Tuesday, May 14, 2013

~~~Look What I got!!!~~~

I have to give a BIG shout out to Shirley of Hospitality Designs. She did a post recently about her new potting bench that she made. First of all it is adorable. When I saw it, right away I noticed a pot on it that said "Rosebud". My heart skipped a beat cause that was my Mom's nickname, in the family and then it got shortened to Buddy as she got older.  I e-mailed Shirley and asked her that if she EVERwanted to get rid of that pot to please let me know and I would buy it from her and I told her why. Right away she wrote back and said she would send it to me, now!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it, but she said she was happy it would mean something to someone. So, it arrived in the mail and I finally went and got some flowers to plant in it. Shirley also told me that it was writ
ten around the pot, "Gather Ye Rosebuds".

 I put 3 little annuals in it today. 2 of them are called Torenia; one pink and one purple, and then I also added a varieated vinca, to trail. I just LOVE this pot. After summer is over I have plans to put succulents in it for the winter. NEXT summer (or maybe this summer, we will have a deck and I can have it on the table on the deck!

 It is sitting next to my Bunny. "Bunny" was my Aunt's name and she helped raise my sister and I. Our Dad died when I was 4 and my sister was 2.
 Every time I see this, I will think of them both and say a prayer for them.I can't thank you enough, Shirley!
Isn't the flower on the torenia pretty!?

Thanks so much for your visit. There is LOTS going on around here! We finally got our landscaping plans approved so we have begun to do our beds. I can't wait to share them with you all! This is very exciting to me, I love to garden and be surrounded by flowers and pretty shrubs. We have purchased alot and are also bringing some things from the old house! That makes me happy too. Now all we have to do is GET IT SOLD!!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky
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  1. That is just the sweetest story and what a generous loving gift!! I'm so happy for you Pinky!!

    Many years ago I was ordering seeds from the Burpee catalog and I order the Torenia seeds. I had never seen them anywhere, but I had a shady garden and thought they would be a nice switch from Impatiens. I was amazed at how easily they grew from seed, too. And now...I see them at all the garden shops. Guess I was a trendsetter. ;) Haha!!

  2. That is so sweet Pinky!

    Thanks for coming by. I love NDI. I copied an arrangement from an advertisement many many years ago. I don't have that one anymore.

    Anyhow...I love the NDI ads. They are amazing. I know those arrangements have to be fabulous in person. I bought my flowers at The Flower Petaler last week, in the Historic District, and hope to do the arrangement this week. I have a mix of white flowers. Only one white hydrangea though. If there had been more of them I would have bought enough for a basket.

    I filled in with peonies and dahlias in white. They all look so reak. I love that we have a vendor of good silks not far from home. But...I can't go often.;-).

  3. It was meant to be yours....That looks so cute on your little porch.

  4. That was so sweet of her....it looks so pretty sitting on your porch with the cute little bunny :o)

  5. What a kind and thoughtful thing to do, surprise gifts are always welcome and wonderful, those with special meanings even more so...things are pretty tough around here right now darling, taking it a second at a time.
    fondly ~lynne~

  6. I just love that pot and the special meaning it has for you. Your little "Bunny" is perfect with it.

  7. That was sweet of Shirley! They are adorable, and next to the bunny, perfect. xo

  8. Pinky...the "gather ye rosebuds" container looks wondeful on your porch...I am so happy that you are enjoying it...and happy that it sparks wonderful memories for you...enjoy it...you did a beautiful job! Love the bunny too...I have a bunny that has been on my porch for years....a gift from very special friends...

  9. I love it Pinky and your little flowers are so sweet. Looks great on the steps of your entry!


  10. Love your sweet pot and the memories it evokes Pinky! Shirley is a sweetheart :)

  11. What a wondeful reminder of such special people in your life. I coan't wait to see all the landscaping.

  12. Oh how sweet Pinky! I love it and your plants look great in it.
    You guys are hard workers! I hope your other home sells quickly and you can relax on that subject.

  13. It doesn't surprise me at all that Shirley sent it to you - she's a true gem of blogland!


  15. The rosebuds pot and bunny are so sweet and it's lovely that they remind you of your aunt. I remembered the title of the poem..Gather ye rosebuds, but had to Google it to remember the rest of it. I didn't know that it also was a painting. Neat!

  16. So sweet and pretty! Love the connection to your father and aunt. And aunt and thank you so much for the sweet words on my blog today.

  17. I love your pot. What a great find and that was so sweet of Shirley. The things that we have that have special meaning and sentimental value are priceless and it is always a thrill when you find that item that speaks to your heart. Enjoy your lovely pot. It looks so cute on your porch.

  18. How sweet! Shirley is a sweetie! I saw your feature on Home Away from Home and wondered why I hadn't seen this before!! I realized I wasn't following you....ugg...stupid me! Now I am.....love all your things!!!~~Angela

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  20. I know first hand what a sweetheart Shirley is. Love the little pot!

  21. How wonderful to have such sweet memory-makers of your family members. I'm sure they are looking down with smiles.


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