Tuesday, July 1, 2014

She COLLECTS Seashells by the Seashore!

Good morning my dear sweet friends! I am SOOOO happy to have my computer back and be able to blog once more! I am starting off with a tiny post but have been busy decorating my house for summer and have wanted to share it with you! I have collected shells for well over 30 years and love to display them during the summer. We are starting in the dining room and then we will go to other rooms this week. I hope you enjoy. This is the view from the foyer.
 I recently had a small dinner for a dear friend who has now moved to right outside of Hilton Head!!! I will miss her terribly but am very happy for her. Plus I plan to VISIT!!!:) I set the table with my shells and shell dishes and placemats. We had a DELICIOUS crab lasagna, salad and bread for dinner. I will share the lasagne recipe soon.

 These salad plates I found last year at TJMaxx and scopped them right up!!

 I have had the placemats for years and never tire of them.
 The centerpiece is my huge clam shell filled to overflowing with some of my shells. It is sitting on a bamboo tray and is flanked by more large shells.
 The dinner dish is a creamy, square plate with a slightly brown edge. That matches with the writing on the salad plates.
 I started out while setting the table with these candle sticks but switched them out before dinner.
 I love the placemats because they aren't COVERED with shells, just a few and the pattern is so pretty.

 I got some roses from the yard that were well opened but love them like this.
 Here are the candlesticks I remembered I had. Stacked shells and driftwood pieces.

 On my tiny server I have this little vignette.
 See that tiny starfish?
 Starfish votives are lit. The runner reminds me of the waves in the ocean.
 Shells pillows for the armed chairs.

 One of the girls brought this DELICIOUS raspberry pie. I could have eaten it all!!! We had a wonderful dinner and all talked about all our memories of when we met and all we have done together in the 10years we have known each other. It was a good night. Thanks for your visit!!!!!!
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  1. The table is gorgeous and I love the vignette as well!

    I will check Spam for your comment. I don't know why some legitimate comments land in Spam!! It's a puzzlement to me.

  2. Glad you are back Pinky!!!...and back with that gorgeous table...the shells are spectacular...such a beautiful summer by the shore table!!!...and your roses are beautiful !

  3. I love your table and your dining room is so bright and cheery. I just love your shell candle holders!!

  4. Pinky,
    Welcome Back!!!
    You've been terribly missed!!!
    You have a gorgeous Dining Room, dear friend!!!
    I can see why these placemats are your favorite!!! Love the contrast and they way they compliment your dinnerware!!!
    Love the huge shell as a centerpiece!!!
    I can only imagine the love and the laughter that was shared at this gorgeous tablescape!!!

  5. Doggone glad you're back, Pinky!!

    Seashells are one of God's fun little gifts to us! They work wonders in creating fun spaces as you have shown here!!! Wow...that HUGE clamshell arrangement in the center is really cool!!! I like the seashell/driftwood candlesticks, too. They're really different...and I LIKE different!!! I sure wish I'd have seen those plates at TJ Maxx. Or maybe not...I don't "need" anymore plates! :-) (When has that ever stopped me, though?)

    I'm sorry your friend is saying goodbye, but it's going to make a heck of a nice place to visit!!!

    You did a wonderful job, Pinky, and I'm sure everyone had a great time. Good to see you back, and I look forward to seeing what you've done with shells throughout the rest of the house!

  6. You have been missed, Pinky! So glad your blog is back. This table is gorgeous. Those dishes are really lovely. xo

  7. I love your pretty table and vignette! Your seashell collection is amazing , including your pretty plates, placemats and the beautiful pillow. Everything is just lovely!

  8. What a great way to display your shell collection! I love shells too and just returned from the South Carolina coast where I gathered more sand dollars for my collection! You will have to visit your friend in Hilton Head!

  9. This is such a pretty table, Pinky! I've missed your lovely tablescapes...so glad that you are able to post again! This is perfect for Summer. Love all of the shell decor!

  10. Oh, what a gorgeous table! Welcome back!

  11. Yay you're back! The table looked fabulous- what a nice selection of sea shells! I can see why you scooped up those plates! That was nice you had your friends over and treated them to such a nice tablescape. I guess it's sad your one friend moved but on the positive side you have a nice place to visit now!

  12. How did we ever manage without our computers? Missed you!
    I love your love of seashells; the table setting is stunning. Did I notice bees on the cutlery? {I think I mean flatware?}
    Waving from Across The Pond!

  13. Love your table including the flatware! We love going to Hilton Head in the summer time so you should definitely visit your friend often! Jennifer

  14. Gorgeous! I am truly loving this beautiful table. I love the seashells the beachy feel, all of it! Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. Watch for your feature on Monday ♥

  15. Such a beautiful table - love the shells, and I am totally, head over heels in love with your bee flatware. Have a wonderful 4th, Jane

  16. I love your fun shell plates Pinky! They're framed & set off beautifully with your wonderful placemats! You clam shell centerpiece is a thing of beauty too :)

  17. Fabulous shell themed table Pinky! I love it all, but especially the stacked shell and driftwood candlesticks! I have serious sea shell envy!

  18. Hey, Pinky! Welcome back. I'm with you and seashells. You can never have too many seashells. LOVE LOVE them and your tablescape. LOVe your cute pillow, too.

  19. I love love all the wonderful seashells, the table is so beautiful....I understand taking breaks from blogging, I think we all do it occasionally...I do believe you always come back fresher and ready to go...lol...loved the post, come on over for a visit...

  20. I am envying your fabulous seashell collection. The tablescape is gorgeous. I have been off the grid for a while too with only a couple of posts since Mother's Day. As I was visiting around I kept thinking "Where's Pinky?". I am glad you are back too. Even if I don't post I still love seeing your designs and all of the other wonderful blog posts in our wonderful little blogosphere.

  21. What an awesome shell collection,
    I have shells too that I have had
    for 30+ years. Treasures.
    That big clam shell is amazing and looks so awesome filled with all those pretty shells. Beautiful table with either candlesticks, but
    the driftwood ones really went so
    Sorry about your friends move,
    that can be hard for the one left
    behind, but thank Goodness for phones, email and skyping and face time, and also fun new place to visit.
    Blessings, Nellie


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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