Monday, November 3, 2014

~~~Fall in the Guest Room~~~

It’s chill November weather,
the firelight’s on the wall.
Home, dear home, is best of all,
Let’s thank God together.
~ Henry Alford 1850

It IS getting chilly here now on the first of Nov. Since I am going to have my sister up here from Fl. for Thanksgiving, I decided to make the guest room cozy and welcoming for her. I changed out the bedding and added some new accessories. This is how the room looks as you enter the room.
 I just added a fall candle ring and cut out pumpkins to the bedside tables.
 I used throw pillows from my stash....I have a "pillow problem" as you know:) The comforter is just the reverse side of the original one I had on here when we moved in. Just a plain tan color, a basic neutral that I wanted to build on. The trunk at the bottom of the bed can be used to store the throw pillows at night.
 I love this pedestal basket and filled it with different balls, some deer sheds from my BIL, and some turtle shells from my BIL too. He is a hunter and lived in Michigan and would walk the woods looking for sheds etc.
 I added a fall leaf and berry garland to the basket above the bed too.
 As you can see the front pillow has a TOUCH of blue to tie it to the curtains etc.
 I made these wall baskets MANY years ago. They have some pineapples in them, which is the symbol for hospitality so pefect for the guest room.
 I also painted the bases, they were white when I bought them.
I am hoping my sister will be comfortable and warm on our chilly nights. I am so looking forward to seeing her and having her meet our Colleen!!!!!!!!
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  1. I love the warm fall colors in your guest room! I remember spending many days in your home when I was younger. You always made everything look so beautiful! Your home was also warm and welcoming! Home is were we make our most precious memories. I am sure your sister will love meeting Colleen and relaxing in your cozy guest room. Xoxo Jen

  2. Pinky,
    Warm and inviting, indeed!!!
    Love the throw at the foot of the bed!Perfect for an afternoon nap or a chilly night!
    Your sister will be pampered in your presence, dear friend!
    enjoy your time together!!!

  3. I love your guest room and it is always so welcoming no matter the season! We love staying with you and Sue will love "her" room for her visit.
    Have a wonderful visit!

  4. looks great Pinky. I love all the natural elements you used.
    that little storage cabinet at the bottom of the bed is beautiful.

    Been here almost a year and I'm still vacillating between guest room OR Office work room. so the poor thing just sits with excess stuff in it till I finally decide:)

  5. Your sister will love her room dressed so beautifully for Fall and would never want to leave that warm and gorgeous room filled with the prettiest of details...

  6. I love the fall colors of your guest room. You can never have too many pillows in your stash. You never know when you want to redecorate a room, and one of them may be the perfect pillow!
    I am sure your sister will enjoy your guest room. It is so warm and inviting.

  7. Beautiful, Pinky! I would love to be a houseguest, it is like a 5 star hotel! Only better cause it is a loving home.

  8. What a lovely room!
    Perfect November hideaway:)


  9. This room looks so inviting. Its so simple and cozy looking. Love what you did. I too am in the process of redo bedrooms. Come over and visit sometime at lifeawayfromtheofficechair.

  10. I'm sure your sister will love the room! Looks very cozy. Thanks for sharing with us at Best of the Nest!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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