Monday, March 14, 2016

Bunnies in the Breakfast Room

When we built this house we called this room the "morning room", because that's what it was in the model. They had it set up with a sofa, chairs, etc. I decided I wanted to use it as a breakfast room. I really like my neighbors who have it set up as a morning room but I didn't think I needed another sofa here. Anyway, that's the back story cause I know some of you who follow me know I called it the morning room when we first moved in:) Now onto the bunnies:) As most of you know, Joe built this hutch in the old house. I have thought about painting it, but hate to cover the pretty wood. It has darkened with age so I will just leave it for now. I love decorating it for each season!
 I love bunnies and have many. They just make me smile.
 Over in the 2 corners I have these shelves that are actually plant stands and about 100 years old:) I love the tiles on them and keep them decorated too. The bunny in the burlap bag is handmade and so is the taller one on the middle shelf. My girlfriend, Jackie made him for me. His base is a Coke bottle!
 I decided to do a few things on the window sill this year.
 This brown bunny with the basket is a favorite. I filled his basket with some faux tulips and other flowers.
 I have 3 of these faux chocolate bunnies. I got them at K Mart years ago. They had them for 2 years, in 3 sizes and I am SO glad I bought all 3 cause they never had them again. I look each year! The "chocolate" egg came from K Mart too.
 My little wire cloche is a regular on this hutch. Right now I have one of my 2 Goebel bunnies under the cloche and one beside it.
 My 2 script bunnies are on the top shelf.
 This guy is ceramic and I filled his basket with mini flowers too.

 Here is one of the "chocolate" bunnies in a birdcage! He sits on a bed of grass with faux chocolate eggs.
 A glass hurricane holds more eggs. This was a housewarming gift from Yvonne at Stonegable.
 Mr. Magregor, as I call him, sits on the top of the hutch.

 I threw this in to show you my new tulips in my Grandmothers vase. They are fully opened now. Yellow and pink and ruffled and gorgeous! They will be so pretty outside.
Thanks so much for your visit.
XO, Pinky
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  1. Hi Pinky! Oh, what sweet bunnies you have! I do love the hutch your hubby made! Love how you've filled it with the bunnies! I adore those chocolate bunnies but haven't been in a K mart in many years as so many have closed. It's looking so springy or should I say hoppy! :) at your house. Have a good week.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Thanks, Sheila. I am betting you are still sewing for your dolls:)

  2. Love all the bunnies! That is quite the collection you have. I just got my first one and I am so in love with him.

    1. Oh good! I am glad you got one! I hope you don't catch the bug I have, of collecting so many:):)

  3. Cute, cute, cute! Loving the bunnies, Pinky!

  4. I too adore bunnies! Your breakfast room is so charming with the bunnies. I love your hutch too. Beautiful job!

    1. HI! I went to see if you have a blog but see that you don't:( Thanks so much for your viisit and sweet comments. Hope you will come back!

  5. You have so many cute bunnies! I had never seen the faux chocolate bunnies until I blogged and never have seen them in a store. I love your hutch that Joe made you. I know so many people paint things but I hate seeing it unless the piece is in bad shape. I have seen kind of a white washed affect on wood with a wood tone like yours where you can still see a lot of the wood through it and that's nice but I don't know how's it done. I'm guessing it's a rubbing off process. Anyway I like your morning/breakfast room- it seems like a cozy spot to wake up to.

  6. Pinky,
    What a great collection of bunnies! Where do you keep them the rest of year?

    This is a great room for a breakfast room. Whenever we were at my in-laws we always sat around the breakfast table all during the day instead of sitting on sofas in the living area. We talked, drank coffee, played games, whatever...


  7. Lots of darling bunnies to enjoy and make you smile. I love the breakfast room, what a lovely space. The hutch is wonderful. Have a great week Pinky. xo

  8. I just love your lovely, sweet collection of bunnies! Each one is so unique, cute, and fun! Great hutch too, Joe did a great job building it! :) ~Rhonda

  9. They are so adorable Pinky...and you find the perfect places for them!!

  10. Hi-Your house is hopping for sure (sorry could not resist). Love the chocolate bunnies! l would love to find some of those. I could not eat them either :-)

  11. Love it, your spring touches are perfect! Thanks for sharing at the Dishing It & Digging It Link Party.


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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