Monday, May 21, 2012

~~~Staging the House to Sell!!!~~~

 Good Monday morning my friends! I have to thank you all for being SO patient with me and hanging in there while we have been painting, throwing things out, packing, cleaning etc. But now we are "STAGING"!!!! Whoo hoo. The house will be on the market soon. Now, I have to preface this post by saying that I stated to my hubby the other day, "this house is now officially devoid of all personality!!!". But, it is ready to sell and I have to remember, people do not want to see MY possessions, they want to visualize their own things in here. That being said, here we go! In the foyer here, we removed the baker's rack that was on the stone wall. (All these things have been done at the request of the "stager") I, personally, think the baker's rack was a pretty "welcome", but.....
 I was allowed to leave the 2 shelf units to the sides, but they have been pared down.
 Her we are in the living room. This credenza was supposed to go because she wanted us to rearrange the sofa. We tried that but it looked HORRIBLE, it just does NOT fit the way she wanted it so it is staying.
 Oh, the speakers are now gone too, they are being used as "night stands" here in my office that is now staged as a bedroom. I hope you can follow all this:):)
 In this corner, you might remeber my rattan etegere. Gone.:):)
 I replaced my coffee table with this brass one that WAS in our master bedroom. This one is smaller and gives more room to move around.
 The curio cabinet in the corner was supposed to be removed but, again, it is staying.
 The mantle and hearth have been pared down. I was only supposed to leave the 2 wooden lights but I thought it was TOO bare for a 9 foot mantle.

 The oriental screen was in this corner. It is now stored at Joe's cousin's house. He has been kind enough to let us store things that we didn't want to go into the POD at his house. He has a full, empty, basement that is bone dry. Thank you, Pat!!!!
 The bar has been pared down by 1/2.
 I'm not sure if I ever showed you this painting. It was done by my Father. He was an artist. Our last name was Martini, and he drew my Mother's and his hands holding martini glasses.
 You can see his signiture in the bottom right corner. he didn't sign many of his things so this is priceless to me.
 Here we go into the dining room.
 The server OR the baker's rack was to be removed.....
 So, the server is gone and is in the "bedroom" that is also my office. I'll show you that in a later post this week.
 I know that picture in the middle is too high but the oriental screen was there, and had to go so we switched to this picture to hide the mark in the wall. We did NOT want to have to paint this room too, plus we don't still have this paint.
 My simple centerpiece for the table. I just got a new runner with birds embroidered on the ends that will go here.

 Didn't mean to include this picture, but don't know how to delete it so this is a little sneak peek at the bridge upstairs:):)
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XO, Pinky


  1. Well, it still looks beautiful! It looks nice a roomy which is the purpose of all the work. I liked the baker's rack in the entry but I guess they want the attention to move to the rest of the house right away.
    Are the dogs part of the "staging"? They are so cute in that picture.
    I hope all your hard work makes for a quick sale.
    Love you both.

  2. Hi lovely lady.
    You and your hubby did a beautiful job getting the house ready to sell. I also hope you have a quick sale !!
    Hope you have a wonderful week Pinky.
    XXOO Diane

  3. We were fortunate that our realtor was of the "don't take it down unless it is in excess!" We didn't have to do much. We moved some furniture around and a few big pieces out, but that was it. Your home is gorgeous and the right people will be able to see all the potential there! You have made it a showpiece!

  4. Everything looks great. Sending you some "sell quick" ((((vibes))))). ;)

  5. Your house looks great and ready to sell Pinky! I can only imagine the hard work you put into getting it ready. I have done staging before for clients and It's true, you really have to take away all your personal stuff and personality. Good luck and I hope you sell your house immediately with multiple offers! ~Delores

  6. Hi Pinky: This is so typical, and it makes me so mad. I think the house should look inviting to the new buyers, not like an empty warehouse! If someone can't imagine their things in place then they don't have a feeling for the house, and shouldn't have it. Now I've vented..Happy Monday..Judy

  7. Good luck Pinky...looks like you are well on your way to put the house up for sale...

    I know it was hard work and putting away some of your treasures was difficult, but you will have good results in the end....Great job....

  8. Hi Pinky! I have to tell you your house looks beautiful! Hope you get a buyer really soon!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Pinky,
    You have done a fabulous job in staging your home for $ale! I get your message of de~personalizing, now! I love your mantle...go with your own instincts, dear one! Still praying that first person who walks through falls in love and signs on the dotted line!!!

  10. Looks great Pinky. We've been doing the same thing!! Still a little ways to go, but hope to get it on the market soon. We are ready for smaller and closer to our kids.

  11. Amazing how much you have done.... makes me tired.... lol!
    The staging is so important... and you've done an excellent job of 'staging'..... the home looks wonderful!!!
    Good luck!!!

  12. Thanks for sharing the photos of your staging project. I have reached the point of "bursting at the seams" at my house so I am having to pare down myself so I empathize. That picture that your father did of his and your mother's hands holding martinis is so special...I just love it. I saw your post over at "Tabletop Tuesday".

  13. I think everything looks fabulous!
    Good Luck!!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  14. Pinky, Even though your GORGEOUS designs are tucked away for you next home... it still has your beautiful style! You have worked so very hard to ready your home so some other very lucky family can live in it!
    Just think, in a few months this will all be behind you and you will be on to the next adventure... a new home!

  15. Everything looks great. I agree with your decision about the mantel. And I absolutely love the painting your Dad created. I can see why it would be a priceless treasure.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  16. Hi Pinky~ Your house looks wonderful after all your hard work & packing, even though it looks devoid of personality to YOU! I know you'll be glad when it is SOLD...hopefully soon! Love your dad's painting~ I still can't believe your name was Pinky Martini, I don't think I would have changed it!! :)

  17. Pinky - ya'll have done a great job at staging your home. Sending **sold** vibes your way. Love the painting your father, I can see why it is so special.

  18. Hopefully, it will sell quick! It looks like it's ready to sell.

  19. After reading this, I am in a state of panic. I get that way every time I think about having to move one of these days. I have no idea what I will do with all of my stuff!! You have done a great job staging. By the way, your father was an "artist" - wow. Hands are one of the hardest things to draw and he did them perfectly! You must be thrilled to have this lovely drawing!!!

  20. It looks lovely even tho most of PINKY has been removed. I am sure it will sell very quickly.
    Son is selling their house, too, and they did the same thing...removed most of....them. :)

  21. Hi, Pinky

    The house looks great, hope it sell quick. Have a great week.


  22. This looks like a lovely investment! Good luck selling with it.

    new houses for sale

  23. Oh my goodness, so much work, and so many of your gorgeous things packed away. It's funny how empty stagers want a house to be. It still looks lovely, because you have such great taste. Hugs, Marty

  24. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Wanted to wish you luck with selling your house. I don't know what area you live in but in Northern Va the market is going nuts again, I had two contracts on my house in less than 24 hrs after listing it! Moving is a lot of work but very exciting :)

  25. Your home looks beautiful! Wishing you success with the sale. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop and for your bloggy friendship xo

  26. "This house is now officially devoid of all personality” – yes, this one’s important. If you are selling your house you need to de-personalize yourself with it, and let the potential buyers imagine their own furniture, and photos on it. Some other things to take note also are to de-clutter, rearrange bedroom closets, and kitchen cabinets, remove/replace favorite items, and make minor repairs. You pretty much did all of it, so you’re house is good to go for auction. Good luck!

    Kathrine Landau

  27. Oh I love your house’s oriental theme! If I were to buy a house, I’ll definitely put an offer on yours right away! Anyway, I’m sure your house has been sold by now. The homebuyers who got your house are so lucky. I bet they’re going to stay in that house for a very long time. =)

  28. I honestly find your house almost perfect. Each room has its own unique features. All that your house needs is a little rearranging of stuff and, of course, some cleaning (though it looks clean already). Anyway, I hope you’ll find a deserving owner that’ll take care of your beautiful house. Good luck!

    -Lorrie Sermons

  29. Were you able to sell your house already? I really like your style! You also have such nice shades for your walls. And, your dining room table is truly a gem to be taken care of by the next homeowners. :)

    Lakisha Zimmerer

  30. I love your dining room! The wooden table and chairs made a vintage-yet-elegant impression. I think the lighting and wall paint also added a notable appeal to the area. Good job, Pinky! =)


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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