Saturday, August 27, 2011

~~~We have Battened Down the Hatches!!!~~~

Yesterday, Joe and I got busy preparing for Irene! We started to bring in all the things that could become a projectile or do damage.  The front porch was emptied except for the fountain that is very heavy.
 Large pots moved to the corner.
 Brought the side tables and accessories inside.
 On the back deck we tied down the tables and chairs!

 It is so weird to see the deck all empty in August!!!!
 We put a tarp down and brought in pots etc. This is between the living and dining rooms. Lovely:):)
 Didn't want my favorite bench to get damaged.
 Of course the umbrella and more large pots.

 Then, in the midst of doing this I got a SPECIAL delivery!!!!! Beautiful flowers from my hubby!!!!!!!!!!!! They SMELL wonderful with the roses and the lily! LOVE.....

I pray that everyone will be safe. I am most worried about the 100 foot trees that SURROUND our house. Please keep your fingers crossed that none of them come down. Love to you all, Pinky


  1. Your roses are lovely, Pinky! I'm praying for your safety and everyone in your area!

  2. Pinky,

    Stay safe! We are battening down the hatches too!!


  3. Pinky,
    I will continue to pray for you and my family members on the East Coast. May God protect you all! We've been watching the weather channel, but I'm receiving more news from my Blog Ladies than the weather people! Amazing how much history I've read through blogging this last year. Your husband is a dear to send you flowers! Hold on to each other!

  4. Stay safe Pinky.
    I will say prayers for you.
    I will pray those big old trees are still standing when it is over too. That always scared me.
    Used to go to the basement when we had high winds.

    Take shelter and hug onto the sweet pink rose giving great guy of youra!

    Love to you.
    Take care now.

  5. Watching the weather channel and it looks like your area is really taking a beating, Pinky.

    So worried about you.

    Sending extra special prayers your way. Please post as soon as you can so we all know you are ok
    once the storm has passed.


  6. I've been thinking of and praying for all of you on the Eastern Coast! Hope you stayed safe and minimal if any damage was done to your surroundings!

    Hugs to you!

  7. Beautiful flowers! I hope you are safe and well...and dry.


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  10. So sorry for the many dupes in the comments...not sure what's going on with Blogger.

    Sure hope you are ok!


  11. God bless you dear Pinky, I'm so very happy for you and that Irene didn't leave mayor damage in your home and look at the wonderful gift you received in the middle of this dangerous event! I've been praying for my family in Long Island and every where else and for my blog friends and others too. Thanks for sharing with your great pics. Blessings. FABBY

  12. I hope you are safe now and well.
    Big greetings and kisses from Croatia:)


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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