Sunday, January 24, 2016

What I Did During the Blizzard!!!!

It started snowing here at 6PM Fri. night and won't stop til around 10 PM Sat. night. We have a LOT of snow! I had planned before it started to continue on my organizing and purging mission for this month. I was PRAYING we wouldn't lose power! I have 2 pantries, both very small and they can get totally out of hand quickly. This one was a God awful mess! Now it is much better, organized and purged.
 This one just holds food. I have turntables on each shelf so that I can see what I have a get to it easily. The wire shelves on the doors are also a great addition that we did.
 This is my teeny linen closet. I keep mostly placemats, napkins (in clear shoe boxes), etc. in here. There are a FEW cold meds etc. in here too.
 While I was busy working, the snow was piling up fast!!! This is the house right across the street.
 The snow was coming down FAST!.
 This is the pile of snow on the table on the deck!
 The snow is waist high on the deck. It will be awhile til we can get out that door.

 I also tweeked the hearth.
 I added a few pieces, some candles that are part of a set I got at Costco before Christmas. I LOVE them, they have a remote and a timer as well.

 This side got a candle on a cut glass bowl turned upside down and a boxwood ball on a silver bowl with another little owl that I found cleaning out drawers. I cleaned out all the kitchen drawers and cabinets too.
 These are the rest of the set of candles. I love them, they flicker like real candles and look SO pretty at night!
Thanks so much for your visit. I hope you all are staying warm and cozy during this storm!
XO, Pinky
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  1. Your organization paid off, it all looks amazing. That is a ton of snow, wow, nice to look at, but so glad I am not in it.

    1. You are lucky to not be in it! The shovelers still haven't gotten to us:( But today I have continued my organizing!

  2. That is a lot of snow, stay safe. Your organizing looks great. fondly ~ Lynne ~

  3. It looks awesome Pinky and you must be sooo thrilled! Now it rains a lot here too, none stop, the Niño... you know. So I too arrange and clean and blog.
    You have the most fabulous ginger jar collection, I just got my first for C'mas, lol.. I have but their Delft, not Oriental.
    Happy Sunday my friend.

  4. Pinky,
    Goodness, dear friend. . .you have SNOW, indeed!!!
    I would love to see "some" SNOW here on the Prairie!!!
    Suppose to be near 50 degrees today and most of this week!!!
    Guess Mother Nature's "upset" with me!!!
    Your cabinets are amazing!!!
    Keep the home fires burning and tweaking as you go!!!
    Gorgeous fireplace and mantle!!!

  5. Don't you just feel so good when you are all organized and neat around the house!!! I love the addition of the candles in your home...makes your home look so pretty and cozy!

    The snow looks so pretty to me. Stay warm!

  6. Being snowed in would be a good time to clean out and organize closets. I didn't buy the candles at Costco and after seeing how you used yours, I wish I had. Have to check the website... Love the little owls... Stay warm...xo

  7. Wow...that's a lot of snow. We got 14+ inches...but had some sun today. I think all of us who were snowed in have been doing jobs. I have been rearranging some shelves and a cabinet. Ha! You mantle and steps look wonderful. Sheila

  8. Lots and lots of snow, Pinky!!

    I need to pick up some of those door shelves for our pantry. Should put that on the project list!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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