Sunday, August 28, 2011

~~~Clean Up will Start Tomorrow~~~~

I just took some shots from the front porch and ventured out onto the driveway a LITLLE bit. This looks bad but it could have been SOOOOO much worse so I am grateful to God!

 Twigs and branches down.
 This is 2 branches that fell and broke the clay pot that we use as a squirrel baffle for the bird feeders.
 Thank God it didn't hit a person!
 This branch is stuck upside down in a bush.
 Big branch further up the drive. I didn't want to go out that far yet.
 Front of the house that is usually free of leaves or anything.
 Branches in here too.

 Now, this is why I get so nervous. I stood in one spot and swung around to show you that we really ARE surrounded by trees that are at least 100 feet tall.

Back deck, not bad at all! I am so grateful! They said on the news tonight that most of the deaths were caused by falling trees and branches!!!Thanks to you all for your concern. I feel so bad for the people who had FLOODING and lost so much! XO, Pinky


  1. Pinky,
    If I were close in miles, I'd be over with my leaf blower, rakes and bags. All I can do is send best wishes and gratefulness that you didn't receive any worse! Please be careful,dear friend!

  2. Pinky Im happy you are OK blessings!! gloria

  3. Pinky, thank goodness you are all right.. leaves and branches can be picked up in time. Please stay inside until you totally feel safe.. wish I lived close by I be there in a nano second to help... hugs ~lynne~

  4. Lucky that's all you got. Our yard has looked almost that bad after some bad storms here too. It's a pain to clean up! When I lived in Chicago, we had a wind storm in March of 1979 that was ferocious and I battled 70 mph winds walking to my I know how bad that felt...I can't even imagine what 100 mph winds are like! Crazy stuff!

  5. So glad Irene didn't turn out as bad as they expected. The storms this summer have wreaked havoc on our yard. I got tired of picking up all the deadfall in our woods after about the a month of cleaning up every 4 days or so and decided to wait until fall and all the storms were over to clean up the fallen branches. I'm even going to hire someone to do it because it's just too much to do ourselves! Glad you are alright!

  6. Main is with you all right, it is most important!

  7. Glad you fared out pretty well. We had one of my planters blow over on the front porch and the plant stand broke otherwise, that was it...
    We did have 5 inches of rain but no flooding by me...


  8. Oh my goodness, thank heavens you're okay! You have lots to clean up, but it could be worse. Take care & blessings to you.

  9. So good to hear you made it through the storm with minimal damage. Sounds like a leaf blower will work wonders.


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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