Monday, July 1, 2013

~~~New Lamps in the Guest Room!!!~~~

Good afternoon my sweet friends! We were on vacation last week at the Outer Banks (OBX) and it was a great week EXCEPT that Joe was sick:( He didn't feel well when we left so I drove. I have discovered that I do NOT enjoy driving for 7 hours straight:) We left on Sat. and he kept getting sicker. So, On Monday we went to an urgent care clinic and LONG story short he has pneumonia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His temp when we got there was 103.9! So he is on a VERY strong antibiotic and prescription Motrin and he NOW feels much better but it took a few days. I felt so bad for him to be sick on vacation. Anyway, today I met my daughter and we did some shopping and had lunch together and I found some new SUMMER lamps for the guest room! So here we go, I am showing you a before and after and a little look around the room too. Here is the before: I do like these lamps but wanted to lighten up a bit for Summer!  And, since I have some shell pictures in here I thought these would work. I am sorry the light isn't good, it has been RAINING for days:(
 The night stands are on the small side so I need to use smaller lamps in here.

 I just LOVE the raised shells on these lamps. I found them at Kirklands and Tracy had a coupon so I got them very inexpensively!
 I am still looking for a different bedding set. I want to use a blue and white print but right now this beige and white works fine. The pillows are blue and white too.
 I made these several years ago. I think they work well on the wall over the bed. The pineapple is the symbol of hospitality; did you know that?
 I have 2 shell pictures on either side of the windows.
 They were also Kirklands finds a few months ago.
 This is the vignette on the dresser.  IF I can convince Joe, I plan to do my first ever painting of a piece of furniture!!! We got this for free when friends were moving  and it is kinda rough.....
 I am pulling out my shells now so will put some around and in the little glass dish.
 This piece is on a long wall. Eventually we plan to get new bedroom furniture for our room and ours will come up here. My dresser would fit perfectly on this wall and Joe's on the wall where the free dresser is now.

 I have 2 pottery "pockets" in this room.
 I also got navy blue panels for the window to finish it.
 I put some funky branches in one of my demijohns. The large basket is for the throw pillows at night.
 I am still working on the vignette on the nightstands. I placed the lamps on book stacks.
 Thanks for your visit. I missed you all while we were on vacation. XO, Pinky
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  1. I love the new lamps! Your guest room is beautiful.

  2. I love the new lamps!
    We enjoyed sleeping in that comfortable and beautiful guest room, too!

  3. I enjoyed viewing your guest room and read your last post too. Love that bird in the cage. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. So happy to visit you dear Pinky, I haven't heard from you lately, as I've been away to Flo. and than later on too. Your guest room looks so lovely and fresh and with the pretty addition of lamps, which are perfect, I love it! Have a great Fourth!

  5. Your guest room is awesome. I loved everything there the lamps, the bedding, the shell pictures, the pottery, furniture, all. The way you have decorated this room is amazing.

    B&B Brugge                   

  6. Such a pretty and inviting guest room. Love the new lamps, they are wonderful. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. Being sick on vacation is awful! Been there done that! The new lamps are so cute. I didn't know that about the pineapple. I love those arrangements. I think that's the perfect piece to try painting. I know it will turn out great. All of your projects do!

  8. Pinky, Is this MY room? Those new lamps are so fun and summery!!!!
    Where did you get the tobacco basket? I'm looking for one for my family room.
    Let me know when you are expecting me!!

  9. Pinky,
    Lamps bright such inviting warmth into any room, and these new lamps are spot on, dear friend!!!
    I adore seeing your guest room!!! The art work with your wall pockets is stunning!!!

  10. Love the new lamps Pinky!...such a beautiful guest room...your guests will not want to leave!!!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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