Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall on the Patio and Around the Pond!

I LOVE decorating my patio for Fall!!! I also love sitting out there in the afternoon to read and in the evening with a glass of wine. When it gets chillier we will have a fire in the fireplace!!! I have this cozy throw for chilly evenings.
 The wicker trunk holds ALL the cushions and pillows when it rains! They all fit in there then I cover them all with 2 green trash bags IN the trunk to protect them even more.

 This jack o lantern sits on a spider holder.
 The mums are doing very well!
 3 solar lanterns and 2 small pumpkins line the steps.

 Cushions and pillows make it comfy for our guests too.
 I have not been able to find another pumpkin in the right size for my stack but it's fine with just 2 for I need to ask Joe to trim back the stem on the white one.

 The fireplace is ready for those chilly nights. We can leave it here and move the chairs or put it right in the center of the patio.
 The lantern on the hook holds bug spray and has a remote:)
 I filled my copper watering can with some faux foliage but will be putting some real things in it soon.

 Now we can look around the pond!  This is the view from the side yard, approaching the patio.
 The mums that have come back from last year are amazing!!!
 The other day, Joe and I cut back plants in the pond and some around the pond getting ready for winter:( I see we left the kneeling pad out, sorry:)
 The Japanese maple is putting out new growth!

 The mulch is being torn up by some critter. Several neighbors have this problem and we don't know what is doing it.
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XO, Pinky
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  1. Looks wonderful, Pinky. So relaxing to sit and read there, I bet. Maybe there are some little moles tearing up the mulch. They stay underground so you don't see them.

    1. We actually think it may be voles. We got some things at Lowes that emit a sound and haven't seen new disturbance since that.

  2. Gorgeous fall patio! And I love your pond as well.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous patio!!! Love the landscape, flowers, pond, ... everything! I can see you sitting out there relaxing with a glass of wine!!! The FALL little pillow is too cute!!!

  4. Looks lovely. Why not decorate outdoors? It is great to sit outside and enjoy the fall fresh air and all of your beautiful decorating. xo

  5. Gorgeous, Pinky. I love the mums. Now, that it is cooler, we sit on the dock with a glass of wine. Ahhh, this time of the year is so special.

    All your touches are wonderful!


  6. What a lovely setting. Your decorating outside is so stunning. How wonderful to be able to relax in this luscious space.

  7. So beautiful! It looks like such a nice place to sit and relax. Thanks for sharing!

  8. very beautiful and I can just imagine how nice it is to be on the patio in the evening with a roaring fire in the fireplace....the mums are gorgeous...such great color....Such a fabulous porch on what looks like a beautiful day!

  9. Your patio and pond area are just beautiful, Pinky! What a fun place to entertain. I don't know for sure, but could the critter be a mole?

  10. It all looks beautiful, Pinky!

  11. Looks great Pinky! I like the special fall touches you've added. I hope it's not voles that are visiting. We had some and they destroyed some shrubs and an ornamental tree. They eat the roots and lower vegetation on the plants.

  12. It's all so lovely, Pinky! Thank you for sharing. You are one of the fan favorites at the Sunday Showcase from the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link so you can check out your feature. Hope to see you again tomorrow at the party. Have a lovely week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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