Tuesday, January 4, 2011

~~~A CHILLY Change!!!~~~~

Our weather was MILD for a few days then we had a CHILLY CHANGE!! I thought I would set a table with snowmen as the theme. Snowflakes accent the table too. This is Frosty's top hat! It sits on a glass cake pedestal. The pedestal is sitting on a large snowflake!
 The sun streams into the breakfast room in the morning, now that the neighbors took down several trees!
 I added these little pine, cedar, pinecone and berry arrangements on either side of the top hat.
 A snowflake napkin is used along with a plain black napkin to accent the blck in the snowman salad plates. The tablecloth is basically red with a pretty white designs that COULD be a snowflake:)

Snowflake placecard holders.

My new red water goblets that I got on CLEARANCE the other day!!!  I was so excited to find these, plus I had a GIFT CARD so they were actually FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't beat that:):)
 A red beaded napkin ring holds the napkins.

 A snowman votive at each place.
 I put a snowflake in between the plates for a cute accent. The place setting is a white scalloped charger, red dinner plate, snowflake, snowman salad plate and then......

 I added these snowflake glasses too.

 AND, these cute top hat ornaments at each place.
 I can't believe how well they match the centerpiece hat! I found these last year after Christmas at Cracker Barrel!

 This lantern on the kitchen hutch matches the votives!
 One of my snowman lamps.
 The kitchen tree, next to the server.
So, there you have it. I wish I could invite every single one of you to lunch!!!!! We could have so much fun!!! Everyone, thanks for stopping by and stay warm!!!! Hope everyone has a GREAT year in 2011!!!!! XO, Pinky I am linking to Susan at BNOTP for Tablescape Thurs. http://www.betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/  Please go over and see all the beautiful tables!!!!!


  1. Oh how fun and pretty. Love the top hat, it is wonderful. Your snowman dishes are just perfect and the snowflake glasses are too. Love your tablescape and all of your accessories. What a fun and pretty table. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  2. I think this is one of my favorites! It is all so cute and the way it is coordinated makes me envious of your eye for design and your talent!
    Really cute Pinky!

  3. Hi Pinky, that is so darned cute. Love the hat, and the little place cards are great. Cold here too, I am over it!

  4. I just love your snowmen tablescape! I'm working on my winter vignettes now which includes some snownmen. Thanks
    for sharing.

    Enjoy your evening,

  5. Pinkie, this is the cutest tablescape ever! I love you top hat centerpiece.....adorable =D
    Happy New Year,

  6. thinking outside the box...has never been sweeter~!
    hands down, it appears your top hat is the winner! LOL

  7. Pinky,
    I LOVE SNOW! Your table is so inviting! I adore your placecards and their holders. Thank you for sharing the whimisical side of Winter. Send SNOW my way, please. . .we haven't had ANY so far this Winter!

  8. That looks like a fun setting. I love the top-hat. It just sets the theme for the whole table. So cute.

  9. How pretty! You have a great eye! thanks for visiting our blog.

  10. Love, love, and LOVE!!!!!

    (Must. Have. Tophat.)

    This is a BEAUTIFUL montage - the whole time I was salivating over it I kept thinking "Pinky and I would have a killer time together shopping!"

    One day my friend, I have decided shopping and decorating with you has to go on my bucket list.

  11. LOVE, LOVE , LOVE your snow man tablescape!!
    Just beautiful!!
    I am a firm beleiver that because Christmas is over, it doesn't mean that you have to put away all of your decorations... You can decorate for Winter and Valentine's Day! Thanks so much for your visit!!


  12. Hi again. You asked where I was located when you commented on my blog but you have a noreply setting so I thought I'd let you know this way. We are snowbirds in Central Florida, Lady Lakes, during the winter and live near Asheville, NC in the summer. Take care and have a great day.

  13. That's really cute. It's pretty cold here as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I am following you back.:)

  14. * One of your CUTEST e*v*e*r, Pinks!!! So darling n' sooo happy n' cheerful!!!

    NOW, I LOVE those white chargers!!! Can you share with me where/how you got them? I'd LUVVVV to buy 6 or 8!!!

    Know you're having a ball with your blog, and am SOOOOO HAPPY for you!

    Hugs to Joe!

    TTYL... XOXO,
    LINDA *

  15. What a pretty table setting and I just love sun light streaming in a window like that! :D

  16. Love the top hat! How cute! The snowmen plates are so happy...what a cheerful table setting!

  17. Frosty's hat just makes the table and oh, that red tablecloth and those goblets just make it so fun and bright and cherry. What fun little snowmen accents all over the table and room. I was cheered by this table!

  18. Wow! this is absolutely stunning table.

    You have a blessed home.

    Greetings from freezing Stockholm,

  19. OK. I've got to ask. Where'd you find that great centerpiece hat?
    And the little hat ornaments? Where'd they come from?
    It is all so cute. You didn't leave one detail untouched.
    Happy New Year to you, too.

  20. How beautiful! Glad to find your site. I think the top hat is my favorite too. :)

  21. I LOVE Frosty's hat as the centerpiece! That is really great!!!

  22. Love your snowman table. All the details are great! I have a wicker top hat from Michaels. I used it for St. Pat's Day too!

  23. Cute snowman table...the new red stemware looks so nice with your plates.
    Happy New Year, Pinky!

  24. Where did you get your top hat? I've been trying to create a similar them for a few years but have been unsuccessful in locating an appropriately sized top hat. All the ones I seem to find are toppers for trees and for me are too big to use on the table. Yours seems to be the perfect size.

    Thank you.


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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