Thursday, June 9, 2016

For the Love of Flowers!

I love flowers. I worked as a floral designer for many years. I am going to share some flowers that we have planted outside and an arrangement I made from grocery store flowers! I am sorry this is such a long post but I wanted to show a lot of flowers! This is the back of our house. After the deck was built we could then make some beds and plant some flowers!!! We have perennials and then knockout roses along here.
 I forget the name of this bush but here it is in full bloom.
 This is along the west side of the house. Ever blooming azaleas are the white flowers you see.
 purple irises

 Out front we have this bed with some VERY large rocks. The tulips and hyacinths had already bloomed.
 The peonies have now bloomed and I have some in the house. I adore peonies. The purple flowers are purple salvia, perennial.

 The front of the house
 These are the very first poppies we have ever been able to have bloom.
 Can you see how many buds are on here. They all bloomed the other day and it was glorious!
 Perennials and annuals surround the pond.
 Yellow irises are blooming in the pond.

 Joe built the wall around the pond when it was done. This is the third summer and it is still standing:)

 The bunny planter is new this year.
 white azaleas
 red columbine, Joe's favorite color.

 Here is the arrangement I made from grocery store flowers.
 Roses, daisies, alstromeria and hydrangeas

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XO, Pinky
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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Peonies, Outside and In!!!

I have always loved peonies but have never been able to grow them....til NOW!!! I was so excited to see their little buds appear. Then little by little they started to open. AHHHH....
 Each flower is a little different, but all are beautiful!

 Aren't the buds just lovely!

 They opened pretty fast, within 2 or 3 days!
 So, I clipped some and brought them in to enjoy!

 I found my piece of blue coral and so since it is after Memorial day, I thought it could be added to the vignette on the coffee table.

 I am so enjoying these beauties....
 and my piece of coral!
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XO, Pinky
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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Decorating With Blue and White!!!

I started collecting blue and white pieces over 30 years ago. Now it is all the rage! It is classic and will never go out of style! I kept seeing BEAUTIFUL homes featuring blue and white. It struck a chord with me. We were building a house, so I decided I wanted to collect these pieces for our new home.  Now we have another new home and this is how I have used my collection! When you walk in the front door, this is what you see. I love how the steps flair out and I can feature some of my jars on the stairs.
 By the front door, I have an arrangement in a blue and white vase and a blue and white bird house under the plant stand.
 Walking through the foyer we come to this credenza. I made another arrangement for this vase and have 2 more blue and white jars here.
 Next to the credenza is this vignette.
 The elephants came from Vietnam, MANY years ago when my FIL was a pilot. They are 2 of my VERY favorite pieces that I have.
 This very large jar was a gift from my son and is my FAVORITE piece that I have!
 My curio cabinet is filled with blue and white pieces and my Hummels too!

 The LARGE fishbowl acts as a vessel for the tree.
 The coffee table changes frequently, but right now it has a blue and white jar, some fresh flowers, a blue bird and a nest and a pineapple lantern.
 This is one of my favorite pillows. Since our pond is right outside this room, the koi pillow is perfect here in the summer!
 These pillows are farely new and perfect with my collection!
 A faux orchid in a blue and white pot.

 The summer mantle and hearth with lots of blue and white.

 The view from by the kitchen.
 This year I added blue and white to the kitchen

 Some close ups of the credenza in the foyer.

 And, finally, the barscape in blue and white!
Thanks for your visit and sweet comments. I truly appreciate them!
 XO Pinky
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