Wednesday, May 25, 2011

~~~A few changes in the living room~~~~

I have changed a few things in the living room to brighten it up for Summer!!!! I have a large collection of blue and white jars and containers so changed the coffee table to blue and white for summer. This is a faux water lily, so since this room looks out to the pond and the water lilies I thought it was apprpriate! It is in a small blue and white bowl and that is on an iron stand.

Can you see the water drops? And this is one of my favorite containers! I have a real ivy in it now.
 Such a pretty design on it.
 In the front of the arrangement is a pottery piece that I got many years ago at a GOOD craft show.

 I added this little frog since we have frogs living in our pond!

 This piece was here all winter, now I changed it to............
 This neat rickshaw type piece. I found this at Home Goods several years ago and just filled it with a green plant.

 Haven't changed out these pilloows....yet:) I do have some pillows with SHELLS that will come in later. When it is REALLY summer!!!!

 I p[lced the bamboo box here in frint of the screen for now.
Thanks for stopping by. I love to read your comments so please let me know you were here. Happy Wed. everyone! XO, Pinky PS, I just thought that I should have showed you ALL of my blue and white pieces. Stay tuned, maybe tomorrow!!!!!


  1. look amazing,I lake it!
    Have a nice day, kisses:)

  2. Oh it feels like it's really summer here already! Hot,Hot,Hot! Love your changes. I love real ivy anywhere! Seriously, there is just something so wonderful about Ivy. I think it makes everything around it look so elegant. Your piece by the fireplace is so unique too. It reminds me of the tropics. Very cute!

  3. Hello Pinky! I love the look of your new living room. The arrangement has a touch of nature that makes it so summer!!! And that little frog there doesn't look like a misfit. Cuteness! :)

  4. Very pretty, Pinky! Love the tryke byt the fireplace...Christine

  5. Love the changes!! The blue and white pottery pieces would match my new bedroom to a tee!!! I'm going to start looking for a few pieces of my own. Thanks for the inspiration!! Your home is BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Your beautiful home looks great. I love've added just the right touches.


Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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