Monday, May 23, 2016

A New Runner Means a New Barscape!

I decided that since I have added blues to the kitchen I wanted to change the bar scape to go with that. I sent for this new runner from an Etsy shop and love it!
 Of course I wanted to use my pedestal birds and placed them on wooden stands. They each sit on a candle ring.
 A pale blue bird sits in the cloche on a bed of fluff and another, larger candle ring.

I really like the pattern on this runner too.

 I placed my blue LED candles onto cut glass pillar holders and found these pretty candle rings at Joann Fabric!
 I like having something on the breakfast bar all the time. But I keep it simple so it doesn't block my view of the living room from the sink.
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XO, Pinky
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

A New Arrangement

Since I have added blues and whites to the kitchen I decided to make a new arrangement for this little space. I usually have some floral arrangement in this space. This vase was the very FIRST blue and white piece I got. It was a gift from my friend, Nancy, when we built our last house. So I have been collecting blue and white for over 30 years now! I had mentioned to her that I was going to start collecting blue and white pieces. I LOVE this vase!

 The arrangement cost me nothing, as I had all the flowers in my stash! These light blue hydrangeas are so pretty and realistic looking. Silk flowers have come a LONG way from the days of plastic. UGH, they were SO bad!
 The other hydrangeas are a very light green.
 I added queen anne's lace, delphinium and greens.
 The flowers and vines on the vase are beautiful. I love the touch of gold.

 The arrangement is a good transition from the blue and white pieces in the foyer and living room to the kitchen.
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XO, Pinky

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Monday, May 16, 2016

How I Use Rattan and Bamboo in my Decor

I have always loved rattan and bamboo. I fell in love with Asian style and décor when I first got married. My Father-in-law was a pilot and also a SHOPPER! My in-laws had beautiful things that I loved. So I VERY slowly tried to incorporate that look into my decorating when we got our first house. To say I was on a strict budget is almost laughable, we had NO extra money. But Joe and I found a way to make things look nice. I want to share with you some of the things I use NOW and how I add them to my décor. I have lots of pictures so get comfy:) In the dining room I have bamboo chairs.
 I love these chairs, they are comfortable but I am thinking of recovering the seats.
 I have 2 arm chairs too.
 On this wall is a small chest that is trimmed in bamboo The mirror above it has a faux bamboo frame. On of my large baskets sits beside it.
 Here in my office are many things with rattan or bamboo. These lampshades are rattan.
 On the wall I have 2 sconces with rattan trim and a large round basket that I placed a mask into.
 On top of my desk I have this rattan basket filled with decorative balls.
 I have a large collection of baskets throughout my home.
 And this piece used to be my server in the dining room. It now holds my TV here in my office.
 My very favorite, bamboo pagoda shaped etegere!
 And another basket on this wall too.
 I love using rattan basket/trays on the coffee table of any table to corral items.
 More baskets under the sofa table.
 Behind the Oriental screen I stacked 2 bamboo plant stands and another basket/vase sits beside them.
 In the breakfast room I have lots of baskets on the walls and on the floor.

 Over the kitchen cabinets are more baskets along with some pottery. Pottery is another collection of mine:)

 In the sitting room part of the master I have this love seat. I LOVE it!
 2 woven candle sticks are on one of the side tables.
I also use baskets to elevate other items.

 On Joe's dresser is an arrangement I made in a rattan container and I used pieces of bamboo in the arrangement.
 The lamps on the nightstands have faux bamboo bases.
 On this chest I used 2 rattan placemats to make a runner.
So that is SOME of how I use rattan and bamboo. I hope I may inspire some of you to use some too! I love the look and texture it provides.
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XO, Pinky
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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Patio in May, and New Pillows!!!

Good morning! I hope it is a beautiful morning where you are. Our rain FINALLY stopped on Sunday(after a week and a half) and yesterday was nice too. Today it is RAINING again. UGH! But I got the cushions out yesterday and cleaned up the patio a little just for YOU! I still have flowers to plant, as you will see but we are at a funeral today so hopefully tomorrow I can get that done. I found these adorable pillows at WALMART and couldn't believe how NICE they are at the price. They have an outdoor fabric and were $5.00 each!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, you read that right. They had several designs but when I saw these goldfish I knew they would be perfect for the patio by the pond!!!
 That can you see behind the glider is a rain barrel. Joe uses it to fill the pond when it gets low.
 Joe decided at the end of  the season to winter over the spikes in the garage. Well, they lived BUT now I have to dig them out because the roots are FILLING the pots and I can't get the flowers in. That is going to be a job! That is why you see the flowers just sitting in the pot right now:(
 I bought this mini petunia basket the other day.
 The ceramic fish was painted last year. It didn't fit in with what I had here last year but this year it is perfect!!
 My large bunny came from Lowes last year.
 This bench also came from Lowes several years ago. I love, love the twig design.

 This gerber daisy is growing nicely.

I will be finishing up the patio flowers soon and will update this then. Thanks for your visit!!!
XO, Pinky
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