Saturday, March 8, 2014

~~~A Repost and a Reason~~~

Good Saturday morning. I do not have a Spring post together yet. We had a social at the clubhouse last night and then friends came back here and tomorrow we are having company so I have not had a chance to get my Spring things out yet. I don't want the mess out for company, but next week it will get done. We are leaving Fri. for FLORIDA!!! I can't wait. We have lots of family and several friends all living there that we plan to visit. No schedule, just winging it! First time in our lives to be aber to do that! So here is an old post from last year, just to get you ready for Spring:)

~~~Feathering Our Nest, Morning Room Table~~~
Good Saturday afternoon. I don't know where the morning went!!! Yesterday I was having some friends over so I spent the night before and the moring yesterday SPIT SHINING the house. The kitchen and Morning room are now dressed in their finest Spring decor:):) I wanted to share some of that with you. Here we go: This is the fabulous faux terrarium that I found at TJMaxx a few months ago and had it filled with bunnies for Easter. Now that I am "feathering our nest", I have brought out the BIRDS, nests, pots, and birdhouses. The air plants that are perched on the top are from Robin of All Things Heart and Home blog. She is the SWEETEST, most generous friend!
 I placed this birdhouse inside and on a little stand to bring it up some.
 This large bird used to live on my windowsill at the other house.
  The whole terrarium is lined with some moss for now.

 I love the 2 topiaries, and on each side of them are these cute wire cages that I found last year. They sit in a nest with a bird who is watching over her eggs. See the little bird on top too?

 A close up of the runner. I have 2 of these runners. I love the colors and design.
 The S and P are watering cans.
 I used a green striped placemat, my square wicker handled chargers, a detailed white plate and my pretty printed salad plates all topped with a twiggy wreath (that I also use as napkin rings) and a bird!

 The white marbled flatware is our everyday flatware for this season.
 I paired it with a printed green napkin. I like all the different hues of green on the table. It reminds me of everything outside that is greening up right now!

Sorry for the repeat, but will be getting things together soon! have a fabulous weekend my friends!!!!! XO, Pinky


  1. I always try to figure out how you gals have enough time to do these wondrous things. I so admire you!

  2. Love it, such a pretty vignette and tablescape. Have fun in Florida. Hugs, Marty

  3. Pinky,
    I never tire of seeing your post or a repost, dear friend!!!
    Love those sweet miniature bird's nest on the plates!!!
    I took a glance around today at my sad tablescape, bleached pinecones in the conservatory and vowed to get a new vignette this weekend and at least think about a different tablescape!!! Projects are winding down and it's 28 days and counting until our Spring Booth!!!

  4. Well, it may be last year's vignette but it is beautiful! I hope you enjoy your company and upcoming trip. Look forward to seeing this years spring post :) Blessings, Cindy

  5. What a pretty table. I love your mixture of dishes with the nest on top.
    Have a wonderful time in Florida and bring some spring back with you.

  6. I so remember this post and how beautiful it was...have a great time in Florida!!!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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