Thursday, May 18, 2017

How I Use Rattan and Bamboo in my Decor

I have been crazy bust everyday this week so don't have any new pictures to share with you so I decided to share again this post, as you may have missed it. I will have some new things to share next week as they are works in progress right now.I have always loved rattan and bamboo. I fell in love with Asian style and décor when I first got married. My Father-in-law was a pilot and also a SHOPPER! My in-laws had beautiful things that I loved. So I VERY slowly tried to incorporate that look into my decorating when we got our first house. To say I was on a strict budget is almost laughable, we had NO extra money. But Joe and I found a way to make things look nice. I want to share with you some of the things I use NOW and how I add them to my décor. I have lots of pictures so get comfy:) In the dining room I have bamboo chairs.
 I love these chairs, they are comfortable but I am thinking of recovering the seats.
 I have 2 arm chairs too.
 On this wall is a small chest that is trimmed in bamboo The mirror above it has a faux bamboo frame. On of my large baskets sits beside it.
 Here in my office are many things with rattan or bamboo. These lampshades are rattan.
 On the wall I have 2 sconces with rattan trim and a large round basket that I placed a mask into.
 On top of my desk I have this rattan basket filled with decorative balls.
 I have a large collection of baskets throughout my home.
 And this piece used to be my server in the dining room. It now holds my TV here in my office.
 My very favorite, bamboo pagoda shaped etegere!
 And another basket on this wall too.
 I love using rattan basket/trays on the coffee table of any table to corral items.
 More baskets under the sofa table.
 Behind the Oriental screen I stacked 2 bamboo plant stands and another basket/vase sits beside them.
 In the breakfast room I have lots of baskets on the walls and on the floor.

 Over the kitchen cabinets are more baskets along with some pottery. Pottery is another collection of mine:)

 In the sitting room part of the master I have this love seat. I LOVE it!
 2 woven candle sticks are on one of the side tables.
I also use baskets to elevate other items.

 On Joe's dresser is an arrangement I made in a rattan container and I used pieces of bamboo in the arrangement.
 The lamps on the nightstands have faux bamboo bases.
 On this chest I used 2 rattan placemats to make a runner.

So that is SOME of how I use rattan and bamboo. I hope I may inspire some of you to use some too! I love the look and texture it provides.

Thanks for your visit!
XO, Pinky

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  1. I think you would like it here in Singapore Pinky ;).

    1. I am sure I would but there is NO WAY I could fly that far:(

  2. You have some wonderful bamboo pieces!!! I LOVE your dining room chairs, they are stunning!!!!

  3. I love bamboo and you have some amazing pieces!! Cathy Temple xo

  4. i love rattan! your kitchen looks amazing. thanks for stoppin by my blog, and i will have a discount code for you tomorrow should you decide to take that product for a test drive. :) peace.

  5. Pinky,
    I adore all the texture that your collection of baskets provides throughout your home!
    The bamboo furniture pieces are exquisite!
    L o v e the arrangement you made for Joe's dresser!

  6. I love the top of the kitchen cabinets.. My dream is to decorate over my kitchen cabinets in the same way...

    Please visit:

    1. I love decorating over my kitchen cabinets and bookcases. Remember you want three dimensional. I use Lucite file holders turned upside down or cover books to give me height. Tuck in some greenery as a final touch. Think how store window displays look.
      So far the cats can't reach it.

  7. You've done a beautiful job Pinky!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


  8. Pinky, I love your home. I collect Asian pieces too, plus the blue and white pottery. Those rugs are stunning. With all of the farm house décor today, it's refreshing to see someone with individual taste.

    1. Hi Myrna, I totally understand what you are saying and thank you! I like the farmhouse look....for someone else. It just isn't me at all. I love my collections and things that I have inherited, they are priceless to me and bring back wonderful memories. Thanks so much for your visit. I wish you had a blog too!

  9. Your decor is gorgeous. Rattan and bamboo are timeless. I like all the pieces that you've collected from various countries and cultures.

  10. Hello Pinky, your style is charming and so welcoming and inviting. You have the best collections. how special to be able to visit you and enjoy your beautiful home. Thank you for sharing your lovely home at Dishing It & Digging it. xo

  11. Pinky, first I love your name and second I love your eclectic style! Beautiful home! And I'm coveting your ginger jars hardcore...I'm trying to get my collection going!

  12. I never realized how many beautiful bamboo pieces you have in your decor!...Love bamboo and rattan!!


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