Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Some Sneak Peeks!

Good morning! I know I have been MIA, but I have been decorating for Christmas. I know, it is very early but I don't have Thanksgiving here and our son comes up from Fl. so I like to get it done since he is never here for Christmas. Now, do you choose a theme each year? I don't always but this year is "The Year of the .....DEER!!!" I am giving you a peek of SOME of the deer that are part of this years decor. I'm not ready to share the rooms yet. And I don't have my tree up yet either cause we have had so much going on. We drove to NC for a wedding last weekend. Then had a funeral this weekend and today had to go to a lunch. Thurs. is another birthday lunch for friends, Fri. night a special social at the clubhouse for our veterans, Sat. is Colleen's birthday party.....whew! Then Thanksgiving! So I am getting it done when I have some free time.
So here are just a few pictures of some deer around the house right now. I have 2 of these guys in the dining room. You'll see them soon:)
 This sparkly guy is hanging out in the living room.
 Along with this dancing deer.
 Another sparkly deer.
 This little guy is part of a set of 3. He is sitting at one of my Santa's feet.
 I LOVE this pine cone deer.

That's all for today. Just some peeks. Have you started yet? 
XO, Pinky

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A Hauntingly Witchy Table!

Good morning my friends! Since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought I would share a table I did a few years ago. Today is my Joe's birthday so we will be going out to dinner to celebrate!  I also have not had a chance to photograph or post the deck and patio yet so I hope you'll forgive this repeat! I had a lot of fun putting this one together. The cauldron is brewing up a delicious potion so let's have a seat!! Ms. Witch seems to have lost her shoes! And they are such pretty shoes too! I started with a black and white checked tablecloth, a white charger, then a stack of black, orange and white dishes.
 2 napkins are gathered together in this fun napkin ring.
 A lacy pumpkin matches the skirt on Ms. witch.
 Black goblets hold your poison:)

 Let's light the candles! Ms. Witch deserves a feather boa, don't you think? It is wound around the table

 A lacy witch"s shoe holds the flatware

 and a bottle brush tree adds some fun to the table.
 Candles stand on a dessert bowl, turned upside down with a black striped pumpkin under it.
 S and P are gathered in a mini wagon.
 The plates here are part of a set with each one picturing something different.

 Mini corn kernals fill the bottom of the hurricane candle holder.
 And Ms. witch presides over all.
 With her bag of goodies!

 This little one is witch in training:)
Thanks so much for your visit!
XO, Pinky

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

An Evening Fall Tour

Good morning!!! I thought that since it is getting dark earlier every day (which I hate by the way), I would give you a little tour in the evening. It IS such a pretty time.  PLEASE, come on in! We will start at the front door. The candles are lit at dusk and the lamps are all on timers.
 The credenza is lit and the lamp on top.
 These are a little out of order: when you walk in, this area is just to the left.

 This picture used to be on our fireplace at the old house. I love it here in the dining room now.
 My fall dining room table.
 Silver, gold and black.

 Now we are entering the living room.
 My hubby made the wood valances and trimmed them with bamboo molding.
This sectional is ober 30 years old. It has held up well!!
 The elephant lamps came from India.
 I realized I haven't shared this screen much. It was my in-laws and I have always LOVED it!
 My chair and curio cabinet.
 The curio houses more blue and white pieces and my Hummels.

 Now we'll go into the breakfast room/morning room. Joe made me this hutch years ago. It is always dressed for each season.

 I got this valance at our community garage sale the second year we were here. It is PERFECT for this room. There are bamboo matchstick blinds behind the valance. I had them pulled all the way up for the summer and will put them half way down now.

 Turn around and you enter the kitchen.
 Now we'll go into the kitchen.

 I always keep a lamp here and some seasonal items.
 I love this topiary.

Thanks so much for your visit. Please let me know you were here!
XO, Pinky

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