Saturday, January 22, 2011

~~~The Tour continues....into the Dining Room~~~

HI! Come on into the dining room. There have been alot of fun gatherings in this room over the years and lots of memories made! For many years we hosted a traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner of 7 courses, for small groups and LARGE groups! It was alot of work but alot of fun! We have celebrated birthdays, graduations and every holiday. So look around and I will tell you a little about some of the things in here. This is taken from in the living room.
On the table right now are an arrangement I made, 2 bamboo tea light holders and 2 taller candlesticks with white pillars. They all sit on an oriental letter runner....that I LOOOVE!!!!

 close up of the runner. The arrangement is one that I made using artichokes and white tiny flowers in a black pot with 3 sticks of green bamboo running through it all. It is low enough to keep on the table to eat.

The server. The oriental screen above it was given to us by my sister-in-law, thanks Janie!!!! It is flanked by 2 narrow mirrors.
 2 red pots on the server.
 detail of the screen.
 Taken looking through on e of the mirrors...
A round table in the corner with a gold skirt and a leopard overlay. I love a touch of leopard in inexpected places:) The lamp was a gift from my son, thanks Brian! The covered jar I found guessed it, Home Goods!
 I love the bird on the top of the jar! Matches the birds on the lamp.
 One of the 2 pictures on each side of the hutch.
The floor lamp was another gift from my son. Brass base and detail with mahogany pole.
 I have my bamboo dishes displayed in the hutch.
 Pagoda S and P!
 The bakers rack is rattan. I got this MANY years ago but still like it. On each side I took 2 shelf things and Joe attached them together to make these pieces.
 Top shelf: I got the little lamp in Fl., the man from a gift shop and I forget where I got the jar.
 Middle shelf: 2 warrior guys, covered jar in the center and in front is a tea light holder.
 Bottom shelf.
 A tray table in another corner.
 I removed one of the men to show you the top of the tray. Sorry aboput the glare from the sun. I moved in every direction but couldn't get away from the glare.

 This piece is like a ceramic tile on a board. It is RAISED and I just love it. It was my in-laws too. I am so fortunate to have inherited all these beautiful pieces!!!!
 I also love my rug. So that's it, hope you have enjoyed a peek into the dining room. Thanks so much for stopping by! I read every comment and appreciate every one!!!!! XO, Pinky


  1. Hi lovely lady.
    I love your new post so much to look at just Beautiful !!! I hope you have a nice day with your Family !!!!xxooDiane

  2. Your dining room looks beautiful!! With 5 adopted Chinese grandchildren.... I HAVE to love the Oriental touch..... , and I really do!!! Yours is so pretty....

  3. Really realy nice Pinky! You do have a wonderful collection and you've laid it all out so nicely! The lamp your son got for you is so nice, quite a hunk!

  4. I really enjoyed this tour of your home and collectibles. You have some beautiful things - put together so artfully it makes me want to come for a visit that much more!!

  5. Pinky you have so many lovely Asian pieces. I especially love the screens. What beautiufl touches for your lovely home, Kathysue

  6. Oh my what a beautiful son would love you to come do his whole room in the Asian decor.
    YOu look so young, you must of got married at 10 you really look fab...

  7. girl...this is a beautiful space!!! you have done a fantastic job....I am sure you will make many more wonderful memories here!!! thanks for the tour dear heart!

  8. So beautiful my friend! I love your style I can feel the welcome which is so obviously your heart...
    (your blog looks fantastic!)

  9. This is a stunning room, Pinky.

  10. Everything is beautiful and I love all the collectibles on the shelves. I love that centerpiece, too!
    I'm ready to tour the next room!

  11. Hi Pinky,

    I just had to come over and thank you for all your very sweet comments on RMS. Funny but I rarely get any comments or feedback from there anymore! You are so sweet and I'm so glad to make a new friend here in blogland. I'm anxious to look around your blog and beautiful home. I love how we share a love of asian accents/chinoiserie!!
    I'll be back soon...


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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