Thursday, February 17, 2011

~~~The Office Reveal!!!~~~

I thought I would start at the beginning. I am so sorry I didn't get pictures of when it was the office before Joe took out all the OLD, horrible furniture. Anyway, here is when we started, after spakling he started putting some paint on the spackled places. Then cutting in started. I am HORRIBLE at cutting in so he does that.

 Here the walls are painted and I showed you how different it looks in diffeerent light.
 See the corner of the brown desk? That used to sit in the middle of the room. We took it oput of the room to really open up the room since he now has more desk top space.
 Stuff all over the house...............I YI YI:)
 New furniture still in boxes in the foyer.
 Laptops on the dining room table.

 Here we go: pictures are just propped to see where he wants to hang them.... This old plastic GREEN trash can got replaced today, thank goodness:)

Some of his sports memorabilia on top of the hutch.

 Joe and Tracy dancing at her wedding. The frame says, "love forever, happiness always.
 The tall lamp is carved wood and from India.

 One of his trains.........we have a "train room" that I will show you one day.

 This picture was done by Joe's Aunt.
 Trains over the closet door.
 These pieces are going to get stained an ebony stain....when the weather gets warmer!!!!

 I got him these 2 new lamps (at the $ store) cause he needed more light.
 That laptop is now on a shelf that he got today.
 It is above the other laptop now, much better!

 Old leather helmet that he painted with his school colors and out his number on the back!


  1. What a job there Pinky!!~ It is looking wonderful. And those are some great sports treasures Joe has. Enjoy! Oh and cool clock too...we need to know what time it is in the office. XO

  2. Big job!!!
    Beautiful and interesting clock, I lake it!
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. This was a big job Pinky! And a wonderful "man working cave" for your hubby. I love the wall color and the warm touches. It really has all sorts of things that he loves all around him! What a great desk!

    Love the big lamp~ it has such a WOW element!
    Your hubby must be so thrilled!
    Thanks for sharing this!
    xo Yvonne

  4. Pinky,
    Wow! The office transformation is amazing! I'm sure that it is also much more efficient. Your wall color is so soothing and relaxing, love the color! Thanks for sharing all the progress and, yes, I'd like to see the ebony wall unit update when you've completed it!

  5. what a wonderful office space Pinky!! I love that wall color- gorgeous. And, I'm of the camp you can never have too many lamps! And, the older I get the brighter the bulbs;) I bet your husband loves his new space.

    happy weekend!

    p.s. Is it possible to paint the bdrm furniture? Sometimes that gives things a whole new life! just a thought!

  6. The office looks great! I love the color and all Joe's "favorite things" all around the room.

  7. It turned out great!!! Good job!

  8. Wow, soooooo much work, but what a transformation. The room looks wonderful!!!!

    I have a huge weakness for lamps....... you can NEVER have too many lamps, books or plants....
    Love what you've done!

  9. I like the cabin picture above the little church buildings...very good artist, his aunt! Mel's Cabin visited you.

  10. Love it...looks great. Great color on the walls, masculine but not too dark and love how his own personality shines through in all of his personal favorites scattered about. Nice job!

  11. A huge undertaking! We recently painted our dining room, and the rest of the house is to follow soon. Once it starts, I may not surface until December. Whew! I love at the many personal family items that you have included. Great job, and thank you for dropping by my post. Cherry Kay

  12. Looks great, Pinky!
    What a great transformation.
    I love the color...the perfect shade of chocolate. Yum!

  13. Hi Pinky!! *waves*
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! That's quite a transformation. I'm inspired by the train displayed on the shelf. Hope you don't mind if I "borrow" it *winks* My hubby has a love for trains as well and I know he's going to love this idea! Vanna

  14. Oh Pinky, what a great office re-do! It definitely has the feel of a man's cave. The reveal was worth waiting for! Thanks for sharing and your inspiration.

    Enjoy your day,

  15. OH MY GOD Really lovely its office. Very very nice your recently post . thanks for nice sharing

  16. Hi Pinky- I missed this posting!
    I know what a big job that was! It turned out great. I do like the wall color it is a very calm color.
    Everytime we do a project here that's the same thing I have to do...pile things on the dining table! Well, hopefully you are both happy with it now!

  17. Pinky, it looks awesome! I love all the details. Huge undertaking but look how great it came out! I feel your pain about stuff everywhere...I'm still hauling off giant boxes. LOL Love how the office came's wonderful!

  18. Lovely posting and beautiful all pics . really amazing this post i like it ...


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