Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Peonies, Outside and In!!!

I have always loved peonies but have never been able to grow them....til NOW!!! I was so excited to see their little buds appear. Then little by little they started to open. AHHHH....
 Each flower is a little different, but all are beautiful!

 Aren't the buds just lovely!

 They opened pretty fast, within 2 or 3 days!
 So, I clipped some and brought them in to enjoy!

 I found my piece of blue coral and so since it is after Memorial day, I thought it could be added to the vignette on the coffee table.

 I am so enjoying these beauties....
 and my piece of coral!
Thanks for your visit!
XO, Pinky
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  1. Absolutely gorgeous Pinky. Such pretty colors too. Don't you just love them? Love the yard shot. Your house looks fabulous my friend. xo

  2. Peonies are gorgeous and I love that coral!! Never saw one like that before. Leave it to you!! :)

  3. I love peonies, but I've never seen anyone grow them locally! Yours are gorgeous! And they look so pretty in your space on the coffee table! ~Rhonda

  4. Do you happen to know the name of this peony? I would love to add it to the darker ones I already have.

  5. Wow..they are gorgeous Pinky!....love that you brought them inside to enjoy!

  6. Very pretty peonies! I love the pink with the blue and white, too!

  7. They're one of my favs too Pinky! I just picked some today and made a nice bouquet. Be careful when bringing them inside...ants are almost always hiding in them.

  8. Pinky,
    Peonies are one of "Mr. Ed's" favorite flowers!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely ones!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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