Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Simple Changes Make a Summer Mantle!

I have been "summarizing" the house with my large collection of shells! I have placed them all around the house and will share everything a little at a time. Let's start with the mantle. I made it very easy on myself by just replacing the birds and nests that were here for Spring, with some pretty shells. I have been collecting shells for ever! I love the light, bright look of the blues and whites with the shells! The green branches and the blue berry branches are so organic with the shells.

 I love this against the stone of the fireplace.
 This molded piece is a favorite.
 I have had this sea fan for years and attached my little sea horse and teeny star fish to it!
 I am enjoying the mantle and will keep it like this all through summer.
How are you "summarizing" your house this year? I hope you all had a wonderful, safe and fun holiday weekend. We sure did; we were out Fri. night, Sat. night and Sun. night! Fun times!!!
XO, Pinky
I will be partying here:


  1. Pinky, you have quite a collection of shells. This is perfect for Summer. Love your mantel!

    1. Wait till I share all of them:) Yes, I do have alot, 3 bins full!! Thanks for your viait!

  2. This looks great Pinky! I have been working on my mantel- not very actively though. I need to put away the red, white and blue now and concentrate on some summery accents!

    1. Thanks, Liz. I finally got all my red, white and blue things away today:)

  3. Hi Pinky! There is something so cool and calming with the light blue and white - so perfect for the summer. Your shells are gorgeous on your pretty mantel. Hope you enjoyed the fourth! Jane

    1. We had a great and busy weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by, Jane.

  4. Pinky,
    I absolutely l o v e this Summer Mantle decor, dear friend!
    How am I "Summerizing"???
    "Cool" hues and simplicity!

  5. Beautiful Pinky!....Looks like you brought the beautiful beach home with you!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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