Wednesday, May 30, 2012

~~~Santa in the T-Bird!!!~~~

 This is the Santa that sits in our sleigh on the front porch at Christmas. Sadly, we will be getting rid of the sleigh since we don't have a place for it at the new house. BUT we wanted to keep the Santa so had to transport him to Pat's house. Pat has graciously allowed us to store some things in his basement til the house is ready.
 The best solution was to have him ride in the passenger seat of the T-Bird!!!
 Amazingly, Joe said it didn't seem anyone really noticed when he was riding to Pat's.
 Maybe they just thought I had REALLY gained weight and put on a hat:):) Oh and the beard.....let's not go there:):):) XO, Pinky


  1. How fun. Such a cute pic of Santa and DH. Hugs, Marty

  2. that is so funny!!! Reminds me of a couple of summers ago...July in fact. I did an event at St. Jude Children's hospital that was "Christmas in July" I was dressed as an elf and my friend with me was Mrs. Claus. We were coming home and were sideswiped...police called and when asked if I had a witness, my giggles took over and I laughingly said, "yes, that would be Mrs. Claus" and pointed inside my car....they weren't amused. Me? I still laugh about it!

  3. That is a cute couple in the convertible!! People can be so jaded, right? lol xo

  4. Now who wouldn't want to ride around with Santa! How fun! Thanks for your visit....hope you'll enjoy the strawberry and cream recipe.

  5. So that's what Santa does in the summer! How funny. Hope things are going well with your move.

  6. So funny Pinky!
    I can't believe you are getting rid of your gorgeous sleigh!!!!
    Is Tracey taking it? I hope it stays in your family.
    Joe is such a great sport!!! Two hot men in a convertible...

  7. How cute! I bet that was a sight to see! Too bad about the sleigh, but I hope you are either getting a good price or found someone in the family to have it!

  8. What happened...did the reindeer take off with his sleigh.?? I am sure Santa would prefer riding in the T-Bird!!!....super cute!!

  9. Heeheee...
    I would have probably driven off the road from laughing as you went by!

  10. Too funny! I know I sure would have done a double-take if I spotted this going down the road!


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