Thursday, April 19, 2012

~~~The Dumpster Story!!!~~~

 HI friends, well you said you wanted to go on this journey with us so I have decided to share the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY with you all:):) One of the first things we knew we had to do to move was to get a DUMPSTER! In 28 years you can accumulate alot of crapola!!! My hubby used to be a body builder, so he built a gym in the basement!!! He MADE several of the machines with wood, pipes, steel etc. Sooooo, he had to dismantle it all and get it into the dumpster! It was a hard job, let me tell you. Then we tackled the garage, the attic and then we went through each room and decided if we wanted to trash anything in here. We CAREFULLY and methodically PACKED that dumpster, LOL Here it is empty. Lovely, huh???
 This was into the first day.... Some os the dismantled gym is in now.
 Now we have started the garage....Joe did take that stepper apart too. The dresser and nightstand (that are over 60 years old and have been passed all over the family), we packed the drawers too!

 OK, we are FULL!!!!! Let's get this thing OUTTA here!!!!

 Here comes the guy to pick it!!! Joe was just bringing the tradh can in when the guy got here....

 Raising the bed to accompany the dumpster.

 Pulling it onto the truck

 Now the cover goes on

 TA DA!!!! It is GONE! And , I feel lighter:):) Now we will get a "POD" so I can start putting boxes in it. We got some BAD NEWS TODAY............ we have to get a whole new septic system:(:(, we're talking thousands of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ This is awful, it seems unfair since it has worked just fine for 28 years, never had a problem. Oh the delights of moving.  Tomorrow I will share some pRETTY pictures with you! The azaleas are all blooming beautifully. Have a beautiful evening and I'll see you tomorrow.
Thanks again for stopping by. I appreciate every single visit and comment. XO, Pinky


  1. Wow Pinky! What a way to clean up! you did pack that thing full!
    I am sure you guys feel great!
    Have a great day,

  2. We did the same when we cleaned out my parents home! I need to move just so I can go through each room and be brutal! We never stayed longer than 2 years and 9 months and now we have been here 21 years and the stuff piles up. Have so much fun in your new place! I am sooooo happy for you!

  3. Lots of work to get that full. Bet it feels good!! You deserve a break for certain.

  4. Hi Pinky: I don't envy you the moving but I'm sure it will be all worth in when you are settled.You're leaving a beautiful place, though..Happy Thursday..Judy

  5. This is a good idea that I am going to keep in mind, Pinky! Great work!

  6. Wait... don't leave. Pinky, you did not call me to dumpster dive!!!!
    What work!
    We need a play date!

  7. Yvonne took the words right out of my mouth. You should have just put up a sign FREE. crazy people out there.
    WTW about the septic. Poopy for sure. That sucks big time.
    28 yrs. of stuff. Will you be more fruggle in the next house Pinky?? Doubt it, lol.
    Thus is better than tablescapes for me gf.

  8. Wowzer!! We are going through stuff together aren't we? I did a major purge three years ago when we moved to Charleston and another last fall so I was sort of cleaned out. I didn't go through anything before the movers came. I will do it when we move! Doesn't it feel good to purge all that stuff though! I love that feeling! How clever to rent the dumpster!

  9. Awesome! You guys are hard workers! I love the play by play of the dumpster pick up! I bet you feel lighter now!!

  10. Well you got rid of the ugly, and the septic system thing is the all you have left is the GOOD!!!...

    I do not envy you with the move...with all the work comes the good stuff too...moving into a beautiful new home!!! Keep us posted!!

  11. Wow Pinky that was a lot of years to go through. Amazing how the odds and ends we collect adds up. We purged our garage recently. It felt so good. Wish you the best with the rest of your packing and building your new home. Sorry about your bad news on your septic system. Hope you have no more "surprises".

  12. Good for you guys :-) I have a similar basket to the one I spied in your dumpster hanging in our back shed . ha ha ha!!

  13. Pinky~ I know you must feel lighter with a dumpster load gone! It's amazing the quantity of STUFF you tend to accumulate over the years. My SIL and her boys moved in our house last summer and we moved permanently to the lake. We left all the furnishings, but it took me 3 SOLID weeks to empty closets, drawers, and a guest bedroom that I had used for storage along with cleaning for her to move in!

    P.S. I can't BELIEVE your maiden name was Pinky Martini! I don't think I would have changed it if I was you :)

  14. Ack! Stop that truck! I saw a bird house in there! LOL
    Good for you making space and throwing out those things you don't need anymore. I would be having a panic attack! LOL

  15. That's a Goodwill dumpster - right???? I spotted some good stuff in there! ;o) Bummer about the septic system.

  16. I know the DIY ers are dying seeing some of those good things going! But having moved after 27 yrs in the same house, it gets to the point where it just has to go! I called Disabled Vets and they took a whole truckload! Then we got the dumpster! It is hard work. Every thing looks so green there, you are ahead of us!
    The septic thing stinks! :)

  17. Bye bye stuff! :) You did good going through so many years and letting go. Sometimes that's hard to do.
    I'm so excited for you! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Well it is all very exciting. I am looking at that and thinking of my own situation. We are selling my MIL's old house (she passed away last summer) and the closing is in two weeks. We took many things we wanted, and had an estate sale, but the house is still packed. I was concerned about how much effort it would take to clean out the house, and the new owners want us to leave everything there. There are definitely some nice things there, but also a lot of junk. Well, we decided to let them have most of what is in the house, since it won't fit in mine any way. I'm thrilled I don't have to clean out the house. And we are planning to move to a new city house closer to hubby's job in two years so I am looking at your dumpster and thinking oh no, how much junk do we have? (We will keep the ranch, it's just the city house we will sell.) Hang in there BTW, your yard is gorgeous, I love all of the trees.

  19. Oh my goodness...You packed things in nice and tight didn't you? Nothin' better than making the loader lighter. lol. I'm sorry to hear about the septic system...hugs ~lynne~


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