Saturday, July 6, 2013

~~~Hydrangeas on the Mantle~~~

 The other day I went to the old house and cut some hydrangeas. I also found this neat vase that looks like shell material, at Kirklands before vacation so I decided to put some of the hydrangeas in it and put it on the mantle. Notice the 2 outside vases are faux hydrangeas. The color right now is just the prettiest blue ever!
 I love this vase! I made a "grid" out of tape for the top of the vase to better arrange the flowers. That is another florists trick.
 It just cools me off looking at these, especially in this HEAT!
 Some blooms are paler than the others.
 I think I might add a few shells to the mantle, maybe tomorrow. Right now we have to go get me a NEW CAR:) See ya later!!!!
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  1. Pinky,
    Gorgeous hydrangea on your mantle, dear friend!!! The vase with the shell motif is quite stunning, especially with your blue & white pairings!
    The simplest changes bring such pleasure in one's home! I, too, did a simplistic change above the Entertainment Center recently. Cool, calm and pleasant!!!
    What a joy to be choosing a new car!!!

  2. Wow, your hydrangeas on your mantle are beautiful and I love how you've decorated your mantle.

    New car?.....Exciting!!!
    Happy weekend!

  3. Hi Pinky! Oh, I love those pretty hydrangeas. Your mantel is so pretty and I love the blue and white! Congratulations on getting a new car. You'll have to show it to us.
    Yes, yes! I would love for you to snap for me! I can't wait. This is just so much fun!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Love your gorgeous flowers. The mantel looks soooooo pretty. You always do such lovely floral arrangements. Can't wait to hear about the new car. I got mine last August and I still get thrilled every time I open the door. Hugs, Marty

  5. Your mantel looks wonderful. I love that vase! I have always wanted to try the tape technique! Looks like it works well! Beautiful!

  6. The hydrangeas are just so beautiful! I love your mantel vignette!

  7. Pinky, I'm having hydrangea envy. They are so pretty! It sounds like you have some wonderful bushes full of these blue beauties.

  8. wow.. love this arrangement. its says summer elegance to me..

    you did GOOD~!

  9. Love your hydrangeas on your mantle and in your pretty new vase Pinky! The texture looks like a Sea Urchin shell!

    Happy Motoring :)

  10. Your mantle looks amazing! Gorgeous!!!

  11. The hydrangeas are beautiful on your mantle...I have 3 different varieties and this has inspired me to display mine on our mantle! We're having company this Fri. and Sat. followed by another out of town house guest for a week! They are always lovely blooms!

  12. Pretty mantel and hydrangeas and oh, lucky you to get a new car.

  13. Love those hydrangeas...i really need to cut some of mine soon!....the mantel is so beautiful....and congrats on the new car Pinky!!!

  14. I'm so jealous of those hydrangeas! Maybe you can help me - I bought a potted hydrangea right before Easter. It was beautiful. The flowers eventually shriveled up & died but the plant looks fine. However, it hasn't bloomed since. Why hasn't it bloomed anymore?? I want to put it in a big pot because I don't have a shady spot in the yard that I can see from the house or patio & I want to be able to see it. Can I do that?

  15. Your mantle looks so pretty, I just love of the great benefits of summer!

  16. So Pretty! Finally mine are blooming, yeayyy! Very pretty decor. thanks for sharing, came over to visit you from Marty's Musings's party


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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