Wednesday, December 7, 2011

~~~My Christmas Kitchen Tour~~~

Good morning my friends! Today I am taking you on a little tour of my kitchen, all dressed up for Christmas. I have to apologize because some of the pics are a little dark. It is a dark, rainy day here today but I wanted to snap some pics and show you around! I love when you come to vist, you are ALWAYS welcome!!!! So, there are alot of pictures so grab something to drink and sit back! We will start here on the hutch that Joe made for me. I have a snowman and gingerbread theme this year in the kitchen. This lamp was a gift from a friend several years ago. I just love it!!! Thanks, JS!
 Here is a shot of the hutch all dressed.

 I turned on the flash for this one picture. I know that is horrible but just wanted to show the bottom shelf.
 Here is my new Snowman that I showed you in an earlier post.
 I have had these snowman placemats for several years too. They go so well with my centerpiece and runner.
 Now, I will start on the top of the hutch. The lantern was not lit but Joe wired it for me after we got it home. The 2 knitted snow people were bought from a lady at bowling MANY years ago, over 25 years I would guess!!!!
 I decided to spray the trees this year with faux snow and I am so glad I did.

 Here are some close ups of some of the snowmen. I can remeber where I got all of them, these 2 were bought at a craft show. I used to go to alot of craft shows every year, building my collection. I really appreciate hand made things!
 A Winter Welcome!!!
 I even change out the pictures on the walls. I bought these 2 because they say Faith and Hope, and those are the names of my daughters dogs!!!!!

 The botton Santa is a Willey Raye Santa.
 These 2 pictures replace the palm tree pictures that normally hang here.

 Here is the server in the breakfast room. This area is becoming more of a gingerbread theme. The little tree is all candy and gingerbread and lollipops and cupcakes!!!
 I found the little gingerbread S and P this year at CTS.
 The napkin holder.
 I got this gingerbread house this year and am LOVING it!!! The little guy is a Byers Choice Kindle. I have several now and love them with the houses.
 I found this runner at K Mart several weeks ago but didn't realize it was only 30 inches til I got it home. So, I just layered it over the runner that I always use.

 These tree pics are somewhat dark but I have horrible light today....
 The gingerbread men that sit on the floor used to hang from a pot rack. I had one for many years then got tired of it. I may bring it back one day, maybe.
 Long red and white ball stems form the tree topper.
 Along with lollipop stems!
 A wrapped candy ornament and candy cane with gingerbread bow.
 This is a candy garland.

 Oh dear, the cupcake came out too blurry, sorry!
 A teapot.
 This ornament is the JOY sign and Santa in a frying pan and a spatula hanging from that.

 This is the shelf between the kitchen and breakfast room. It has always just had snowmen but now I have this wonderful collection!
 The gingerbread house is a luminary, I have a candle inside. A Kindle guy sits on top.
 More Kindles and the ladder so he can climb up there!!!

 Byers Choice Mrs. Santa holds her house.
 And Santa has joined in the baking fun too!!!!
 A cute candy tree from, again, CTS!!! LOVE that store!!!
 A skiing snowman with a stick reindeer.
 This is the view as you walk into the kitchen. Some of you have seen this many times!!!! I love all the windows above my sink, and my long windowsill.
 My Baker Santa came from Kohl's several years ago.
 Doesn't he have a GREAT face!? He looks so sweet and kind.
 He holds a frosting bag and gingerbread house.
 In his embroidered pockets are 2 gingerbread men.
 His stockings and shoes with buckles. Love these details!
 This is a wax warmer that I burn at night. It gives a wonderful scent.
 My snowflake spoon rest and snowman S and P.
 I bought red utensils at the $ store last year. The utensil holder was purchased at Target several years ago and has 3 different Santas on it.

 Some more snowmen....
 My other snowman lamp sits in the corner.
 The sparkly family:):)
 Soap dispenser
 and you know what this is for.....
 my scrubbie!!!
 I made this guy in ceramics class about 100 years ago:):)
 My canisters. LOVE their scarves and hats!!!
 They say "friends warm a cold house.
 Another Santa.

Well, I really DON'T love winter but.....:):)

 some details of the windowsill
 As you can see, it is rainy and yucky today:(

 These Santa guys came from a craft fair and they have bells as hands and feet! Love their little bags too!

On the top of the fridge is this stacked snowmen piece. On each side are vintage Santa mugs.

I hope you have enjoyed your tour! I also hope you are enjoying this beautiful season of love. I will be joinig these parties, there are so many parties going on this year!!!! SO much beautiful inspiration all over blogland!!! Thanks again for stopping by. Please leave a comment so I know you were here. I read and treasure every one!!!! XO, Pinky
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  1. I love it all - especially the Santa Chefs,those are adorable. Just got my first one this year and I want more.

  2. oh, I love all your decor! I too decorate my kitchen in
    Gingerbread ! So fun!

  3. Oh, everything is just adorable! I love your gingerbread tree and gingerbread houses and the baking santas. What fun. We have such similar tastes. Isn't it fun to have that in your kitchen. I can see me adding to it over the years just like you have. I love your new Gingerbread house that you got this year. Santa with the frosting bag is just wonderful.

    And what a collection of cute snowmen you have. Thanks for having us in the kitchen. Now I need a cup of hot cocoa! Sounds like you do too with your weather.

  4. have an amazing Christmas collection, the snowmen, the gingerbread village and your cute Santa's! I had a ball looking at every nook and cranny you have decorated. It shows that you have the heart of little kid!

    Happy Holidays, my friend!


  5. Pinky, I can only imagine the time it took you to put out your beautiful decorations. I love snowmen too! I put them out in January for the winter months after all my Christmas things are away and everything looks very bare!! Beautiful job!

  6. Oh, Pinky! I love your Christmased up kitchen! What darling decorations you have! I just want to move in but I don't want to cook! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. So, so cute! I am sure all those decorations keep you motivated to cook and bake the whole season through.

  8. Pinky how precious it is! Everything looks downright adorable and ready to go. I really like the lit up gingerbread house. So cute! The kitchen accessories by the sink look wonderful too. Great work on every detail.

    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  9. Pinky how precious it is! Everything looks downright adorable and ready to go. I really like the lit up gingerbread house. So cute! The kitchen accessories by the sink look wonderful too. Great work on every detail.

    Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  10. Fabulous Christmas decor, Pinky. I love the Byers dolls!...Christine

  11. So funny you asked! Yes, everyone calls me Jackie. I was named Jacqueline but have always been called Jackie. I much prefer Jacqueline so when I started the blog I decided to use that. Joni, my sister at Red Couch Recipes thought it was so funny that I would want to use that. Her real name is Joann but she has always been called Joni. I guess she likes it best. Wish all my friends would call me Jacqueline, but those kind of changes don't ever really happen - we are too old to change.

  12. Everything is so pretty! Love the snow and gingerbread!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful kitchen with us!

  13. You have always had the best collections Pinky of Snowmen and ginger breads. Everything is looking so pretty and so festive.

  14. Awww, Pinky! Your kitchen looks so adorable. The snowmen and gingerbread houses are so sweet! What a collection of fabulous Christmas decor!

  15. Wow! I love your Christmas kitchen Pinky!

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  17. Wow Pinky! You've done a lot of work to set all this up. It's so cute and wonderland like! Love your kindles, I have a few too. There are so many collectibles here- you've done a great job of displaying them! Happy Holidays~ Liz

  18. Your snowmen are adorable! I love that you have so much decor in your kitchen. Especially, all the stuff with a cooking theme!

  19. Pinky,
    I adore your S N O W men...and I LOVE S N O W!!! The baker Santa really stole my heart! Gentle and kind eyes and face...and the gingerbread people in his pocket are so darn adorable!!!Thank you for the Christmas Kitchen Tour! You've brightened my day and leave me with a HUGE smile!

  20. I'm in the mood for Christmas now! What a wonderful display! (I know it looks even better in person)

  21. I'm in the mood for Christmas now! What a wonderful display! (I know it looks even better in person)

  22. Everything is looking so festive! I love the idea of switching out the pictures on the wall! I love all your snowmen:)

  23. Sure would be a fun place to spend the Holidays and make cooking so much easier. Great job. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  24. Pinky, you are the Christmas decorating Queen. I love all the snowmen and gingerbread men. Love the Kitchen Santa and your new home. It would seem like I was at the North Pole if I were to visit your home. Joni

  25. Oh Pinky, I love your kitchen! It's like a winter wonderland! I love the Byers, Gingerbread houses and all of the snowmen! Your Santa is so charming with the frosting in his hand! You've really given me some great ideas for my kitchen! It's adorable!

  26. Oh I LOVE your collections!! I collect snowmen also, I did a blog post on it.

  27. Pinky I love what you have done with your hutch and kitchen. It is a magical place that would be so fun to visit. My very favorite is the Baker Santa. Wish I had found him. He is just adorable. You have a charming blog and I just became a follower. Thankyou too for your sweet comment on my new blog. That was very kind of you and it meant alot to me. Looking forward to seeing many more wonderful things here. Your new friend....Nann

    pS Oh I almost forgot. You can get the dove cookie cutter at any cake type decorating store. Some of the craft stores carry them too. And just go on and you can get them there.

  28. I love It! You have relly been working! So cute.Love the snowman.Joann

  29. I would say your finished because your kitchen looks so festive and beautiful. It looks like a lot of work ,but so worth it with the end results looking so beautiful!

  30. Pinky, wow, you have tons of Christmas stuff. It's all so cute! The Gingerbread village is darling. How can I possibly pick a favorite?
    Love the Santas, snowmen...amazing collection. One tip, don't put on as many photos. It takes a reader a long time to scroll through it all...How's the new Christmas header coming? Linda

  31. Wow, Pinky, your kitchen is REALLY ready for Christmas! I love all your snowmen--what fun you must have had collecting those over the years. Your family must love the way you decorate things for Christmas--what a blessing!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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