Sunday, February 23, 2014

~~~Adding Baskets to the Breakfast Room Wall~~~

Gradually I am pulling things out and adding some decor to walls and surfaces. We have been here over a year but with taking care of the other house I have not been really "on my game" so to speak. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel so I am having fun doing this and that around here. I love bskets and have been collecting them for YEARS!!! I wish I still had all of them but some got purged, sadly. I am finding places to use them here. So, this is the blank wall that I have been staring at.
 So, I pulled out some baskets and hung them around the window. I like it!!!
 I also hung this one over the hutch.
 And added the green apples to the wire basket.
 This one is to the right of the hutch.
This is to provide a background for whatever is on the shelves.
 And the topiary picture above it goes with the topiary on the shelf.
 It is hard to get a picture of this area with the ceiling fan.
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  1. Very pretty, Pinky! You are braver than I! I don't know if I could get up on the ladder that high.:-)

  2. Oh how pretty. I love all the baskets, they add such character. Hugs, Marty

  3. Looks great, Pinky! Unique and just the right accent at that height.

  4. Beautiful baskets Pinky...Now I want to know how high the walls sure braved the heights to place the baskets over the window. Love how you angled the other baskets too!

  5. Pinky,
    Gorgeous baskets and they add amazing texture, dear friend!!! I love the one above the hutch with the green apples in the basket!!! So~o~o glad you are finally able to put "your stamp" on your new home!!!

  6. Beautiful, Pinky, Love the way you placed them, always love the sunshine streaming through, too. xo

  7. You have some beautiful baskets. I love how you added them to the window wall, never would have thought of that. Great look!!

  8. Gorgeous inspiring pictures Pinky. I love the baskets around the window. They have added so much personality. The little gears are turning a mile a minute in me little brain right now. Thank you for sharing.... Candy

  9. I love your baskets on the wall.

    I had baskets on a wall in one of our homes and I don't recall what happened to all those baskets.

    Everything looks lovely.

  10. Loe all your baskets Pinky! They look wonderful where you have placed them. Thanx for partying at THT!

  11. Adding the baskets by your breakfast room window is a fabulous idea and it reminds me of a farm with charácter, warmth and coziness! Beautiful, I love it!
    Thank you sweet and pretty Pinky for your kind wishes on our anniversary. Enjoy the weekend.

  12. Wonderful ! Thank you ! Now i get the ideas from your decoration. I like it

  13. What a great collection. Pinky, I love the added baskets above the window. You baskets fit so nicely with your decor! But you knew that... you have such a fabulous decorating style! xo

  14. I love baskets, too, Pinky, and you made such good use of that empty wall space. I think it adds such great texture to your decor.


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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