Wednesday, February 4, 2015

~~~Living Room Vignettes~~~

I have been moving things, creating vignettes and organizing the house. All a part of organizing for the month of January. It also gives me the opportunity to PURGE what I can't use or don't want for this house. I started with this pretty, faux orchid on this table. I love the color and it looks so real!
 This is a lamp that was a gift from my son.
 This little lady is a resin material that looks like stone. Several textures always make a prettier vignette, I think.
 This bird topped jar is a close match to the lamp.

 My one and only magnifying glass sits here too. Love the carved wooden handle.
 Along with a turtle shell. The table is topped with a brown tablecloth and a leopard topper. I love a touch of animal print in every room!

 The picture on the wall above is carved metal, matted with velvet.

 In another cortner I have another grouping of pots etc. This planting is in a blue and white planter.
 This philodendron is in a pottery pot.
 Love the raised edge on the side.
 I still have my candles in the windows. I am taking down all but the ones in the front of the house now.
 This guy came from Home Goods last year.
 He was sitting here all alone so I placed 2 vases next to him and added some sticks to one of them and a candle ring around the other. More texture.

 This is a shot from the kitchen area.
 Behind the screen I have more pots and blue and white jars and baskets. It is a MIRACLE that the gardenia topiary is alive. It has been in the garage since Fall. Joe went to look at it to put it in the trash 2 weeks ago and saw that it was OK! I am amazed!

 The back of the screen is painted with bamboo.
 Another little grouping at the entrance to the morning/breakfast room.

 I have a grouping of different spheres in the pedestal bowl.
 This green lantern is another favorite piece. I have a battery candle in it on a timer so it glows every night.
 The sun was out today but it was still FREEZING! We never got out of the 20's. I am SO ready for Spring but according to the darn know the rest!
Thanks for your visit. XO, Pinky
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  1. Hi Pinky and I love your vignettes. You really know how to set u *-p a pretty scene. Your pots are lovely and that is a very pretty lamp too. You have so many plants and it's hard to tell which are live or not. Take care and you're always a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

    1. AW, thank you, Sheila!! I love creating new groupings and moving things. Trying to see what really works in this house:)

  2. Your vignettes are beautiful. It is so refreshing to see some decorating that is not all white or pink.........

    1. Thanks, Susan. I am so NOT a white person, in fact we are getting redy to PAINT. The white walls are making me crazy:):)

  3. Very pretty Pinky....I love the corner with all your live plants too!

  4. Very pretty Pinky. You have been quite busy. The live plants are wonderful. xo

  5. Hi Pinky....loving all of your beautiful vignettes and that wonderful table with the leopard topper!..and I also spy a pretty wonderful ladder on the wall!...

    1. I got that ladder many years ago. It used to hang in the stairwell at the old house. Thought this was a good spot in this house!

  6. You must have had so much fun putting these vignettes together Pinky. I know for me it's one of my favorite things to do and I lose track of time. You have so many lovely items with which to work with too!

  7. Hi-You mentioned getting ready to paint, was that a sample by the thermostat? Your beautiful home has so much interest. I am wanting some reminders of warm weather here too. Stay warm!

    1. Hi Kathy, oh boy, I forgot that was there:) Yes, we are looking at a few different colors but really like that one. Thanks for your visit!!!

  8. Hey, Pinky! I think I saw your wall with the ladder on it on Pinterest the other day! It's really making the rounds! Good for you!!!

    You've been hard at work creating some really nice vignettes. I hope the purging process doesn't sting too much. I know I get physically ill every time I'm faced with getting rid of things. I almost always end up regretting giving something away/selling it. My husband actually ENCOURAGES me to keep stuff. I think it's because he doesn't want to bear the brunt of my moaning and groaning!

    Lookin' good! Stay warm!

  9. Everything looks wonderful Pinky- I love that lamp your son gave you and the lidded jar with the bird on top...and of course the animal print topper. All your arrangements look great- I really like screen and how you set up an arrangement behind it. You've been having fun!

  10. Everything is so pretty, Pinky. Love your green lantern, all your pretty plants and the blue and white pieces that I catch glimpses of - just lovely.


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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