Wednesday, December 1, 2010

~~~One of 2 projects I did today!~~~

Last night the lights on this dining room wall tree stopped working. SOOO, I had to take it down, take it all apert, run to the store for new lights and today redo it all. Thought I would show you the process.
 Lights on
 I have several of these easels, they make doing a wreath or a tree like this SOOO much easier to work on.
 The back of the easel.
 Red bead garland
 Red balls going on.

 Gold balls going on.
 Some berry picks
 Some gold and red flowery picks

 Some red and gold package picks

 Here it is back on the dining room wall. It does not have that HOLE in it in person???? I have no clue why it looks like this:(

 It hangs above my server.
 There are 2 gold, lit trees and 2 gold reindeer
 Lots of Santas!!!!
 We got this one several years ago in a Hallmark shop! I liked it cause it has a boy and girl and so do I!!!!!!
 I put the little packages in the sleigh.
 My best friend made this for me 100 years ago:):)
 The trees came from CTS last year, they were VERY inexpensive, I think like $2.99 each!!!!!!!!!!

This a Byers Choice Santa. I managed to get him several years ago for 1/2 price!!!!!!!!!
 I love his face.
 I put several ornaments in his basket that were my childrens years ago!


  1. I hate it when lights go out!!! Last year I finally gave in and replaced all the light strands on my stairway garland...what a task!!!

    LOVE your Santas!!! I've also been collecting them forever and a, I also collect Snowmen, Angels, Starbucks Bears, and Reindeer! YIKES!!!

  2. Bonjour Pinky,
    That is the worst feeling when the lights blink out...everything looks beautiful. I went with red and gold this year as well. It won't be long now!
    Hope you're having a good week.
    Happy decorating!

  3. What a danting task, but well worth it, it turned out gorgeous. I love your server full of Santa's, a happy sight to feast the eyes on...hugs ~lynne~

  4. If and when the weather ever cooperates, I will start posting from the outside in. I want to WELCOME everyone to my holiday house!!!:)

  5. Hi Pinky this is very charming I love the Santa's! I found some vintage santa's at the flea market last week and I decorated my front wraparound porch in Rustic Country I just posted it on my blog come check it out.

  6. Okay, first I LOVE your tree! Then let me say, I would have croaked if I had to take one of my trees apart and start all over!!
    I have the same ceramic praying Santa, made for me by my MIL! I have picked up more of them and started a bit of a collection!
    I tend to have a LOT of collections....including 14 trees which i will soon be showing....

    Debbie @ A Debbie-Dabble Christmas

  7. Beautiful Pinky. Your vignette is so pretty. Love the wall tree...very different.

  8. Pinky that looks so fun above your server!!! Love the warm glow of the red and gold in that room, so pretty. Aren't you glad you started a blog??? It is so fun this time of year isn't it?? This is my first year during Christmas, I am loving it!! Kathysue

  9. Fabuloso Pinky! If I recall you have the really cool big Santa for outside right? Or am I thinking someone else. Well everything is look great!

  10. Hi Pinky, just got home and got your email. What I do to link to a party is you bring up my blog and then you click on the URL space at the top of your screen and right click and copy that then go to your blog in the edit post mode and click on the link button and paste in the space provided. If you want to not paste the whole thing as it appears in the space and have it just say Savvy Southern Style you got to the top line and backspace out what is there and type in my blog name or whatever party you are linking to. You do this in the line that you are typing this in in your post. Like at the end of a post I say I am joining Savvy Southern Style, right there you don't type that you click on the link above the post and paste in the blog title you copied and it will show up in the post. That may be a bunch of mumbo jumbo. I am not good explaining that stuff. For joining the party you just click on the click here button where the party is and you will have copied your blog title of your post and paste it in the party link. If none of that makes sense I think you can find better explanation at Susan's at Between Naps on the Porch on her party tab at the top of her blog.

  11. Hi lovely lady. I see you had to take your tree Apert, becouse of the lights, will your tree looks Great now Pinky ! I may put a tree like yours over my fireplace in my Den. Becouse I put my Big tree in my living room. I also love your ornaments on your tree just lovely.


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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