Monday, May 16, 2011

~~~A New Season, New Bedding!!!~~~

This is our Master bedroom. And THIS is my new bedding that I got yesterday, on a GOOD sale. I'm not sure if I am going to keep it or not, but got it ion case it was gone when I went back! I wanted to lighten up the LOOK and the FEEL of the room for summer. I get very tired of looking at the same things all the time!!!! I know, bad. The good thing is I HAD the throw pillows already! I think I also have 2 dark green sham covers that I can use.
 Her is how it was all winter. Very pretty but HEAVY. We have a sky light right over the bed and very TALL windows so the sun wakes us up!
 This table was a gift from our son. It was in his shop when he had it. I really love it!

 My nightstand. The dried flowers are my bouquet from my daughter's wedding in Sept. They dried beautifully! Hydrangeas and roses and hipericam berries.
 2 bird boxes, the small one a gift from a good friend. Thanks, Janet!

 I do LOVE alot of pillows!

 I also love these bamboo lamps, found at a furniture store at the beach several years ago. I love the shallow shaded for on the nightstands.

This is our TV stand, well it was til we got a flat screen and Mr. hung it on the wall so it can SWIVEL! I love the piece though. I love ANYTHING oriental! I put the flash on for this picture so you couls see it:)
 This is my dresser. That is me and my Mother on the left and my 2 children (when they were children) on the right.
 My jewelry armoire.
 Detail of the dresser.
 Mr's. dresser.
 I made this arrangement for his dresser.
 These pieces were on the coffee table in front of the love seat we have in here. I moved them over here since they look so pretty with the greens in the bedding. The piece on the left is a lantern.

 This painting is from Vietnam, brought back by my FIL.
 This is a fish catchers basket. We have very HIGH ceilings in here, so I hang things UP high!
So, what do you think??? Should I keep it or keep looking????? Let me know, please! XO, Pinky I am joining Kim at Savvy Southern Style for Wow us Wed. at   Visit her and get some great inspiration!


  1. Oh, Pinky, I really like your new comforter for a lighter, summery change. The other set is truly beautiful, too. Your furniture pieces have so much lovely detail. I really like your spring/summer look for the dining room server. Very nice.

  2. Two totally different looks, like night and day. I think it really brightens and lightens your room beautifully!! Love it with the green pottery, Kathysue

  3. Keep it for sure! It looks so bright and beautiful.

  4. Beautiful bedroom! Think the bedroom takes on a much lighter look with the pretty new bedding. I vote to keep it. You have some exquisite pieces, Pinky! so unique!
    Xo Yvonne

  5. oh my god its very beautiful bedroom . really nice your all pics and perfect looks. i want stay in the home.

  6. Hi Pinky, what a wonderful change for summer. It lightens your beautiful room. All your accessories are so unique. You have such a gift of putting it all together. I love the beautiful picture your FIL brought back for you. hugs ~lynne~

  7. Pinky, your bedroom and all of your furniture is so beautiful and unique. I love the lighter color comforter for spring/summer. It really brightens up the room.

    Now you have me thinking of my dark colored comforter....... I think I need a change too.

  8. Hi Pinky...

    Just doing a little catching up while at your place, my friend!

    I love your new bed linens! They really are light and airy for the summer season! Love that pretty shade of green in the decorative pillows too...looks like sage or celery green? Of course, I love your winter bed know me and red! Hehe! Very rich and opulent, my friend! I really enjoyed my tour around your master have sooo many pretty things! Your furniture is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing more of your fabulous home with us today!

    Warmest wishes,

  9. Oh Pinky, its gorgeous!!! I saw your front porch, but I missed this one!!! I have trouble keeping up! Your new bedding is so beautiful and really brightens up the space for spring and summer! The table at the foot of that bed is to die for!! I know you are enjoying the new look!

  10. Morning girl...the new bedding looks great...such a pretty light and Springy look...and girl the more pillows the better to me! lol You have some gorgeous pieces of the base of those pretty bamboo lamps...I love lamps almost as much as I love dishes...hope you have a great day sweetie...Picket

  11. Pinky,
    You've asked the WRONG person this question!!!I'm having a similar dilemna at my house! I haven't found anything I'd like to purchase I'm just keeping what I got!Whatever you decide..I like them both!

  12. Its BEAUTIFUL, light & airy! Yes, keep it!!
    Your bedroom is full of interesting & special treasures & I think the bedding blends with them perfectly.
    Well done!



Thanks you for leaving your lovely comments. xo, Pinky

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