Saturday, November 5, 2011

~~~Goodbye My flowers!!!~~~

Happy Saturday everyone! Today has been a BUSY but productive day here at our house. This morning I got up with BIG PLANS! That always makes Mr. S. GROAN, LOL! But I started on my own by scrubbing (on my hands and knees) the kitchen and breakfast room floors, the foyer, and the living room. Then I dusted everything. I then put the winter comforter set on our bed, which I will share in another post. Then WE went outside to clean up. All the pots were emptied and stored away, the impatiens were pulled out of all the window boxes etc. These were the impatiens out front last week!
 Then the SNOW came and they died a sad death:)
 The mums looked pretty good too, not any more....

 So, now we have a kinda bare front. It is sad cause the mums and even imaptiens sometimes last til Thanksgiving, if we're lucky.
 My pumpkin patch fence is looking kinda sad:( and lonely! I may put a few pumpkins in there til Thanksgiving, especially since we are having a dinner party for my SIL's birthday next week.

 Joe blew the driveway for me too.
 The umbrella came in and the top is ready for the washing machine. I love the ones that come off and you can WASH!
 All the pots are in the garage. It sure looks bare BUT, I have some plans for next week cause we are suposed to ger 2 days near 70! LUNCH may be on the deck next week, stay tuned:) You wouldn't have believed how many leaves were on this deck before we blew!
 My favorite bench is stored on the breakfast room deck now because it is covered and protected.
 I hate emptying the window boxes but they sure looked awful with dead impatiens.

I will be joining Susan for MM at:  Thanks for stopping by!!! XO, Pinky An afterthought:
“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.”
~Henry David Thoreau
I love this quote and thought it was appropriate for this post! I am also joing Kim for Wow Us Wed. at 


  1. We did the same thing today, Pinky! It's sad, isn't it. But I like to think of it as everything taking a much needed rest! It always feels so good to have such a productive day! Good for you!!

  2. Pinky,
    I had similar plans for today...but we're GRANDdog sitting...and he is just too much help. Instead I did all the inside work! Although things are bare's only for a season!

  3. it's sad to empty out pots that still have blooming plants...I have to do this this weekend, but it is better to do it now than in the bitter cold. I'd stick a few pumpkins out there...they should be cheap or free by now!

    Looking forward to lunch on the deck...can I bring anything?!! ;-D


  4. Thanks for sharing your yard! We did the same last week,my hands are still sore from cutting back plants.Your yard looks ready for winter,JoAnn

  5. Were all those impatiens in planters there in the front? Wow!!!! That is amazing!!! It makes such a difference, but you still have a beautiful front porch! I think the pumpkins by the fence would be an awesome idea! We have been in the low 50's at night and the other day it was on 64 so we are all freezing around here!!! Hee hee hee!

  6. You have been a busy gal. The deer have been helping with the clean up here! I do have some pots to empty.
    I will fill my window boxes with greens before they freeze, then after Tgiving decorate them.
    So much to do!
    It sounds like you got a head start on your holiday cleaning. It will be here before you know it!
    Good luck with the party!

  7. Wonderful posting for flowers . really very beautiful garden and lovely idea i like that


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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