Friday, October 18, 2013

~~~The BIG Reveal, Deck, Patio and Pond!!!~~~

Good Friday morning!!!!! At long last I am able to reveal our new deck, patio and pond!! It has taken forever to get this done, but it IS done and we love it all. It is a wonderful spot to sit and relax but also a great entertaining space!!!! That was our goal. I didn't really care if we did a pond but Joe REALLY wanted it so we got it and I love it too!!! So, without further ado, I will show you around. Come on out!!!! We go out the door in the morning room to the deck.....
We went with Trex because we do NOT want to have to maintain a deck at our advanced age:):) The deck was not allowed to be any bigger so it is just big enough for the grill (which stays on the other side, to the right of the door as you come out) and a small table and chairs.
 Oh dear, the pictures are a bit out of order but I will guide you through this:) The pond is off the patio. The sound of the waterfall is wonderful and somethibng we have missed.
 This is still a work in progress, we have not planted this area yet, except for a couple of things. We plan to wait til next Spring to finish planting around the pond.
 As you can see, Joe bought a few things yesterday and they ARE planted now.
 I love having my cranes out here, I think they missed the pond too!
 And my Asain guy and pagoda will live out here too. That big old ugly black filter is going to be camoflauged somehow, probably with paint:)

 The gold finches love the feeder here and play in the water too!!!
 So, here we are at the patio. This is the right corner as you come down the steps. This firplace has gotten used on many nights now, and we love it. However, I will probably move it to the other corner as I want to have a round table and chairs in this corner. Next year though:)
 I moved my bench from out front to back here. This is a wonderful spot, I love to have breakfast or lunch here or just relax and read.
 The neighbors are loving it all and don't want us to plant anything to block their view:) So sweet.
 Of course I had to DECORATE!!!!! This cutie came from Lowes.
 Joe is trying to get one of the fish out of the filter:( Poor little thing was scared and wouldn't be caught, but later Joe got him and put him back in the pond:)
 My Joe never stops working. As all this was being done, he also was building a bar in the family room downstairs. That, too is ALMOST done so I will show you soon!!!!
 For now I have some FAUX waterlilies in here til the real one can bloom, next year. Just to the right of the cranes is where we pakn to put another bench.
 We plan to put a bench in this spot so you can sit and see the waterfall.
 We got one cut leaf Japanese maple and plan to get another for the other side. It is losing its leaves already.

 I took some shots at sunset since it was SOOOOOO beautiful!!!!! Everything is lit up i a beautiful PINK!!!!
 The little rock piles we did with the extra rock that was left over.
 JOE built this rock wall. There was a BIG drop and we worried about erosion and runoff to the neighbor so Joe built the wall, backfilled it with dirt and then  we mulched. So far we have had 2 or 3 pretty good rains and it is holding up!
 Reflection of the setting sun on the water. You can see here in these shots that the railings were not done yet. It took FOREVER for them to get the darn railings!!!

 Joe also installed lights in the patio walls, it is SO pretty at night. They are on timers and come on at dusk, so that means earlier every night now.

 Reflection on the neighbors house.

 Hope you have enjoyed seeing our latest project. We so love living here, and it was one year on Oct. 1st!!! Now, if the old house would just SELL we would be in great shape. I would appreciate any prayers or good wishes you can send up. Thanks so much for visiting!!! As you can see they are building a house next door, this is a shot from out front.
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  1. It is absolutely beautiful! I love everything about it!!

  2. It looks amazing, Pinky! Beautiful!

  3. What a great space Pinky!!! Wow, you did a great job, and I know you are enjoying it!! Love the different levels and the stone and wood. Gorgeous!!!!

  4. WOW!! Pinky, it looks fabulous!! You're so lucky that Joe is so talented!

  5. WOW Pinky this space is absolutely beautiful!! LOVE that water feature!

  6. What a beautiful job! It looks like you could almost swim in that pond! Love the cranes, too. Gorgeous pink sunset, Pinky! xo

  7. How beautiful....I love the sound of a and Joe did a fantastic job and how wonderful it must be to sit out on that deck and watch the sunset....that glorious sunset...congrats!!!...Such a labor of love!!!
    Have a great weekend enjoying the fruits of your labor!

  8. What a wonderful retreat, Pinky! I am sure the waterfall is so soothing! This is truly beautiful!

  9. Pinky,
    I've been gone from The Land of Blog far too long!!!
    Glorious, indeed, are your evening views!!!I adore your bench at the back of your home for enjoying this marvelous view of thepond!!!
    EnJOY your Japanese Maple, dear friend! We've tried three times and finally gave up...too arid here, I believe!!!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely deck, patio and pond!!!

  10. Just GORGEOUS!!!!
    You must be thrilled with this setting! Just dreamy and I would just sit there for HOURS listening to the waterfall.
    LOVE those sounds!


  11. It's wonderful Pinky! The neighbors even get to benefit from the pond! Love the TREX- it's beautiful!

  12. Oh wow, Pinky, everything is gorgeous. I love the deck and that pond is so beautiful. I want a pool like that. Hugs, marty

  13. Hi Pinky, I know you're going to LOVE your new patio and water feature! How wonderful for the neighbors to enjoy too! Joe is so handy and such a carpenter~ looking forward to seeing your bar :)

  14. I can't believe it's been a year already! You have more done in one year than I have in 18! All looks so beautiful my dear friend! Miss you! Hope to see it in person very soon! xo

  15. Such a lovely space Pinky! Love the cranes. And, love that handy husband!! Your sunset shots are stunning.
    Have you tried burying a St.Joseph in the yard?! We did that when we sold in Dallas (our realtor gave it to us;)... good luck!

  16. Pinky, Your pond is fabulous. Your husband has done a great job. The view of the sunset is stunning. How nice it will be to sit by the pond and watch the evening sky as the sun sets. You will really appreciate the TREX deck in the years to come when you don't have to keep on power washing and resealing it. Beautiful job on everything..... Candy

  17. Very very nice, you should be proud of yourselves. 1 year, congrats!

  18. Your new space looks wonderful, I'm sure you will really enjoy spending time out there! I love your sunset picture just beautiful! Laura

  19. Wow - I love your backyard makeover! Gorgeous deck and pond! I imagine you must really enjoy watching the sunsets in your beautiful backyard now!

  20. I am thinking the neighbors are a tad jealous Pinky lol. It is so beautiful back there, like a retreat!

  21. Hi Pinky,

    Gorgeous! Wow! A waterfall feature, too! How lucky are you?! Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

    Amazing sunset photos!


  22. This is such a nice outside area to enjoy, Pinky. I hope we can replace our deck with a trex one some day. I am tired of the upkeep. You will enjoy that pond. What a beautiful sunset.

  23. That is such a lovely space, Pinky! The pond and waterfall are beautiful and look so peaceful. I'm surprised by all the openness. We Arizonans are much more privacy-oriented and block or stucco walls are around every property -- what happens in your backyard, stays in your! Looks like you have one more home being built next to you, and then are all finished with construction in your area?

    Good luck on selling your other home. It's taking quite awhile, huh?

  24. Pinky what an amazing area you created! I know you will love spending many a nights out there. It all turned out wonderful.

  25. Its lovely...what a wonderful job you both did and I hope you get many hours of enjoyment out there. I know we use our backyard as much as we can and its really another room for us during 9 mos of the year. Can't wait to see what it looks like in the spring too. Thanks for the new follow, I am a new follower of your's too :)

  26. What an amazing yard you have. That's just a wonderful way to spend an evening! Thank you so much for sharing it with us at Twirl and Take a Bow Tuesdays. Hope to see you again! ~Tammy

  27. New deck, patio and pond – what perfect exterior makeover! It’s lovely how you created a piece of oasis outside your house. Mary is right, even your neighbors will benefit at such a beautiful sight, as it added a substantial curb appeal in the area. Dennis @ Schafer Construction, Inc.

  28. What an absolute transformation! You took exterior revamping to the next level, and the result is utterly perfect. Waterworks by the porch is simply a perfect ingredient for a delightful afternoon like this. Kudos for upgrading the appeal of your neighborhood! Lyn at DAL Builders

  29. Oh what a great looking pond and deck! I love how you've set everything up! Beautiful!


  30. This is just beautiful! Joe did a great job hiding the edges of the liner. That's the hardest part....well besides digging the hole. I know you just love it!

  31. This is just beautiful! Joe did a great job hiding the edges of the liner. That's the hardest part....well besides digging the hole. I know you just love it!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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