Monday, April 27, 2015

Some Changes in the Living Room

This is the view when I come down the stairs. Yes, our master IS on this main floor but many nights I can not sleep due to a certain someone's snoring and retreat to the guest room upstairs. I love seeing this view first thing in the morning.

 I changed out the vignette on the mantle too.
 I redid this arrangement. I took the yellow forsythia out and added more white flowers and some more greens. Since then I have found some more of the poppies so have added them now. The little blue and white pot holds a faux ball.
 The little lady is a piece my Mom gave us and I plced her up on the glass candle stick with some greens. She replaces a bunny that was here. The faux hydrangea is in a blue and white pot.
 I put a nest and some faux greens in this cloche and put it all on a stand.
 The sun comes in from the east in the early morning then swings around to the back of the house that faces south. I LOVE how light and bright the whole back of the house is all day!

 Looking around the room from different angles.

 The light changes from minute to minute.

 I got 2 faux ferns for my handled pot. I have tried several real plants and they never do well so I gave up for now:)
 This guy is one of my favorites. I inherited him from my in-laws. Another treasured piece.
 For the first 2 years we were here I had a large hibiscus in this corner. I ended up deciding to get rid of it cause it was so messy and so ugly. I like this table here much better. The lamp is from my son. Another treasure:)
 I wish I knew who did this for my parents. I am just glad that I have it!
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A New Pillow and Vignette!

I like to change out the pillow on the living room chair seasonally. I loved the bunny pillow that was here for Easter season. I knew I wanted to find something for Spring/Summer though. I was thinking birds and found one that was nice. BUT, the other day I was at Lowes (I swear we practically live there) and I was walking through the area where they have the summer cushions and décor and THERE IT WAS!!!! It was love at first sight. AND, the price was great! SOLD! I really love it, the colors are perfect!
 I love how it matches so well the fabric on the chair.
 I love this chair. It was my sons, thank you, Brian! I love the curvy arms, the beautiful fabric and the style.
 The base of the chair has an Asian look too!
 I have this carved wooden table from India next to the chair and a faux orchid sits on it. The blue jar came from Epcot MANY years ago. The other jar came from a craft show.

 On the other side of the chair is this tiered piece. I had bunnies on it for Easter and now have birds.
 I put a tiny pot of white (faux) flowers and a nest on this shelf.
 On the top shelf the bird sits in a tiny basket with some fluff for a nest. I love this tiered piece, and it moves around.
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XO, Pinky
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Bedding in the Master

I finally changed out the bedding in the master for Spring! I found this bedding packed away, had forgotten about it! It was a happy surprise! I am loving the new lighter and brighter look.
 I changed out the accessories on our nightstands too.
 My Mom gave me this little guy MANY years ago, so it reminds me of her.
 I had the white pillow covers and the flowered pillows are outdoor ones that were in my stash. I LOVE how they go with this bedding!

 Joe's nightstand got 2 green jars but then got changed out a little too.
 I removed one jar and replaced it with this faux orchid. It brings in the white.
 Then the other day I found this great round, white pillow at Big Lots for $12.00!!!!

 The accessories in the room changed too.
 The bamboo vase came in here from the living room and the white candle with the green bamboo on it came in too.
 I had 4 of the flowered pillows so 2 of them are now on the love seat in the sitting area. I also had the green and white pillows behind the flowered ones. (Do you think I have a "pillow problem"??? I admit it, I do:) Is there a 12 step program for this, LOL!
 I added some green and white berry candle rings to the candles.

 And my bamboo teapot came in here too.
Thanks so much for your visit. Happy Spring everyone! Hope you are not getting the horrible storms that are all over. XO, Pinky
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Changes to the Kitchen Bar Vignette

I did some simple changes to the kitchen bar the other day. When I put all the Easter décor away, I brought out the birds. So here are the changes I made. This is how the bar looked before. It didn't take much to change this up!
 I replaced the bunny with this large bird finial. I placed him in a faux wreath to resemble a nest.
 A lavender and nest pick on this side.
 A bird finial sits on a wooden stand. I also replaced the faux purple tulips with this faux grass.

 Added this pretty nest trimmed with some burlap.
 A clay pot and mini gardening gloves.

See how easy it is to change a vignette? This will last me for awhile....or not:) I do love to change things up:) Have a beautiful day my friends. Hoping you have Spring weather where you are!
XO, Pinky
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