Tuesday, August 2, 2011

~~Blue and White and Hydrangeas!!!~~~

Well, it has been HOT and HUMID in these parts (and I know everywhere else) so I decided to set a table with COOL blues and whites. I had to cut the hydrangeas as they are FADING fast!!!! Turning a gorgeous shade of GREEN but I needed blue for this table!!! The flowers appear purple in the pictures, as well as the candles but they are a TRUE shade of blue. I am sure it is the lighting. My dining room does not lend itself to good pictures! I layered a blue tablecloth with a flowered edge over a crisp white tablecloth because the blue one is not quite big enough. Then a straw placemat, my trusty white chargers, a solid blue dinner plate, a blue and white dinner plate, a white salad and a blue and white salad plate, then a sherbert glass with a hydrangea bloom floating in it!!!!!
 I layered 2 napkins: a plain blue and a white with a blue edge.
 Detail of the flowered tablecloth. I got this at GW 2 years ago for, I think, $4.00 and it had a set of 4 napkins with it!!!!! The flowers are not hydrangeas but I thought that was OK.

 See what I mean about the color of the flowers? I promise thay are NOT purple:):)
 They are arranged in one of my many blue and white jars.

 The blue and white pitcher is for our water.
 I used a blue wine glass and a blue water goblet.
 On each side of the centerpiece is a blue and white pillar holder that I got MANY years ago. I find it VERY hard to find blue and white pieces now. I am so glad I started collecting blue and white pieces when I did!!!!
 My NEW Napolean Bee flatware is making it's debut on this table!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so in love with it!!!!!
 See the bees?

 As the light begins to fade it is time to light the candles.

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  1. Pinky, your blue and white is so cool and refreshing. The hydrangeas are gorgeous. I love your blue and white plates. Lovely table!

  2. Hi Pinky! Hot and humid here too my friend. Just crazy! Love hydrangeas, one of my favorite flowers. Your layered affect is so pretty too.

  3. Gorgeous Pinky, I love, love your tablescaping with the light blue everything!, from the pretty china to your glasses, great and sweet color, also very refreshing for a hot day! Your centerpiece is beautiful with those great blue hydrangeas...just lovely. Hugs, FABBY

  4. Pinky, This certainly is a cool and very lovely table. Your blue and white makes me green with envy! You have some gorgeous pieces. The centerpiece ginger jar is stunning!And you took it up a notch by filling it with those huge hydrangea blooms. Just beautiful!
    You did something I LOVE on a table... you kept your color palate very simple and used lots of detail and texture to give intrest to your table. So well done! This just might be my favorite table of your!
    xo Yvonne

  5. Hydrangeas don't love our part of Texas..... but I sure can love and admire yours.

    Your table is so refreshing and beautiful.....I love blue and white!!!

  6. Pinky this is gorgeous!!! I'd love to know where you found those beautiful white charger plates??

  7. Pinky, I feel cooler already. Love blue and white and what pretty hydrangeas.

  8. Pinky, Your name might refer to PINK, but you do blue and white beautifully. Nothing more classic than a table full of blue and white!! xo Kathysue

  9. Pinky,
    WoW! This is elegantly displayed, dear! I adore your bee flatware. Your table linens are just beautiful and quite the thrifty find! I can feel a gentle breeze flowing across the room with your cool blue and white tablescape! Mission accomplished!!!

  10. Hi lovely lady.
    I love your Tablescape, your Blue and White dishes are Beautiful sweet lady !! I also have the same dishes. I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescape so sweet of you. I hope you and your family have a great week.. keep cool Pinky.
    xxoo Diane

  11. Your table is beautiful, Pinky. I always enjoy blue and whites....Christine

  12. Beautiful! You can never go wrong with blue and white in my book.

  13. It's hot and humid at my place, too. Nothing quite cools off a table like blues, though. Yours are beautiful, and I would feel so restful sitting at it. I love your glassware.

  14. Well you sure got my attention with this one...what more can you ask for than transferware and hydrangeas. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful table.

  15. Oh so lovely. The pink hydrangeas and the blue transferware are stunning together. Such a beautiful tablescape. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  16. Beautiful as usual! Those hydrangeas are so pretty. And I love the Asian accents! Thank you for sharing!

  17. Beautiful table Pinky!

    Love your hydrangeas, too!

  18. Thank you for transporting me to a cooler place and for linking up on Wayfaring Wednesday!

  19. I just love blue and white. It is so cool and refreshing in the summer. I am so envious of your beautiful hydrangeas. They are such favorite of mine but it is too hot to grow them here. I see we used the same flatware this week. :)

  20. I feel sorry for the people who have been having extremily hot weather. we have had a couple of blinding rain storms. High humidity. Your blue and white is cool looking and refreshing.

  21. I feel sorry for the people who have been having extremily hot weather. we have had a couple of blinding rain storms. High humidity. Your blue and white is cool looking and refreshing.

  22. Blue and whiye has always been my favourite.

    Lovely table setting.

    I am your new follower

    Thank you for sharing

    Karin Şen Cankan

  23. What was that old song?..."Lavender blue, dilly, dilly, dilly"...The hydrangeas are gorgeous...whatever color they are. I adore blue and white...I actually set a similar tablescape yesterday for a luncheon...it will show up in a post in a week or so. Thank you for sharing our lovely design. Cherry Kay

  24. How pretty and cooling your "Summertime Blues" are! Love your pretty hydrangeas... always lovely no matter what color they are!

  25. I'm new to your blog and just getting around to looking at the tablescape from yesterday. You can't beat hydrangeas for color and impact. You sure made me laugh at the entry about cleaning out the cupboard. You could have been me..LOL...that was sooo funny. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one..he,he. I'll be visiting again. Peggy from PA

  26. You are showing two of my favorite things..blue & white dishes and hydrangeas! Of course I think this tablesscape is fabulous. Thank you for linking to my Open House party and have a great weekend.

  27. Beautiful table, Pinky! I am also a lover of blue & white pieces, but I sold most of my collection when I sold my business a couple of years ago. I could just kick myself! I don't know why I did that knowing how much I love it!!! I ran into a lady who bought a lot of it at Costco last weekend. She said she is moving and having a garage sale to get rid of a lot of stuff. I'm going to have to go try to buy back my beautiful stuff!!! You're right...hard to find these days. I had some really unusual pieces that I hope I can recoup. Meanwhile, the hydrangeas are beautiful!!! I know what you mean about them photographing purple instead of blue. Weird. My blues often look purple and purples look blue. Drives me crazy!!! I think we can all relate to camera and lighting issues! :-) Great table. Have a peaceful weekend!

  28. Pinky, I love your blue and white tablescape. They are some of my favorites, too. It's hard to pass up any dishes that are blue and white when I'm thrifting.

    I'm so happy for you! You have the Napoleon bee flatware!! It is on my wishlist. It looks wonderful with this setting.


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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