Thursday, December 9, 2010

~~~WELCOME to my Living Room!!!~~~

Welcome, please come on in! This is my tree in our living room. It is all red and gold and SPARKLY!!!! I love SPARKLE!!!! I will show you some of my favorite things.... We put a manger sceen under the tree. I have heard that Jesus is THE gift at Christmas and I love that! Don't forget to click on the pictures for a better shot/view!!!!

 Here are some of my fav ornaments!
 This red with gold swirls, I got at Steinmart several years ago.
 Here is the TOP of the tree
 I like to put some lARGE ornaments into the insdie of the tree to give it depth.

I place red and gold branches throughout the tree too!

 This is the ornament I got from Winterthur on Tuesday! It is so pretty and will remind me of my day each year.
 Another pretty one.
 Some FAUX crystal ornaments. I ahve about 60 of these on the tree I think.

 This is an ornament that my Mother made MANY years ago.
 Another one made by my Mom.

Here is the mantle. On each side there are gold trees then a Santa handmade by a lady in Texas. We collected 4 of them from her on different years. They are TREASURES of ours! These 2 are Polish Santas and each have a doll in the hand from Kracow!!!!! It is written on the bottom of the doll.!!!
 I love these dancing reindeer too! AND, last year they (not mine) were in Southern Lady magazine! I was so surprised to see them in a magazine!!!

 One of the Polish Santas
 The other Polish guy.
 This is the hearth.
 This Santa on the bike is new this year. I have several Joyce Ditz Santas. The life size one in the foyer that you saw is Joyce Ditz. I love the faces on her Santas.

 This is my hubby's bar. He decorates it too for Christmas! In the plans for the house this was supposed to be a closet?????? THAT sounded too weird to me so we made it a bar. he did all the work, made the cabinets etc.
 Some os the things on the shelves.

This is a Thomas Kincaid tree!

There are 2 sofa tables behind the sectional. On each table is a large reindeer, a Santa made my the lady in Texas, and a lamp from India.
 This is the Italian Santa. He has a doll from Italy in his hand!

 This one I call the Regal Santa cause he has a real fur coat.

 My shelf in the corner that usually has blue and white pieces now holds angels for Christmas.

Another Ditz Santa.

My Hummel Nativity.

 Love the camels.

This shepard is Joe's favorite piece
 The angel watches over.

A Fitz and Floyd Santa and 2 reindeer candle holders.
 He is very detailed, I will show you the back too.

 Details of the mantle.

Hope you have enjoyed my little tour! Please come back!!! We will be in the dining room, bathrooms and then downstairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO much for coming by and leaving a comment!!!! XOXO Pinky


  1. Pinky, Your tree is so very, very, very pretty. You know that sparkle is my favorite christmas color and I get so much eye candy visiting your blog. Just beautiful. You are one busy Christmas elf to get all of this up in such a short period of time. It would take me forever!!! Thank you for sharing and Merry, Merry Christmas to you PINKY!!!! Kathysue

  2. Beautiful pictures and decorations for Christmas!It would make me very glad that you become my folower as I do yours:)
    Kisses, Zondra Art

  3. Your tree and the entire room is gorgeous! Loved seeing this!

  4. * What collections you have, Pinky! Am sure they bring a warm smile to your face everytime you walk into the room~ just lovely!

  5. Pinky, you have such a lovely home. Your Santa collection is out of this world. I especially like that your hubby helps decorate, his bar is a work of art.. thank you for sharing.hugs ~lynne~

  6. I love your home Pinky!! You definitely know how to dress a Christmas tree!! And I love love love those leopard skin wine glasses!!! You definitely love Christmas more than anyone I've ever seen!!!

  7. Hi Pinky! I wish you were closer to me, I would be popping over for some coffee, or lunch with all your pretty tablescapes. You have the most awesome collection of Santas....I have not seen anyone else anywhere with so many handsome ones. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. OH and the bar, I love it, now who could have fun in a closet opposed to a bar?

  8. Hi Pinky! Oh, your tree is beautiful and you have some really pretty ornies too. Your mantle - fantastic - I love your Santas and the entire fireplace is gorgeous. Your Christmas decorating looks beautiful and your home is so lovely. Thanks for the tour.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Beautiful decor! Love the tree. I love sparkly too! Great Santa collection!

  10. Oh Pinky your home is beautiful! I love that you put your nativity under the tree. My Mom did that. Thanks for sharing your home with us for Christmas. I've enjoyed my visit. And thanks for your beautiful comment your left for me.

    Have a wonderful day,

  11. Everything is so pretty!! Love your tree & all the Santa's!

  12. You have been a very busy lady! I love your tree. And thanks for the tips about putting the big heavy balls on the inside of the tree.
    YOu have a fabulous collection of santas... gorgeous! I love mantel.

  13. I LOVE your Fitz and Floyd Santa!!! Can't wait to continue the tour!

  14. Hi there Pinky, thanks for your visit to my blog and your kindness. It's kind of fun to be a new blogger huh?! You will love it, there are so many nice women in blog-land! I have come to really love so many here and it has really renewed my faith that there are really wonderful women in this old world.
    I love your home, everything is so gorgeous! The tree is a jewel box of beauty and I love all the Santa's here. And you are right...the greatest of all is the sweet babe under the tree! Come say hi any time..I am adding your blog to my blog list, as well as following you! ;D

  15. I think I like the Nativity set the best but the entire tree and all the ornaments and Santa's are great. I have a real impulse to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

  16. Beautiful trees, Pinky. Everthing is decorated so nicely. Love the mantel too!...Christine

  17. Thanks to everyone for your sweet comments!!! I love you guys!!!! XO, Pinky

  18. Hi, Pinky, your tree is just shining with sparkle and so many ornaments. Beautiful, what a lot of Christmas decorating you do. hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  19. Pinky...your home is amazing! I remember seeing some of your Santas are RMS. I've never seen a Kincaid tree...Wow! Do you have a full shot of that tree somewhere...did I miss that? I loved all those little cute was that!
    Your trees are just so beautiful! I'm stuck in a rut on mine...need to do something different. Maybe I'll go shopping for ornaments after Christmas. :) See what you've started!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. I'm so glad you started blogging!

  20. Pinky ... your tree (and Christmas decor) is fabulous! I love your Santas ... and the dancing reindeer are too cute! Your nativity is beautiful and your other collections are just lovely! Thanks so much for your visit and your kind note ... good luck on Monday! Becca

  21. Beautiful Pinky! Fabulous job on the tree! Everything looks great...Your husbands bar is very ncie! Love that he accents it for the holidays too! That's getting into the spirit!

  22. First time visitor to your glad I stopped by, your decorations are just beautiful. So homey and your collections are so special. I will be following...enjoyed it very much

    Merry CHRISTmas!!!

  23. Hi Pinky! I was thinking I had stopped by to leave a comment but must have thought I would come back. I am so pleased you stopped by to visit me last week and hope you'll come again. I see we have MUCH in common!! I like to decorate and set a pretty table and my business is floral arranging AND my daughter just got married to a GREAT guy! :)

    Your decorating is over the top beautiful. I will enjoy visiting here...I can see! :)


  24. Hi Pinky! I love your tree! My mom was making ornaments like those when I was little too--I would say around 1970?? They were beautiful and I'm waiting for her to give me some of them. We had a card table set up in the den and we would all take turns pushing in the pins and choosing the pearls and sequins. Oh, you have brought back such happy memories! I had forgotten how much fun it was. Enjoy all your beautiful decorations! Linda

  25. Pinky,
    I wanted to pop over and see what is going on and when I scrolled down and saw this I am glad I did!! The post above is beautiful but OMGoodness this is stunning! I love the bar, very glam!! and the santas and the tree is just stunning. The ornaments are really the most beautiful I have seen in a very long time they are exquisite!
    I hope you are keeping warm

  26. Just beautiful! Love your Nativity!

  27. That's a beautiful Hummel nativity. I love the camels too!

    And the bar decorated for christmas. LOL. Looks great thought!


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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