Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Continuing the Tour, the master bedroom

 Hi everyone! Today I am continuing to take you through the house as it is staged and ready to sell. Today I am showing you our master bedroom. It is a LARGE room. I will start by showing you how we arrange the furniture in the winter months. The bed and nightstands sit on this wall under the sloped ceiling. There is a sky light directly above the bed in this configuration. It is just out of this shot.
 On the opposite wall  is my dresser. I have taken off the pictures of me and my Mom and the one of the kids. NO personal pictures allowed:):) To the right of the dresser is my jewelry armoire. I got it from Winterthur Museum catalog and love it. Our furniture has asain scenes painted on the fronts and so does the armoire.

 On this wall sits Joe's dresser and a love seat. The love seat is now gone, as you will see down below.
 Do you see the railing outside of our door? That is the bridge that overlooks the living room downstairs. I will show you the bridge in a post later this week.

 So, now we go from this to.....
 This arrangement. The bed is now on the wall that my dresser was on. It is MUCH better for summer, as we are now right under the ceiling fan.
 The table was a gift from my son, the piece on the right is a lantern and the 3 pieces on the left are green pottery.
 My dresser is now where Joe's dresser was. I am so sorry about the darkness of these but it was cloudy and rainy yesterday.

Do you see the picture of Mt. Fugi over the dresser? I also have a PHOTOGRAPH of Mt. Fugi that my FIL took from the cockpit of his plane!!!! He was a pilot all his life.
 We have a small deck under roof right off the bedroom. It is so nice to sit out there in the morning or whenever we have a rain storm!
 I just saw that I missed taking a mask down. SHAME on me!!! I also am supposed to only leave ONE plant over each window. We'll see:):):)
 This chair was out on the bridge but came in here now since the love seat is gone.
 I actually stood on the bed to take this shot cause the loveseat is still sitting in the middle of the room til Joe and Dave can get it down the stairs tomorrow night. This is "keeping it real" folks:):) You can JUST see the edge of the loveseat if you look carefully:):)
We didn't have to do any painting here thank goodness. We actually had recently painted the wall that the bed is on and the rest of the walls are a light tan. Thanks for your visit, I appreciate it and all the comments you leave! XO, Pinky


  1. Pinky your home is gorgeous. Your bedroom is so beautiful and so big. What a treat to have the little deck. Someone is going to enjoy your home so much.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Beautiful bedroom Pinky. I love all your oriental decor pieces..I'm sure they're going with you!! Lucky new owners! Hugs,

  3. Love the deck off your bedroom. My Mister has always wanted this feature. Love the stone wall you can see out in the bridge area.

  4. Pinky...my you have very pretty tall ceilings in your room....I love the Mt. Fuji print...very near and dear to my heart....The future owners will just love your home!

  5. I love your bedroom like that! And I see that you have a lot more to pack when it's time to make the move.

    Love you!

  6. Pinky,
    This room is lovely, dear friend! Your hard work has definitely paid off and will come back to you hundred (or is that thousand) fold!Good luck on showing this home to one who will "fall in love at first sight!" I'll be back to see the bridge!!!

  7. Hi darling, Your master bedroom is so large! How romantic to have a deck right outside your room. I know it's going to sell right away..
    hugs ~lynne~

  8. I know I have said it before...but you have a gorgeous home! Hugs

  9. I truly like to reading your post. Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a nice information.


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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