3. Pinky,
    Gorgeous,dear friend!!!
    We have tried many, many times to Japenese Maples here on the Prairie, but after four "pricy" attempts. . .we gave up!!! All your bushes and trees are so full and lush!!! Here's to hoping you'll have an offer soon!!!

  4. What a gorgeous yard, Pinky! Is there no way you can dig up the Japanese Maples and put something else in their place? I hope the house sells soon for you.
    ~ Wendi xo

  5. Pinky...your property is magnificent...you have so many spectacular flowers, shrubs and trees...as you know, you cannot get those by buying a new home...the maples are stunning..

  6. The property is so pretty! I have a plant that I bought on the clearance rack at Lowe's that looks so good right now.

  7. Your old yard looks gorgeous!!!! Makes me miss it.
    That red rhodo is just stunning!!!

  8. Pinky, so beautiful! I can understand why you don't want to leave it all behind. It WILL be a great selling point for the house though!

    2013 Designers Series
    Art by Karena

  9. Your garden at your old house is fantastic, it looks like a park, with all those lovely Rhodos. I had lots in my huge garden where I lived in England before I moved to France, the acid soil was great for them, also beutiful hydrangas grew well there. I have a small Rhodo growing well here, I brought it to France with me In a pot( shh's don't tell anyone)Enjoy your garden in your new house.

  10. Pinky this is so gorgeous. Absolutely breathtaking!

  11. Hi Pinky!
    Stop by and check out our new post, it's a surprise!

  12. Beautiful Pinky! Some lucky family is going to enjoy your gorgeous blooms, shade and all your hard work soon I'm sure! Keeping my fingers crossed for a quick sale :)

  13. What beautiful scenery that you have from out your windows. So inspiring.

  14. wow, Pinky, these are all so beautiful.
    We are finding it hard to sell our house...offers we've had waaay too low.
    We are moving into our new home the last of the month and will let our realtor handle everything. We'll come water, have a fella that will mow for us....we are S.I.C.K. of this "in limbo" feeling.
    Good luck on selling yours, too.

  15. Pinky, your landscaping is just GORGEOUS! I loved seeing all those beautiful spring flowers. I know your new home will be just as lovely after a few years. You guys work hard to make it so.

    I'll say a prayer that the old house sells soon. My brother was a realtor in San Diego for awhile & he always said, "If you WANT it to sell, the PRICE it to sell". We had a former home sit for almost a year before it sold & like you, had already moved into a new home. Ugh!


    p.s. I like your idea of putting a shelf beneath a covered table skirt & will look for just such a shelf next shopping trip. Thanks!

  16. Hi Pinky! Oh, sniff sniff! Your home and gardens are so beautiful. I know it must be a little hard leaving all of this beauty! I do hope it will sell for you soon and someone will cherish and care for all of your hard work.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Soooo gorgeous! We love rhododendrons too because they remind us of the mountains. We have 2 pink ones that actually do well here, but I would give anything to find a beautiful red one like you have. Do you have any idea what that one might be?? I have never seen one that color! I know you will miss that yard.

  18. Oh Pinky.... I'm praying there's a contract on your beautiful home right now!!

    Everything looks gorgeous!

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Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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